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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
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Training/ Courses

Under Graduate Training: Pediatric neurology for MBBS undergraduate students, B.Sc. (Hons) Nursing students and B.Sc. (Hons) Speech and Audiology course. Curriculum based on practical pediatric neurologic problems developed.

Postgraduate Training: Junior residents (MD students) undergo specialty training for 6-8 months during the 3-year residency programme. They attend teaching rounds, journal clubs, clinical case discussions, clinical combined rounds, grand rounds, radiology conference and mortality audit. Currently around 31 junior residents are registered for the 3 year MD training programme.

DM (Pediatric Neurology) training

The first postdoctoral DM program in south Asia was started in       the division in 2004. The DM residents undergo a self as well as curriculum based learning. So far 28 students have completed DM (Pediatric Neurology) course and 12 students are currently enrolled. The DM course is offered to both regular and sponsored candidates.


DM Program highlights include

• Clinical training:

– Holistic Evaluation

– Management and multidisciplinary rehabilitation

– Follow up of patients with neurological problems including intensive care & neonatal neurology

– Prevention of neuromorbidities and disabilities

– Orientation to National Health programmes

• Development of Skills: Clinical/Investigational

– Techniques of neurological examination

– Developmental assessment

– Genetic Counseling

– Electrophysiology (EEG/EMG/NCV/RNST/BERA/VER)

– Interpretation of neuroimaging

– Interpretation of genetic tests

– Technique of muscle/nerve/skin biopsies

– Interpretation of muscle/skin/nerve biopsies

• Research

– DM Thesis

– Other projects

– Epidemiology and research methodology

Other Training opportunities:

In service training facility for short term (<3 months) and long term (> 3 months) available to National candidates from  the armed  services, Medical colleges and International candidates from the SAARC region.

Training program includes approach towards neurological problems, rationalization of investigations, diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of cases in Child Neurology.

It includes:

  • Clinical Child Neurology training in inpatients, Outpatient Department, Child Neurology Clinic, Neuromuscular Disorder Clinic, Neurocysticercosis Clinic, Developmental Clinic, Genetics Clinic and Autism clinic.
  • Neuroradiology Conference: weekly to discuss CT and MRI scans.
  • Neuropathology Conference: monthly Interdisciplinary meet for muscle/ nerve/ brain/ skin biopsies performed.
  • Neuroelectrophysiological discussion (including EEG, EMG, motor and sensory NCV, RNST, PSG, BERA, VER)
  • Dietary services for drug resistant epilepsy
  • Neurogenetic training.
  • Brief research projects to train in research methodology


Applications for the same should be addressed to the Dean, AIIMS.

Education and Training Modules:

• Manual on “Techniques of Neurological examination”

• Manual on “Child development”

• Videos and Power Point slides on “Techniques of Neurological examination”

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