"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." 

Success Stories of Organ Transplant Recipients

Organ donation is an opportunity to give life to others. Life had become impossible for these people but everything changed when a dying person decided to donate his/her organs. We hope that these stories ease the agony of those who are in need of transplant and inspire people to make a decision for organ donation.

Mr. Devi Ram

Mr. Devi Ram, a mechanic is the first Heart transplant recipient in India. He underwent a heart transplant on 3rd August 1994.He is now leading a normal life and earning for his family.


Mrs. Preeti Unhale  

“Life after death is possible only by 'Organ Donation'. One can live after his death, or can see his beloved ones living after their death by organ donation. This simply requires decision for organ donation at right time and at right place. It is truest gift of life.


I am able to convey this message to you only because a couple donated the heart of their 14 year old son, who was declared brain dead after a fatal road accident. As a mark of respect to the donor's family, my family members and I have decided to donate our body organs."

Mrs. Preeti Unhale was a normal young and energetic girl attending college, playing badminton and enjoying her life to its fullest when in October 1993, she started with the feeling of tiredness and heavy palpitation. It worsened over a period of time leading to chest pain and hospitalisation. She was constantly on medication and was diagnosed to have Cardio Myopathy. In March 1997 her condition  deteriorated. She underwent a Heart Transplant in January 2001. Today she is leading normal life, taking care of her household duties, and working full time.

Mr. Mahabir Singh

“Organ Donation is a gift from one family to the other. It is a contribution to the society from which we are getting so much.” 

Mr. Mahabir Singh, under went heart transplant on 21 May 1996 at ORBO(AIIMS). He was blessed with a daughter after two years of his transplant and is now living with his wife and two children and also performing his normal duties. 


Ms. Chandrama Bhuyam

"Myself Chandrama Bhuyan had a liver transplant in Indraprastha Apollo hospital, New Delhi on 24th Jan'2003. This was not possible without ORBO. I am very thankful to ORBO for giving me a new life by providing the liver from a cadaveric donor. Now I am absolutely fine and leading a normal life and very happy with my family. I once again thank ORBO and wishing all the success, and hope, lots of people will come forward for organ donation and ORBO will bring smile to many people like me."

Mrs. Anita Malhotra  

“Today I am alive because a family decided to grant me life by donating organs of their near ones.   By doing so, God alone knows what a great deed they have done.”


  A 36 years old woman working as a Sub Editor was having kidney problems from last 4 years.  After which she was told by the Doctors that her condition was very bad and only a Kidney transplantation can save her.  On 22nd March 2002 Mrs. Anita Malhotra underwent kidney transplantation at AIIMS successfully. 

Mr. M.P.P. Nair

" I would endeavour to make awareness amongst the people known to me, of the existence and functions of ORBO, and the importance of offering useful organs atleast when it is realised that those are not useful to the body once the soul is departed so that more and more people involve in donating organs". - Mr. M.P.A. Nair, brother of the recipient.

Mr. M.P.P. Nair underwent kidney transplant on 15th January 2003.

Ms. Meenu  Aggarwal

I believe that god is always there. Expect His help and He will not fail you! If we had no faith in the ultimate God, we would lose all hope. By organ donation we can help save lives of those who have lost all hope of living. The donor and his family's greatness and large heartedness have helped revive our faith in god and mankind. It has encouraged me and my family to donate our organs to help save lives. 
You may not be able to change the whole world, but even if you can change your part of the world, life is worth living. Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting ......... Our lives live on forever in the lives that we touch and the best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched but are felt in the heart.

Mrs. Meenu Aggarwal, an advocate by profession, underwent a kidney transplant in September 2002 at AIIMS. She is living a normal life now.

Pramod Kumar Mittal

ORBO is serving the mankind by arranging the living organs to the patients of Organ Failure and helping such patients to live future in much better way.

Hour's need is to educate the masses to donate one's organ. This would be a last service to humanity and prayer to God.

Mr. Pramod Kumar Mittal, underwent a kidney transplant in July 2003 at AIIMS.

Sagar Agarwal

Mr. Sagar Agarwal,36 years, underwent a kidney and pancreas transplant on 9th March 2004 at AIIMS.

"Organ donation is the greatest donation any human can give to the world.

I am thankful to ORBO, AIIMS and  the donor family."

Baby Aarti

"ORBO is serving humanity. ORBO's way of working is appreciable. Me and my family is thankful to ORBO and we have unanimously decided to donate our organs.

By donating organ, we are giving others a new life.


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