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All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
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Report on Inauguration of Oral Histopathology Laboratory

Report on Inauguration of Oral Histopathology Laboratory By Prof. Randeep Gulleria, Director, AIIMS Delhi and Prof O.P. Kharbanda, Chief, CDER, AIIMS, New Delhi

On 17th January 2018



Prof. Randeep Gulleria, Director, AIIMS, New Delhi with Prof O.P. Kharbanda, Chief , CDER, AIIMS inaugurated the Histopathology Lab, CDER on 17th January, 2018. They were accompanied by Prof Chitra Sarkar, Dean Research, AIIMS and Prof Y.K. Gupta, Dean Academic, AIIMS and other faculty members of AIIMS.

The Oral Histopathology laboratory at Room No. 503, Fifth floor, CDER, AIIMS is now fully functional and is well equipped to process and provide reporting on various hard and soft tissue pathologies of oral and maxillofacial region. It will emphasise on early diagnosis of pre-cancerous conditions of oral cavity. It will also have teaching facility and advance facilities like immuno histo-chemistry, immuno-fluoroscence, etc., for accurate diagnosis of oral conditions. Being a referral centre, many patients often present with intraoral pathology at CDER (eg oral potentially malignant disorders, ulcers, oral malignancies, many fibroosseous lesions, odontogenic cysts and tumors and other mucosal lesions). These patients require immediate biopsy and subsequent histological examination of the lesion which is an important diagnostic tool. Furthermore, in some types of pathologies, histological examination is important not only in diagnosis but also to determine whether there is evidence of malignancy, provide information on the clinical behavior of the lesion and, in some instances, give prognostic information all of which directly impact on patient management. A malignant transformation of 2-36% has been observed in oral potentially malignant disorders. Early detection in these patients can lead to preventing lot of OPMDs transforming into oral SCC. Oral Pathology lab at our center will definitely help in fast tracking the diagnosis of such lesions which will have substantial preventive implications The laboratory is having facilities to deal with routine biopsy tissue, FNAC and cytology specimen for histopathological staining (H&E) and special staining.









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