"If something comes to life in others because of you,
then you have made an approach to immortality."
-Norman Cousins 



  1. Organ Retrieval Banking Organisation (ORBO) coordinates the process of cadaver organ donation i.e.organ donation after death and transplantation.  
  2. There are two ways to donate organs: -
    1. By pledging for organ donation when a person is alive
    2. By consent of family after death.
  3. During lifetime, a person can pledge for organ donation by filling up a donor form in the presence of two witnesses, one of whom shall be a near relative.

  4. The organ donor form could be obtained from ORBO either personally or through mail.  It could also be downloaded from our Website (www.orbo.org).  

  5. The donor form is absolutely free of cost.   

  6. As mentioned earlier, you need to fill up the donor form and get it signed by two witnesses one of whom shall be a near relative and send the same to ORBO.  

  7. After receiving the filled in form, ORBO provides the donor with an organ donor card bearing registration number on it.  

  8. It is suggested to keep the donor card in your pocket and share your decision with your near and dear ones.  

  9. If a person expires without registration, the family members can donate his/her organs.  For this they need to sign a consent form, which is provided at that time.  

  10. Once, the relatives give a written consent, organs are harvested within a few hours.  

  11. The family of the donor does not face any difficulty or extra burden upon them.  

  12. The transplant coordination team carries out the entire process till the relatives receive the body of the deceased.  

  13. The deceased body is given back to the family in a dignified way.  

  14. There is no disfigurement.  The body can be viewed as in any case of death and funeral arrangements need not be delayed.  


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