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Hospital Statistics 2015-16


Activities of Computer Facility

The Computer Facility was created at AIIMS in 1988 in view of the increasing demands and pressing needs of the institute for the computerization of Patient Care System, academics, administration and library etc. The computer Facility has ever since been responsible for established of a local Area Network catering to more than 6500 nodes supporting the Institute, its hospital, Centers, the establishment, finance and the library... It is responsible for the application of computerization in academics where computational needs of the departments is assessed, developed and installed for the requirement of technology for research and teaching. The network management unit of Computer Facility is responsible for maintenance of network, its ever expanding needs, implementation of stat -of -art technology for higher speeds, development and installation of networks and network hardware. The Computer Facility has already established internet site hosted on server at the

The Computer Facility's internet and intranet unit takes care of maintenance of its proxy Mail and HTTP server for AIIMS, up gradation of internet services, development of the web site and the contents creation and management of the latest information of the departments at its web site. The management support unit of Computer Facility looks after the development and software and its maintenance for all the computational needs of the establishment, recruitment, audit, accounts and other administrative units of the AIIMS.

Computer Facility has undertaken the task of implementation of ehospital software along with NIC for AIIMS main hospital and related centres

The Institute is connected on to the Wide Area Network through the high speed dedicated link provided by NKN and NIC. The library network of the Institute is highly advanced and it is being upgraded to be available through web browsing so that readers may avail of the services form anywhere on the network.

The Computer Facility had also initiated certain teaching programme like Computer in Nursing (B.Sc.), Biotechnology, Human Biology. Certain other programs providing regular courses in Medical Informatics at Diploma in Postgraduate level which have been proposed by the Computer Facility are currently under consideration of the Institute.




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  1. Award for cost effective use of ITC for e-governance by ‘Times of India Health Care’ 2015
  2. Award for AIIMS OPD Transformation Technology Evangelist by TCS in 2015
  3. SKOTCH Award 2015 for Online Appointment System in AIIMS                                                     
  4. Awarded the best project in its category in Healthcare Leaders Forum and Awards for ‘Patient display system’ by ELETS at Hotel Royal Plaza, New Delhi on 12 March 2015Golden Peacock award Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Service Award – 2014.
  5. Awarded the best IT project in healthcare-2014 by e-India at The Leela Kovalam, Trivandrum on 15th November 2014
  6. E-India award for ‘Most Innovative Healthcare Implementation’ for the year 2013 held in Hyderabad on 29th July 2013
  7. Best Poster award for ‘Online health portal in Improving Neurosurgical care’ at the Annual conference of NSI in Bangalore from 16-18 Dec 2011
  8. Best Jury Award for online healthcare provider for developing ‘Integrated online portal for AIIMS Trauma Centre’ at the eHealth world awards 2011 held on August 2, 2011at New Delhi
  9. m-billionth 2011 award for m-health category for project mPAIN (mobile patient admission information network) in July 2011 in New Delhi, India.
  10. Best IT implementation of the year 2011 by PCQuest for online portal for JPN Apex Trauma Centre, AIIMS in May 2011 by PCQuest IT magazine
  11. eIndia 2010 Jury's choice award in mGovernance for 'Eliminating queues in OPD-An mgovernance initiative at JPNATC' on 6 September 2010 at Hyderabad, India
  12. m-billionth 2010 award for m-health category for mBillionth Congress & Award Gala scheduled on July 23rd 2010 in New Delhi, India.



  • ADT                                      

  • CPRS                                            


  • LAB REPORTS                     

  • PACS                                      

  • ONLINE STORE                    

  • E-CERTIFICATES                 

  • E- MLC                                 

  • E-BLOOD BANK                  

  • E-DIET SHEET                      


  • LAUNDRY MODULE           


  • PDS                                               

  • PATIENT PORTAL                      




  • Ø E- OFFICE :                                    




Biometric attendance system

Academic Section

Software for admission procedures.
Students result/evaluation software for MCQ based examination.


Payroll processing system.
Personnel information system.
Housing management system.
GPF management system.
Foreign stores information system..
Inventory system for engg. dept. (Consumable & Non-consumable items).
Ledger book maintenance - Account section.
Minutes of meetings - Database.
Parliamentary questions - Database.
Fabrication information system - Central workshop.


The Year 1996-97


Deputy Director R.S. Tyagi
System Analyst S. Kailash
Application Programmers S.N. Ragu Kumar
  S. Prasad
S.K. Meher



Computer programming covering both theory and practical was conducted for the postgraduate students of Bio-technology department, MHA students of the hospital were given basic computer training. Short training courses for doctors, residents , nurses and other allied staff were organized throughout the year. Faculty, residents and nurses of CNC were trained on the use of computers.

E-mail for academic communication is being used by faculty, resident doctors and other staff of AIIMS, CN-centre and IRCH. The total number of e-mail users has risen to 450 in the institute. On-line internet shell account access using a leased line is provided from the computer facility. Around 100 faculty, residents and scientists(in batches of eight) were given training in electronic mail and its usage.

E-mail access through UTP based LAN is provided to various teaching departments of AIIMS.

Continuing Medical Education

The members of the departments participated in and delivered 2 lectures in continuing medical education prgrammes, Symposia and annual conferences during the year.

The members of the department also guided various software project works for the students of computer applications.They also organized two national training program on "Modern technologies for information handling". Delivered lectures in "WHO-SEARO workshop on General Principles of Health Professional Education" and "Learning Resource Materials".

Organized a training programme for Indian Dental Association, Ludhiana on "Computer in Dentistry".


Chapter in Books

1. Association of HLA antigens with Leprosy Ghei SK, Sengupta U, Agrewala JN, Kailash S, Gnanasekharan N, Sudhakar KS, Desikan KV, Shepard CC, Shinnick T.

Current Concepts in Human Genetics, Edited by Prof. Singh JR, Centre for Genetics Disorders, Amritsar : Guru



The Year 1995-96


Deputy Director R.S. Tyagi
System Analyst S. Kailash
Application Programmers S.N. Ragu Kumar
  S. Prasad
  N.G. Sekharan
  S.K. Meher



Computer programming covering both theory and practical was conducted for the post-graduate students of Bio-technology department. short training courses for the doctors, residents, nurses,MHA students and other allied staff were organised throughout the year, Faculty, residents and nurses of CNC were trained on the use of computers. The IRCH hospital computerisation has been started with ADT module.

Continuing Medical Education

The members of the department participated in and delivered 12 lectures in continuing medical education programmes, symposia and annual conferences during the year.

The members of the department also guided various software for students of Computer Applications and guided Application of computers to the Postgraduate Nursing students and Diploma in Nursing education of Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur College of Nursing . A demonstration of patient care system was given to a visiting team from Hungary.


Collaborative Research Completed

A.QBERIA a complete package for Question Bank, Evaluation of Responses in MCQs, and Item Analysis. (Physiology).

Collaborative Research Continuing

A. Software package for Multimedia based Computer Aided Teaching Package (physiology).

B. Software for analysis of Tumor patterns (biophysics).


1. Giri TK, Wali JP, Meena HS, Pande I, Uppal S, Kailash S. Sociodemographic Characteristics of HIV infection in Northern India. Com Dis 1995, 27 (1) : 1-9.

2. Uppal SS, Pande I, Kumar A, Kailash S, Sekharan NG, Adya CM, Malaviya AN. Adult Onset Still's Disease in Northern India: Comparison with juvenile Onset Still's Disease. Brit J Rheumatol, 1995, 34 : 429-434.

3. Pande I, Uppal SS, Kailash S, Kumar A, Malaviya AN. Behcet's Disease in India: A clinical, immunological, Immunogenetic and outcome study. Brit L Rheumatol, 1995, 34 : 825-830.

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5. Uppal SS, Pande I, Singh G, kailash S, Kakker R, Kumar A, Mehra NK, Giri TK, Sekharan GS, Malaviya AN . Profile of HLA -B27-Related ' unclassificable' seronegative spondyloarthropathy in females and its comparison with the profile in males. Brit J Rheumatol, 1995, 34 :137-140.

6. Aggarwal P, Wali JP, Ranganathan S, Kailash S, Kumar A, Mishra MC, Utility of an observation unit in the emergency department of a tertiary care hospital in India. Europ J Emer Med 1995, 2 : 1-5.

7. Kailash S, Jawa A, Renganathan S, Ragu Kumar SN, Aggarwal P, Demographic Consumer Profile as a scientific planning tool in Hospital Scenario. J Academy Hospt Adm, 1995, 7 :39-43.

Patient Care

As a part of implementation of various modules in the hospital, the stores module has also been implemented. Computerised Billing module is being by CTVS for their surgery billing. The ADT module for CT and NS centre have been implemented.

Other Services

E-mail facility for academic communication has been extended to the faculty of CN centre by providing line to access the MEDINST E-mail server. The total no of E-mail users has risen to 259 in the institute. Online internet is being provided from the computer facility.

The E-mail Statistics for the year 1995-96 is as follows.

Total no. of Users : 259

Total E-mails sent : 14080 * 25 = 352000

Total E-mail received : 47625 * 2 = 95250

Total : 447250

Revenue saved (compared to the 1/4th usage cost of FAX ) 3.0 lacs (approx.)

The remote login facility to the E-mail and the patient care system has been for the benefit of those staying in AIIMS campus. UTP based LAN is being laid in the teaching department of AIIMS.

Awards and Honours

The award of Associate Membership to Dr. R.S. Tyagi from International centre for theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, a UNESCO & IAEA sponsored organisation, was extended for one more year.

©AIIMS , New Delhi, 1998.

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