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Thirty seven years ago in 1986, the discipline of Biotechnology was introduced at AIIMS.  Prof. Indira Nath, then Professor of Pathology, established Biotechnology at AIIMS as a Masters’ Programme (popularly known as M. Biotech), with funding from the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. Thereafter, in mid-1987, the founding Faculty members, namely Prof. Indira Nath (Head) along with Prof. Y.D. Sharma, Prof. Jaya S. Tyagi, were appointed.
The Department offers a 2 years M. Biotech Masters course on semester system pattern and a Ph.D. programme in Biotechnology. At present, the student intake capacity in M. Biotech is 18 students per year. So far 37 batches of M. Biotech have obtained their degrees. Our Masters Programme is accredited with A ranking by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, India. The Department Faculty also mentors Post-doctoral scientists under various schemes of DBT, DST and CSIR and offers Short term training in Biotechnology under the Science Academies' Summer Research Fellowship Programme.

Presently, the Department is headed by Dr. Anushree Gupta. The Department is known for its commitment to biomedical research and continuous efforts of the Faculty has established a name for the Department in the areas of Leprosy, TB, Malaria and Cancer. New fields of research initiated in the Department include Cardiogenomics, Bioinformatics, Osteoimmunology, Molecular Biology, Virology and Autoimmunity. The Departmental Faculty have published more than 500 research articles/chapters in journals/books of national and international repute and hold more than a dozen patents. For their research contributions, they have been recognized by various International and National Awards, Prizes and Fellowships from several Science and Medical Academies. The research projects in the Department are funded by various agencies of the Govt. of India, such as DBT, ICMR, DST, CSIR, UGC, intramural support as well as International funding agencies like CNRS, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,etc. with several Ph.D. students/Project fellows working on research topics in the afore mentioned areas. The Department regularly invites eminent scientists and academicians to deliver seminars on current topics of international and national importance to apprise the students and Faculty members of Institute on recent advances related to the field of Biotechnology.