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All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
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Hospital Statistics 2015-16



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The focus area of research is medical image optimisation, radiation safety, quality assurance in imaging, imaging services and total quality management. We are working on Dual Energy CT based characterisation and also development of new thermoluminescent and optically stimulated luminescent phosphor so that accurate radiation dosimetry may be accomplished in patients, staff and public.

Patient Education

Patient Education

S. NoComputer Programs developed Description
1 Information modules for cancer patients Computer based general and cancer specific multimedia modules have been developed which gives all the relevant information to public and cancer patients. It can be run in patient waiting areas, on web, home or corporate offices.
2 RADPREG This menu based educational program deals with variety of aspects on effects of radiation on early conception, organogenesis, carcinogenic effect, mental development & so on, dose effect relationships accidental exposure in pregnancy, female radiation worker and pregnancy. The program has been written in basic language.
3 RISKEST A program for calculation of somatic & genetic risk probability after exposure to known amount of radiation dose. Program has been written in Quick Basic.
4 FETAL DOSE Program for calculation of radiation dose to uterus or fetus in routine diagnostic radiological procedure. The dose can be calculated for individual case. Written in FOXPRO.
5 PT DOSE Educational program for inferring the radiation doses in diagnostic procedures expressed in multiple chest x-rays risk estimate. Written in Story Board.
6 PT RISK Program for calculation of somatic & genetic risk in diagnostic exposure. Written in BASIC and FOXPRO


Other Facility

Other Facilities

S. NoNameDetail
1 Blood Bag irradiation Facility

Blood and blood products are irradiated before transfusion to prevent Transfusion -related Graft versus Host Disease (TA- GVHD).The patients with bone marrow transplation, hematologic cancer, high dose chemotherapy are at risk of TA-GVHD besides certain other non-oncologic settings (congenital immuno-deficiency, Cardiac surgery etc.)

2 Quality Assurance Gadgets

1.       Various medical imaging equipment need periodic quality assurance checks and radiation safety measurements. We conduct, trainand carry out research in QA and radiation protection aspects of units like radiography, CT, mammography, DEXA, c-arm, fluoroscopy, US etc.


      Radiation Dosimetry Equipment

Thermoluminescence and Optical Stimulated Luminescence Radiation Dosimetry, other radiation dosimetry and radiation detection gadgets



S. NoName of TrainingDetails for Admission
1 Comprehensive training programme in Diagnostic Medical Physics: Maximum duration two months, Forms available from registrar, AIIMS. Open throughout the year. Training fee = Rs. 1000. Medical Physicists, Radiologists and Imaging technologists are eligible. No accommodation provided. For details contact : Medical Physics Unit, IRCH, AIIMS
2 MD Radiology Basics of Radiation Physics and its application to radiology.
3 B.Sc. (Hons.) Radiography Radiation Physics, Radiation protection and Image Quality. Details in Dept. of Radiology


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