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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi



Publication by Different Departments




Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

  1. Logani A, Singh A and Shah N.  Labial access opening: rule rather than exception. Accepeted for publication in Quint Int.2009
  2. Logani A and Shah N. Apically extruded debris with three contemporary Ni-Ti instrumentation systems: An ex vivo comparative study. Indian J Dent Res. 2008;19(3):182-185.
  3. Aggarwal V, Logani A, Jain V, Shah N. Effect of cyclic loading on marginal adaptation and bond strength in direct v/s indirect class II MO composite restorations. Oper Dent  2008; 33(5): 587-592.                                                
  4.  Aggarwal V, Logani A, and Shah N The Evaluation of Computed Tomography Scans and Ultrasounds in the Differential Diagnosis of Periapical Lesions. J Endodon 2008:34;1312-1315
  5. Vivek Aggarwal, Mamta Singla,, Ajay Logani, and Naseem Shah Endodontic Management of a Maxillary First Molar with Two Palatal Canals with the Aid of Spiral Computed Tomography: A Case Report. J Endodon 2008:34; 919-925
  6. Shah N, Logani A, Bhasker U and Aggarwal V. Revascularization for inducing apexogenesis/ apexification in non-vital, immature permanent incisors: a pilot study. J Endod. 2007; 34:919-925

    7.   Goyal P, Kale SC, Chaudhry R, Chauhan S and Shah N.  Association of common chronic infections with coronary artery disease in patients without any conventional risk factors. Ind. J Med Res., Feb. 2007; 125:133-140.

  1.  Kaushik M,  Jaiswal A, Shah N and Mahal A  Physician Quality and Emigration from India. Bull. WHO 2007;
  2. Mahal AS and Shah N.   Implications of the Growth of Dental Education in India.

            J Dent Ed. 2006; 70: 884-891.  

     10. Shah N.  Need for Gerodontology education in India. Gerodontology 2005; 22: 104-105

     11.  Shah N.    Geriatric dentistry: The need for a new specialty in India. Natl Med J Ind. 2005; 18 (1):37-38.

     12. Gupta R, Prakash H, Shah N and Jain V. A spectrophotometric evaluation of colour change of various tooth colour veneering materials

           after exposure to commonly consumed beverages. J. Ind. Prosth. Soc.  2005; 5:72-78.

    13. Shah N, Gupta YK and Ghose S.Zimmermann-Laband syndrome with bilateraldevelopmental cataract - a new association? Int

          J Paediatr Dent. 2004 Jan;14(1):78-85.

    14. Bansal M, Mohanty BK, Shah N, Chaudhry R, Bahadur S and Shukla NK. Radiation related morbidities and their impact on quality

         of life in head and neck cancer patients receiving radiotherapy. Qual Life Res 2004; 13:481-88

    15.  Shah N, Handa KK and Sharma MC.  Malignant masenchymal tumor. Int J Oral  Maxillofac  Surg. 2004; 62:744-9.

          16. Batra P and Shah N. Olmsted syndrome--a rare syndrome with oral manifestations. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol

               Oral Radiol Endod. 2004; 97:  599-602.

    17. Shah N.  Oral health care system for elderly in India. Geriatrics and Gerontology International 2004; 4: S162-S164.

    18. Batra P and Shah N. Recalcitrant osteomyelitis following tooth extraction in a case of malignant osteopetrosis. Int Dent J 2004; 54(6):

    19. Shah N.  Challenges for Geriatric Oral Health Care in India. Developing Dentistry, FDI 2004;5(2):20-27

    20.  Shah N and Sundaram KR. Impact of Socio-demographic variables, oral hygiene practices oral habits and diet on dental caries experience

           of Indian elderly: a community-based study. Gerodontology 2004; 21:43-50.



Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Deformities

Prof. OP Kharbanda Total 100 +  

Important recent publications  

1.                  Kharbanda OP, Shaw Williams C, Worthington Helen. Palatal Height: Another Indicator of surgical outcome in unilateral cleft lip and palate.

            Cleft Palate Craniofacial Journal.2002;39:308-11

2.                  Batra P, Kharbanda OP, Duggal R, Singh N and Parkash H. Acid Phosphatase activity in gingival crevicular fluid –A non invasive adjunct in

            assessing orthodontic tooth movement? J Indian Orthodont Soc 2002;35:63-72.

3.                  Ngan DC, Kharbanda OP, Geenty JP, Darendeliler MA.  Comparison of radiation levels from computed tomography and conventional

            dental radiographs. Aust Orthodont J. 2003; 19(2):67-75.

4.                  Batra P,  Kharbanada OP, Duggal R, Reddy P and Parkash H.  Orthodontic treatment of a case of Aarskog Syndrome. J Clin Pediat Dentistry. 2003;27:229-33

5.                  Kharbanda OP, Sidhu SS, Sundaram K, Shukla DK.  Oral habits in school going children of Delhi: a prevalence study. J Indian Soc Pedod Prev  Dent. 2003 Sep; 21(3):120-4. PMID: 14703220

6.                  Malek S, Darendeliler MA, Rex T, Kharbanda OP, Srivicharnkul P, Swain MV, Petocz P. Physical properties of root cementum: part 2. Effect of different storage methods. Am J Orthodont Dentofacial Orthop. 2003; 124(5):561-70. 

7.                  Darendeliler MA, Kharbanda OP, Chan EK, Srivicharnkul P, Rex T, Swain       MV,Jones AS, Petocz P. Root resorption and its association with alterations in physical properties,mineral contents and resorption craters in human premolars following application of light and heavy controlled orthodontic forces. Orthod Craniofac Res. 2004;7(2):79-97.

8.                  Darendeliler MA, Chan EK,Kharbanda OP, Srivicharnkul P, Rex T, Swain MV, Jones AS, Petocz P. Changes in physical and mineral dimensions of human cemenetum in association with root resorption craters at different orthodontic force levels. Biological Mechanism of Tooth Movement and Craniofacial Adaptation,Edited by Z. Davidovitch and J. Mah, pages 91-111. 2004 Harvard Society for the           Advancement of Orthodontics, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

9.                  Ngan DC, Kharbanda OP, Darendeliler MA. Considerations in the management of transposed teeth. Aust Orthodont J. 2004; 20(1): 41-50.

10.              Ngan DC, Kharbanda OP, Byloff FK, Darendeliler MA.  The genetic contribution to orthodontic root resorption: a retrospective twin study.  Aust Orthodont J. 2004 ;20(1):1-9.

11.              P Srivicharnkul, Kharbanda OP, M   Swain, P Petocz, MA Darendeliler.  Physical properties of root cementum Part 3:  Changes in hardness and elastic modulus after application of controlled orhodontic forces. Am J of Orthodont and Dentofac Orthop 2005;127:168-76,  Quiz 260

12.              T Rex, Kharbanda OP, Petocz  P, Darendeliler MA. Physical  Properties of root cementum Part 4: Quantitative analysis of the mineral 

            composition of human premolar cementum. Am J of Orthodont and Dentofac Orthop. 2005;127:177-85

13.              Batra P, Duggal R, Kharbanda OP, Parkash H. Orthodontic treatment of impacted anterior teeth due to odontomas: a report of two cases. 
J Clin Pediatr Dent. 2004 Summer;28(4):289-94. PMID: 15366614

14.              E Low, Hans Zoellner, OP Kharbanda, MA Darendeliler Expression of mRNA  Osteoprotegerin and RANKL during root resorption induced

            by the application of heavy orthodontic forces on rat molars. American J of Orthodontics and Dentofac  Orthop. 2005; 128: 497-503.15.              Jena A,

            Kharbanda OP Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome- Report on Dental and Craniofacial Findings. J Clin Pediat Dent. 2005 Fall;30(1):83-88.

16.              Kapoor P, Kharbanda OP. Comments on levels of t-PA and PAI-2 in gingival crevicular fluid during orthodontic tooth movement in adults. Letter to editor Aust    
            Orthodont J. 2005;21(2): 151-152.

17.              Batra P, Kharbanda OP, Duggal R , Singh N and Parkash H. Alkaline Phosphatase activity in gingival crevicular fluid (GCF)

            during canine retraction. Orthod Craniofac Res. 2006 Feb;9(1):44-51.

18.              Rex T, Kharbanda OP, Petrocz P, Darendeliler MA. Physical properties of root cementum: part 6. A comparative quantitative analysis of the

             mineral composition of human premolar cementum after the application of orthodontic forces. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2006 Mar;129(3):358-67.

19.              Steinbach G, Armstrong D, Kharbanda OP, Petrocz P, Darendeliler MA. An investigation of the forces used by clinicians to open spaces with

            coil springs. Aust Orthodont J. 2006;22(2): 115-120.

20.              Armstrong D, Kharbanda OP, Petrocz P, Darendeliler MA. Root resorption after orthodontic treatment. Aust Orthodont J. 2006;22(2):

21.              Kharbanda OP. Global issues with orthodontic education: a personal viewpoint. Guest editorial J Orthod. 2006; 33(4): 237-241.



Dr. Ritu Duggal  

International Publications .

1.    Batra P, Duggal R, Parkash H  Genetics of cleft lip and palate revisited J Clin Pediatr Dent 2003; 27(4): 311-320.

2.    Aggarwal P., Kharbanada OP, Mathur R, Duggal R and Parkash H. Muscle response to the Twin-block appliance: An electromyographic

     study of the masseter and anterior temporal muscles. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 1999; 116: 405-14.

3.    Jena A K, Duggal R, Roychoudhury A, Parkash H. Effects of timing and number of palate repair on maxillary growth in complete

     unilateral cleft lip and palate patients  J Clin Pediatr Dent 2004;28(3):225-232.

4.    Jena AK, Duggal R, Roychoudhury A, Parkash H. Orthodontic assisted tooth in eruption in a dentigerous cyst: A case report.J Clin Pediatr Dent. 2004 29(1):33-35.

5.    Batra P, Kharbanda OP, Duggal R,  Parkash H  Alkaline phosphatase activity in gingival crevicular fluid during canine retraction. Orthod

     Craniofac Res. 2006 Feb;9(1):44-51.

6.    Jena AK,  Duggal R , Parkash H Skeletal and dentoalveolar effects of Twin-block and bionator appliances in the treatment of Class II

    malocclusion: a comparative study. Am J Othod Dentofacial Orthop/2006 Nov:130(5):594-602

7.    Jena AK, Duggal R Atypical goldenhar syndrome: a case report J Clin Pediatr Dent   2006: 31(2) : 118-22

8.     Matta A, Bahadur S, Duggal R, Gupta SD, Ralhan R. Over-expression of 14-3-3 Zeta is an early event in oral cancer. BMC Cancer 2007 Sep.2:7:169.

9.    Duggal R staff recruitment, development and gloval mobility. Eur J of Dent Educ 2008: 12(Suppl.  1):149-60.

10.  Jena AK, Duggal R, Parkash H.Orthopedic and orthodontic effects of Twin-block appliance. J Clin Pediatr Dent. 2005 Spring;29(3):225-30.

       National publications

1.      Duggal R, Jena AK Quantitative and Qualitative effects of Twin Block Appliance J Ind Orthod Soc 2006;39:30-41

2.      Jena AK Duggal R – Orthodontic Occlusion, Esthetic and Fuctional Aspects following Single mandibular incisor Extraction. J Pierre Fauch

      Acad (Ind) 2007;21;149-53




Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

In referred Journals

1.      Parkash H, Mathur VP, Duggal R, Jhuraney B. Dental workforce issues: a global concern. J Dent Educ. 2006 Nov; 70(11 Suppl):22-6.


2.      Chawla H S, Mathur V P, Gauba K, Goyal A.  A mixture of Ca(OH)2 paste and ZnO powder as a root canal filling material for primary 

         teeth: a preliminary study.  J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent. 2001 Sep;19(3):107-9


3.      Parkash H, Mathur V P. National Oral Health Care Program. Indian Pediatr 2002; 39: 1001-1005


4.      Nallegowda M, Mathur VP, Singh U, Khanna M, Sachdev G, Yadav SL, Wadhwa S, Handa G. Oral Health Status in Indian Children

         with Cerebral Palsy- A Pilot study. Indian J Physical Med Rehabil 2005; 16: 1-4


5.      Jena A K, Duggal R, Mathur V P, Class-III malocclusion: Genetics or environment? A twins study” J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent 2005;23:27-30


6.      Patro BK, Ravi KB, Goswami A, Mathur V, Nongkyrinh B. Prevalence of Dental Caries among the adults and elderly in an urban

         resettlement colony of New Delhi. Indian J Dent Res 2008:19(2);96-99


7.      Holbrook WP, Broding P, Balciuniene I, Mathur V et al. balancing the role of the Dental Schools in Teaching, Research and Patient

         Care; including care for underserved areas. Eur J Dent Educat 2008:12 (s1)161-66





8.      Nallegowda M, Singh U, Khanna M, Mathur VP. Oral Health Status in Indian Children with Cerebral Palsy- A Pilot study. Abstract

      published in  Am J Physical Med Rehabil 2005; 84(3): 231


9.      Abstract: Parkash H, Mathur VP, Duggal R. Oral Health Promotion Activities in India: A Challenge. Abstract published

       in Community Dental Health 2005; 22: 292


In other Journals

10. Jena A K, Duggal R, Mathur V P, Parkash H. Orthodontic Care for Medically Compromised Patients. J Ind Orthod Soc 2004; 37:16-171


11. Mathur V P, Parkash H Working Practices and Safety Guidelines in Dental Practice ; Abstract in: Proceedings of National

       Workshop on Radiation Safety. 2002 July; pp 38


12. Parkash H, Shah N, Mathur V P. National Oral Health Care Programme: the need of the time. Dent Pracitce. 2002 Mar-Apr; 1(4): 10 – 14


      13  Prakash H and Mathur V P.: Radiations Safety: Are you concerned? J Ind Dent Assoc.2002;73:8-14


14. Sharma A, Mathur V P. Dental Caries Diagnosis. J Ind Dent Asso. 2003 ; 74: 27-30


Co-author in Books

15. Dhikav V, Gupta M, Gupta L C, Kumar V, Mathur V, Singh S. “Pharmacology for Dental Students” AITBS Publishers 2002.

      New Delhi, INDIA


16. Parkash H, Duggal R, Mathur VP. Oral Health Promotion Manual for Schoolteachers. (In Hindi and English) as a part of

     GOI-WHO Project. Printed in 2004


17. Parkash H, Duggal R, Mathur VP.  “Oral Health Module for Prevention of Dental Caries among Schoolchildren”.

      A GOI- WHO INDIA Project. (Advocacy Document) November 2004


18. Parkash H, Duggal R, Mathur VP. “Manual for Multi-centric Oral Health Survey” as a part of GOI- WHO INDIA Multi

     Centric Oral Health Survey. January 2005


19. Parkash H, Duggal R, Mathur VP. “National Consensus Workshop for Oral Health Promotion and Tobacco Cessation

     – Background and Working Document” as an outcome of the Workshop. May 2005


20. Parkash H, Duggal R, Mathur VP. “Guidelines for Effective and Meaningfult Utilization of Manpower in

      Dental Institutions for Primary Prevention of Oral Health Problems” – as an outcome of the WHO Project. May 2007


21. Shah N, Pandey RM, Duggal R, Mathur VP, Rajan K. Editors. “Oral Health in India: A report of the multi site

      Oral health survey” Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

      New Delhi December 2007


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