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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
कॉल सेंटर:  011-26589142

In-Patient Services

The Unit of Anesthesiology, IRCH, AIIMS, operates one six-bedded Oncology Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for critically ill adult as well as pediatric cancer patients. Although the ICU is small in structure, it caters to the postoperative surgical oncology patients, the chemo-toxicities in medical oncology patients and deteriorating post-radiation patients. Besides the critical care in ICU, the team also provides advanced care to patients in high dependency units of medical oncology and radiation oncology wards. The wholesome experience provides an educational experience for the anesthesiologists interested in critical care in cancer patients. Equipment reflecting our commitment to the critical care includes echocardiography, video bronchoscopy, portable ultrasound and the like.

The Unit of Anesthesiology, IRCH, AIIMS, is committed to providing excellence in patient care for cancer pain patients in all age groups. The team members evolve invaluable insight and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer pain from a variety of perspectives. The team works in close association with intervention radiologists, psychiatrists, non-government organizations’ home care and hospice support for effective pain relief and timely palliation. Special focus is on interventional pain management as well as interventional palliation. The goal is to provide active and aggressive care without losing insight into the psycho-socio-spiritual aspects of the pain management and palliation.



Dr. Swatantra Misha

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Dr. Subin

Dr. Sunil Nanda

Dr. Anju

Dr. Bikas Sahu

Dr. Banashree Mandal

Dr. Thiruvenkatas

Dr. Robin Singh

Dr. Nirvik Pal

Dr. Balswaroop Sahu

Dr. Sasikant.

Dr. Madhur Mallik

Dr. Sarvesh Pal Singh

Dr Madhav Kakni

Dr  Bhuvna

Dr  Puja Singh

Dr  Vikas

And many more



Teaching Roster for the period January 2009 







Dr. Sunil

Dr. Usha Kiran


Protocol Presentation

Dr. Yashwant Kumar, Dr. Madhur



Exam for residents 2 pm – 5pm


Cardiac output – Principles, Techniques

Dr. Arindam

Dr. Chauhan


Case presentation (Ms)

Dr. Suruchi



The Cath Lab and the Anaesthetist

Dr. Sarvesh     

Dr. Neeti


Journal club

Dr. Subin



Renal function and Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Anju

Dr. Poonam


Case presentation (AS)

Dr. Banashree



Constructive pericarditis and cardiac Temponade

Dr. Nityanand 

Dr. Minati


Journal Club

Dr. Sarvesh




Significant Events


  • Anaesthesia for LVAD, RVAD & Transmyocardial Laser revascularization 1993.


  • Anaesthesia for Heart transplant in 1994.


  • DM Cardiac Anaesthesia started in 2002.


  • Anaesthesia for Robotic cardiac Surgery started in 2003.


  • Anaesthesia for Stem cell implantation in 2004.


  • IACTA conference: Nov. 1999.


Organized by Deptt. Of Cardiac Anaesth.

  • TEE workshop: July 2001.

Workshop on "Practical Implications of Haemodynamic Monitoring

Teaching Programmes for the period January 2009 is as

Annual Workshop on ECMO

Organized in YEAR 2012,2013,2014


MSc Perfusion course started

From 2005

Workshop on perioperative evaluation by TEE

Organized in Nov 9th & 10 th 2013



Workshop on "Practical Implications of Haemodynamic Monitoring

A workshop on, “practical implications of haemodynamic monitoring”, was organized by the Department of cardiac Anaesthesia, CN Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi, on 2nd September 2007 with



Prof. P. Venugopal

Patron in chief

Prof. Sampath Kumar




Prof. Usha Kiran Organizing Chairperson



Dr. Poonam Malhotra

Organizing Secretaries

Dr. Neeti Makhija



We received an overwhelming response it was attended by more than 200 delegates! The scientific programme included speakers from AIIMS and eminent cardiac an anesthesiologists and cardiologists of Delhi.


Teleconferencing was done Dr. Gerald Chua from National Hospital, Singapore.



We thank the delegates, the honorary chairpersons, speakers and the associated with the workshop for their participation and support. Hope to see everyone soon for the …….. next workshop/conference.



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