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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
कॉल सेंटर:  011-26589142


Be cautious poison safe

National Poisons Information Centre (NPIC) in Department of Pharmacology, AIIMS, New Delhi initiated an outreach project with a theme BE CAUTIOUS, BE POISON SAFE. This theme aims to increase awareness towards poisons and poisoning among general public including Children, Parents and Occupational Workers. It also intends to increase knowledge regarding poisons and poisonous substances and disseminate knowledge of poison prevention measures that can be practiced to reduce the risk of accidental poisonings. It also advocates to adopt safe practices and enforce effective poison control measures.

Awareness activities organized in the past by National Poisons Information Centre (NPIC), AIIMS, New Delhi

  • §Prevent poisoning in new millennium
  • §In case of poisoning- What to do
  • §Work book on chemical safety
  • §Potential poisons household substances: Safe handling and disposal 





Project Title: “Assessment of awareness, perception and KAP (Knowledge, Attitude & Practices) related to common poisons and development of scientific communication modules for lifestyle modulation & year-round strategy for public awareness towards prevention of poisoning”.

Supported by- DST


Dr. Devendra Singh

Name: Dr. Devendra Singh

Designation: Scientist

Department: Pharmacology, AIIMS, New Delhi

Email: यह ईमेल पता spambots से संरक्षित किया जा रहा है. आप जावास्क्रिप्ट यह देखने के सक्षम होना चाहिए.


Educational Qualification:

M. Pharm (Pharmacology Toxicology and Therapeutics), from BVCOP, Navi Mumbai, University of Mumbai.

Ph.D. (Pharmacology) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.


Qualified GATE 2009

Qualified GPAT 2010, 2012 and 2013

Area of Interest:

Neuropharmacology, Ischemic Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Preclinical research

List of Publications:

  1. Joshi B*, Singh D*, Wasan H, Sharma U, Dinda AK, Reeta Kh. Tideglusib ameliorates ischemia/reperfusion damage by inhibiting GSK-3β and apoptosis in rat model of ischemic stroke. J. stroke Cerebrovasc. Dis. 2022 Apr;31(4):106349. (IF- 2.677) (* equal first authorship)
  2. Wasan H*, Singh D*, Joshi B, Deept Upadhyay, Sharma U, Dinda AK, Reeta Kh. Dihydromyricetin alleviates cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury by attenuating apoptosis and astrogliosis in peri-infarct cortex. Neur. Res. 2021 Dec 9;1-12. doi: 10.1080/01616412.2021.1997010. (IF-2.529) (* equal first authorship)
  3. Wasan H, Singh D, Joshi B, Sharma U, Dinda AK, Reeta Kh. Post stroke safinamide treatment attenuates neurological damage by modulating autophgy and apoptosis in experimental model of stroke in rats. Mol. Neurob. 2021 Aug 28. doi: 10.1007/s12035-021-02523-6. (IF-5.682)
  4. Singh D, Wasan H, Reeta KH. Preclinical Stroke Research and Translational Failure: A Bird’s Eye View on Preventable Variables. Cell. Mol. Neurobiology. 2021 (IF-4.231)
  5. Wasan H, Singh D, Kh R. Safinamide in neurological disorders and beyond: evidence from preclinical and clinical studies. Brain Res. Bull. 2020 Dec 30: S0361-9230(20) 30735-8. (IF-3.715)
  6. Verma V*, Singh D*, Reeta KH. Sinapic acid alleviates oxidative stress and neuro-inflammatory changes in sporadic model of Alzheimer’s disease in rats. Brain Sciences, 2020 Nov; 10(12): 923. (IF-3.333) (* equal first authorship)
  7. Singh D, Wasan H, Reeta KH. Heme oxygenase-1 modulation: A potential therapeutic target for COVID-19 and associated complications. Free Radic. Biol. Med. 2020 Oct 19;161:263-271. (IF-8.101)
  8. Singh D, Wasan H, Mathur A, Gupta YK. Indian perspective of remdesivir: A promising COVID-19 drug. Indian J. Pharmacol. 2020 May-Jun;52(3): 227-228. (IF-2.833)
  9. Singh D, Reeta KH, Sharma U, Jagannathan NR, Dinda AK, Gupta YK. Neuro-protective effect of monomethyl fumarate on ischemia reperfusion injury in rats Role of Nrf2HO1 pathway in peri-infarct region. Neurochem. Int. 2019 June; 126: 96-108. (IF-4.297)
  10. Reeta KH, Singh D, Gupta YK. Chronic treatment with taurine after intracerebroventricular streptozotocin injection improves cognitive dysfunction in rats by modulating oxidative stress, cholinergic functions and neuroinflammation. Neurochem. Int. 2017 Sep; 108: 146-156. (IF-4.297)








डॉ. स्वाति शर्मा  

Present position:  Scientist वैज्ञानिक

Department of Pharmacology भेषजगुण विज्ञान विभाग,   

AIIMS, New Delhi-110029 अ. भ. आ. सं., नई दिल्ली-110029


Contact Details: Room No. 4019, 4th Floor, Department of Pharmacology,

Teaching Block, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi 110029

Telephone: 011-26593677, 26589391

Email ID:  यह ईमेल पता spambots से संरक्षित किया जा रहा है. आप जावास्क्रिप्ट यह देखने के सक्षम होना चाहिए. ; यह ईमेल पता spambots से संरक्षित किया जा रहा है. आप जावास्क्रिप्ट यह देखने के सक्षम होना चाहिए.


Education: M.Sc. (Biotechnology), Ph. D.


Research Interest/ area:

Major: Metal toxicology, Pharmacogenomics & Bioinformatics, Poisoning awareness & outreach.

Other Specializations: Technology Foresight and assessment in the areas of Medical Sciences & Health Care; Biotechnology & allied areas of Life Sciences and Climate Change.

Past Position: Scientist-B (Dec. 20, 2010- March 28, 2019)

Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi.


Involved in:


a)      National Document- “Technology Vision 2035” released by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 3rd Jan. 2016.  

b)     “Technology Roadmap of “Medical Sciences & Health Care: Technology Vision 2035” released by Dr. Y. S. Chowdhary, Hon’ble Minister of Science & Technology on 29th Sept., 2016.



Biennial Update Reports (BURs: BUR-I & II) and Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change in Health sector.



Author in Chapter of National Documents  

  1. Core team member of National level “Technology Vision 2035” Document.

  2. Chapter on “Health Awareness” in Technology Roadmap on Medical Sciences & Health Care sector, 2016.

  3. HEALTH SCENARIOS: Future of Medical Sciences and Healthcare, 2016.

  4. Chapter on “Finance, Technology and Capacity Building Needs and Support Received: Technology needs and support received” India Second Biennial Update Report (BUR-II) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC).


Important Publications


  1. Sharma S., Kumar V.L. "Hand sanitizer related calls at National Poisons Information Centre, India during lock-down period of COVID-19 pandemic- issues and perspectives" 2021. The National Medical Journal of India (NMJI)- Accepted.  

  2. Bhardwaj A, Sharma S, Singh SK. Molecular Docking Studies to Identify Promising Natural Inhibitors Targeting SARS-CoV-2 Nsp10-Nsp16 Protein Complex. Turk J Pharm Sci. 2022 Feb 28;19(1):93-100. doi: 10.4274/tjps.galenos.2021.56957. PMID: 35227055; PMCID: PMC8892556.  

  3. Sharma S, Gurudutta GU and Singh U. Regulation of Hematopoietic Activity Involving New Interacting Partners (RRAGC & PSMC2, CKAP4 & MANF and CTR9 & CNTNAP2). CellBio, 9(3), 123-141. 

  4. Sharma S, Gurudutta GU and Singh U. Stem Cells Origins of Cytokine Interactions. Series: Stem Cells – Laboratory and Clinical Research. 2019. Chapter-16. 

  5. Sharma S, Gurudutta GU and Singh U. Analysis of Signal Networks in Hematopoietic Stem Cells determining the stem cell fate. European Journal of Pharmaceutical & Medical Research (EJPMR). 2018; 5(1):391-398. 

  6. Sharma S, Gurudutta GU and Singh U. Stem Cell genes synergism: Elucidation of the mechanistic basis of response induced by cytokine combination (IL-3, FLT-3 and SCF). Journal of Stem Cells. 2017; 12(4):143-160. 

  7. Sharma S. People’s Attitude towards Healthcare Technologies. International Journal of HealthCare & Medical Informatics 2017 (ISSN 2455–9199); 4(2): 24-27. Doi 

  8. Sharma S, Goswami G. A perspective on Medical Sciences & Healthcare. Healthy India Chronicle. July, 2017. 1(1): 66-71 

  9. Sharma S, Jancy A & Kishore J. Technology Driven Healthcare; Advanced Techniques in Biology & Medicine (ISSN 2379-1764); 3 (3), Nov. 2015. doi 10.4172/2379-1764. 

  10. Sharma S & Kishore J. Priority issues in adolescent health; Indian Journal of Youth & Adolescent Health. 2014(ISSN 2349-2880); 1(2): 34-47.






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