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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
कॉल सेंटर:  011-26589142


Prof. B.K. Anand (1917-2007)

 After completing his pioneering research in the USA on the role of Hypothalamus in the feeding behavior of rat in 1952, he came back to India to establish and lead the Department of Physiology from 1956 till 1974. He was awarded Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology in 1963 and Padma Shri in 1969 for his meritorious contributions.

Prof. Baldev Singh (1904-1998)

 He is often referred to as the ‘Grand-father Neuron’ by the scientific community. He joined as Emeritus Professor of Physiology in AIIMS. He was interested in research on lateral hypothalamus, highaltitude, yoga, sleep, consciousness and hyperpyrexia.Under his leadership, the department became an international center of neurophysiological research.

Professor  GS Chhina (1926–2011)

He joined department of Physiology at AIIMS and worked with Dr BK Anand and Dr Baldev Singh on food intake, reproduction and yoga. Even after retirement in 1986, he continued working as Emeritus Professor and contributed to the field of Physiology.

Surender  Kumar Manchanda (1931-1998)

He joined the Department of Physiology as a Demonstrator under Prof. B.K.Anand in 1957.He took over as the Head and Professor of Physiology 1974 and led the Department till November 1991. He made major scientific contributions in the field of Neurosciences and Reproduction.


Department of Physiology was established and developed by eminent neurophysiologist Prof. Bal Krishan Anand in 1956. The first batch of MBBS students were admitted in 1956. First MD students(1959) were Dr Pritam Kaur Gill and Dr Sushil Dua while first PhD student(1965) was Dr. R. Vijayan Pillai. During the golden period of department (1956-1975), department attracted many national and international researchers and students which included Dr SK Dua, Dr GS Chhina, Dr KN Sharma, Dr SK Manchanda, Dr T Desiraju, Dr Usha Nayar, Dr Utaka Oomura to name few. First scientific investigation in the world on yoga and meditation was started by Dr Anand and Dr Chhina in the department in 1961.

60 Years Contribution


Courses available

  • MBBS
  • MD
  • MSc
  • PhD
  • Nursing


Contribution of the department in the field of research


Field wise publications

Cardiovascular system










Medical education




Nervous system


Renal system


Respiratory system


Clinical Investigations and Interventions

Autonomic function Laboratory

Integral Health Clinic

Transcranial magnetic stimulation


Intra-operative Neuro-monitoring

Administrative  Positions

Dean: Dr BK Anand

CMET: Dr Usha Nayar, Dr KK Deepak

Sub Dean(Academic): Dr Usha Nayar, Dr BK Kapoor

Sub Dean(Examination): Dr KK Deepak, Dr AK Jaryal



International Contributions

The XXVI Congress of International Union of Physiological Sciences held in AIIMSin 1974.

First AOPS Congress was organized in 1990.

Second Interim Congress of World Sleep was organized in 2005.

Prof Usha Nayar helped establishing BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal in 1994.

Prof KK Deepak established joint Yoga Clinic and first Autonomic Function Lab at BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal in 1998.





National Workshop on

Assessment Methods for Learning Evaluation

In Basic Medical Sciences

Department of Physiology
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi

20th -22nd September, 2007


To disseminate methods of applying objective

tools in the process of teaching-learning assessment

in basic medical sciences


Learn making and validating different types of Short Answer

Questions, Multiple Choice Questions, Objectively Structured

Practical Examination Questions for assessment of learning

with formative and summative needs

 Target Participants

Teachers from medical colleges and institutions

Registration Fee

INR 1200/- payable only after selection


Last date of application

31 July 2007


List of Residents

Senior Resident


1.  Dr. Sanjay Kr. Patel


2. Dr.Shival Srivastav


3. Dr.Arani Das


4. Dr.Atanu Roy


5. Dr. Meena Mirdha


6. Dr.Chitturi Vinay


7. Dr.HanjabamBarunSharma


8. Dr. Bhawna Mattoo


9. Dr  Megha Bir


10. Dr  Jeevithapoorasamy


11. Dr. SarithaPanga





1.  Dr. Eva

2. .Dr. Vikas Kumar Tiwari

3. Dr.Shaon Ghosh Dastidar

4. Dr.Gagan Kumar Banodhe

5. Dr.Heena Parihar

5. Dr. Arvind N.

6. .Dr.NaazAfreen

7. Dr.Abhijith. K. Anil

8. Dr. Shankar K. Mishra

9 .Dr. Harshith. J

10. Dr.Subhashree

11.Dr. Koushik Roy



Applications are being invited for

Indo - US DBT funded ‘Hands On’ Clinics to Research Laboratory Workshop on Endometriosis 

Place:                                     Department of Physiology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences 

Time:                                      November 3 to 7 2009 

Eligibility criteria:                     Candidates should be young scientists/doctors/post-doctoral fellows with an interest to understand

                                              the pathophysiology of endometriosis 

Registration Fee:                      Rs. 3000 -/-

The Registration fee includes Workshop Manual, Lunch on all days, One Dinner  

Address your application to:

Professor J Sengupta

Head, Department of Physiology

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

New Delhi 110029

The format for the application is as given below:

Name:                                      :

Academic qualifications:            :         MD / PhD / DGO

University/Institution:                 :

Year Awarded:                          :

State your reason for participating in the Workshop:    :

Accommodation required:          :         Yes / No

Letter of Recommendation         :

from your Department/Institution:

Last date for receiving applications is September 15, 2009

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