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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
आईवीआरएस : 011-26589999
कॉल सेंटर: 011-65900669
S. No.Tender CategoryTender TitleDate of PublishingDate of Closing
1 Proprietary Tender Purchase of Spyscope Digital Access & Delivery Cath for Endoscopy room, Deptt. of Gasto, AIIMS New Delhi on Proprietary basis - inviting comments thereon 09-11-2017 24-11-2017
2 Proprietary Tender Purchase of PDT Lens for the Photodynamic Therapy in Retina Lab – 02 Nos. for Dr. R.P.Centre at AIIMS, New Delhi – 29 on proprietary basis – Inviting comments thereon. 11-11-2017 25-11-2017
3 Proprietary Tender Purchase of Intravenous Dye for Angiography on Two year Rate Contract Basis for Dr. R.P.Centre at AIIMS, New Delhi – 29 on proprietary basis – Inviting comments thereon. 11-11-2017 25-11-2017
4 Short rate enquiry Condemnation/Auction of Ambassador Car Reg. No. DL-3C-AY-1606 Limited Tender No. 03/IRCH/GSK/Cond./2017-2018 09-11-2017 28-11-2017
5 Short rate enquiry SRE for Genotyping Service for candidate gene (29 SNP's) of 500 samples (Mass ARRAY Technology) under project N-1519 17-11-2017 29-11-2017
6 Short rate enquiry for purchase of : Laproscopic Instrument 15-11-2017 29-11-2017
7 Short rate enquiry for purchase of Laparoscopic Hydrated Tropar-Cannula bladeless radio opaque Size:B5ST,B12LT,B12ST&B5 LT Qty- 60Nos. 15-11-2017 29-11-2017
8 Short rate enquiry Purchase of videoconferencing (01/NDDTC/17-18/ ST) 15-11-2017 30-11-2017
9 Proprietary Tender Purchase of 35 mm standardarticulating Echlon Flex Powdered Endoscopic Vascular Stapler with advanced placement tip, 320mm shaft length,50 D articulatation both sides, 360 Degree rotation (PVE35A) on Proprietary basis - Inviting Comments thereon 14-11-2017 30-11-2017
10 Short rate enquiry for purchase of Dental Items 16-11-2017 01-12-2017
11 Proprietary Tender Repair of Jacob’s Chuck with Key System- 6, Make: M/s. Stryker, USA, for Department of Orthopaedics 18-11-2017 03-12-2017
12 Proprietary Tender Purchase of Masimo Sensors, for the Deptt. of Neuroanaesthesiology, AIIMS, New Delhi-29 on proprietary basis- Inviting comments thereon.(28/Store/Neuro Anas./IK/17-18/RS) 17-11-2017 04-12-2017
13 Proprietary Tender Purchase of Autodecalcifier System for the department of Pathology, AIIMS New Delhi-29 on proprietary basis Inviting Comments thereon. (Ref. No. 33/SO(DO)/Path/PAC/2017-18/FSC) 20-11-2017 05-12-2017
14 Proprietary Tender -Purchase of Transport Incubator (Under Buy Back Basis) for the Department of Pediatrics Surgery, AIIMS, New Delhi-110029, on proprietary basis- Inviting Comments thereon. (Ref. No. 24/Stores (DO)/Pead. Surg./PAC.2017-18/FSC) 21-11-2017 06-12-2017
15 Proprietary Tender Purchase of 4 Channel Digital Data Acquisition system and software for Conducing Human and Animal Experiments for the Department of Physiology, (AIIMS), New Delhi-110029 on proprietary basis Inviting comments thereon. (Ref. No. 34/Stores(DO)/Physio/PAC/2017-18/FSC) 21-11-2017 06-12-2017
16 Proprietary Tender Purchase of Automated Vascular Ultrasonographic image and flow Analysis System for the department of Physiology, (AIIMS), New Delhi-110029, on Proprietary basis (Ref. No. 35/SO(DO)/Physio/PAC/2017-18/FSC) 21-11-2017 06-12-2017
17 Short rate enquiry Ltd. T. No. 43/Auction/Hosp./17-18 (condemned Ambulance VVIP Ambulance, Car & Vans “as is where is” basis) 22-11-2017 11-12-2017
18 Global/Open Tender Providing Dietary Services at NDDTC Centre on Rate Contract Basis for Three Years 23-11-2017 13-12-2017
19 Short rate enquiry Purchase for the following item required by Department of Anatomy, AIIMS 20-02-2017 08-03-2018
20 Proprietary Tender Purchase of Integrated Bipolar and Ultrasonic Coagulation & Cutting System- 01 No. (Ref. No. F. No. IR-30/IRCH/SO/16-17(M&E) 28-07-2017 14-08-2019

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