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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
कॉल सेंटर:  011-26589142

Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar

   M.Sc. Bio-Technology

Scientist - I

Department of N.M.R.

Telephone:91-11-2659 3253,2654 6439

Fax: 91-11-2658 8641

Email: यह ईमेल पता spambots से संरक्षित किया जा रहा है. आप जावास्क्रिप्ट यह देखने के सक्षम होना चाहिए.

Area of Research: In-vitro NMR spectroscopy         

Sujeet Kumar Mewar

Sujeet Kumar Mewar,

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

Scientist - I

Department of N.M.R.

Telephone:91- 11 -2659 3253,2654 6439

Fax:91-11- 2658 8641


Email:, यह ईमेल पता spambots से संरक्षित किया जा रहा है. आप जावास्क्रिप्ट यह देखने के सक्षम होना चाहिए.

2002     : M.Sc. In Organic Chemistry from  Jiwaji University, Gwalior.M.P.

2002-2005: Research Fellows, Defence Research & Development Establishment (DRDO), Gwalior  2006         : Scientist- I , All India Institute of Medical Sciences,  New Delhi.


 Metabonomics  study of biological samples by the use of  NMR Spectroscopy. Biological samples involve tissues       

 Blood, Urine,  Biopsies samples, Cell and other possible samples. also Optimisation of various 1D and 2D NMR    Techniques for the observation of biochemical changes.

Collaborative research projects (On going)  

I am one of the Co Investigators in the study of ‘detection of metabolic signature of patients with celiac disease using in-vitro 1 magnetic resonance spectroscopy’.


1. The transport  of non-surfactant  based paclitaxel  loaded magnetic  nanoparticles  across  the blood brain barrier in a rat model Fahima Dilnawaz,  Abhalaxmi Singh, Sujeet Mewar, Uma Sharma, N.R.Jagannathan, Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo ,Biomaterials 33, issue 10, April 2012 : 2936-2951.

2. Composite Polymeric Magnetic for Co-Delivery of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Anticancer   Drugs and MRI  Imaging  for Cancer Therapy.  Abhalaxmi Singh, Fahima Dilnawaz, Sujeet Mewar, Uma Sharma, N. R. Jagannathan, and  Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,  March 3, 2011: 3:842–856.

3. Direct detection of alkylphosphonic acids in environmental matrices by proton  coupled phosphorus   NMR,  Mamta Sharma , A. K. Gupta, Sujeet Mewar, Anil Beldar, M. V. S. Suryanarayana,  S. K. Raza.  Magnetic Resonance in chemistry. 2009; VoL 47:478-487.


4. Magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats and the effects of intra-cisternal injection of  papavarine and nitroglycerine in the management of cerebral vasospasm,  Shashank R Ramdurg, Ashish Suri, Deepak Gupta, Sujeet Mewar, Uma Sharm,  N R Jaganathan, Bhavani S Sharma. Proceedings in Neurology India, Vol. 58, No. 3, May-June, 2010: 377-383

5. Do’s &  Don’ts for  Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Vol III . A.K. Jaiswal, T. Millo, S. K. Mewar, M.Sharma, D.V. Moon, M. Moharana.  Forensic  Med Toxicology  2008; 25: 14-19

6. Detection and Characterization of  Kerosene in Fire Debris by Thin Layer Chromatography A.K . Jaiswal ,T .Millo, G.K Gauru, R.C. Sharma, Lal, N., S. K,  Mewar,  N.G Giri, .Amity Journal of   Behavioural and Forensic Sciences 2008;4:79-83.


1. Stress induced alteration in immune function and metabolic profile of human immune cells its implication in susceptibility to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. Singh S, Mewar S, Sharma U, Jagannathan N. R.,Prasad H.K. Conference. 5th Congress of the Federation of Immunologycal Societies of Asia Oceania 2012,March 14-17,New Delhi

2. Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR)  in small  animal models of  heart  failure.  Verma H,  Gulati 

    G S,Kumaran SS, Jagannathan NR, Mewar S, Hote MP, Prabhakar P, seth S, Maulik S, Mohanty

    S, Ray  R, Jagia P, Sharma S, Bhargava B, Airan B. 7thABA & IBS -2011.New Delhi, January30-

    February 2,2011. 

3. Effect of mycophenolate mofetil on behavioral and neuroimaging outcomes in transient focalcerebral ischemia in rats. Chauhan A, Reeta KH, Gupta YK, Mewar SK, Sharma U, Jagannathan NR. European Neuropsychopharmacol 2010; 20 (Suppl 3): S246.

4. NMR study of nerve agent sarin binding to protein albumin. Mamta Sharma,Sujeet Mewar and M.V.S. Suryanarayana. Special Symposium on “Magnetic Resonance and Biomolecular Mimetics” and 15th NMRS Meeting, 02-05 Februrary 2009.Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderaba

5. Neuroprotective effect of mycophenolatemofetil  on transientfocal cerebral Ischemia in Rat.  Gupta YK. Chauhan A, Reeta KH, Jagannathan NR, Sharma U, Mewar SK.  World Stroke Conference, oct, 2010.  

6. The potential of  MRI and MRA in the evaluation of subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats and demonstration of cerebral vasospasm 17TH Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine(ISMRM) April  2009.  

7   Magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats and demonstration  of cerebral vasospasm. Shashank R Ramdurg, Ashish Suri, Deepak Gupta, Sujeet Mewar, Uma Sharma, N R Jaganathan, Bhavani S Sharma. Special Symposium on “Magnetic Resonance and Biomolecular Mimetics” and 15th NMRS Meeting, Feb 02-05, 2009. Indian Institute of  Chemical Technology, Hyderabad.


1. Attended  International workshop on International School on “Solid-State NMR” January 4-8, 2010. Organized by  National Facility for High- field NMR, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai.

2. Attended workshop on “Principles of  NMR ” December 3-7, 2007. Organized by National Facility for High-field NMR, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai.

3. Attended Nuclear Magnetic Resonance symposium 2008 on “Advanced MR Applications” Organized by  Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences Delhi,


(i)                Indian Biophysical Society ,     (ii)          NMR Society

S. Senthil Kumaran, PhD,

Assistant Professor, Department of NMR


E.K. Zavoisky award, International Society for  Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)

DRDO Technology Award – 2002

National Merit Scholar, 1980-1983


National Magnetic Resonance Society, India

Indian Physics Association

Indian Biophysical Society

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)


S. Senthil Kumaran, PhD,

Assistant Professor, Department of NMR

1.  Cortical activation during finger tapping in thyroid dysfunction: An fMRI study S. Khushu, S.S. Kumaran, T. Sekhri, R.P. Tripathi, P.C. Jain, and V. Jain. J. Biosciences, 31(5):543-550, 2006.

2.  Protocol Error Artifacts in MRI: Sources and Remedies Revisited, Prabhjot Kaur, S Senthil Kumaran, RP Tripathi, Subash Khushu, Sameer Kaushik, Radiography, 13 (4), 291-306, 2007. 

3.  Measurement of Brain Metabolites in Patients with type 2 Diabetes and Major Depression Using Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Ajilore O, Haroon E, Kumaran S, Darwin C, Binesh N, Mintz J, Miller J, Thomas M A and  Kumar A. Neuropsychopharmacology, 32:1224-31, 2007.

4.  Neurocognitive Mapping in PD and PSP for Sustained Phonation and Phoneme Tasks. Sachin S, Senthil Kumaran S, Singh S, Goyal V, Shukla G, Mahajan H, and Behari M. J Neurol Sci. 2008; 15 :51-6.

5.  Brain activation pattern in patients with achalasia cardia using functional magnetic resonance imaging, Senthil Kumaran S, Makharia GK andJagannathan NR. J. Gastro. Hepato. 22, A140, 2007.

6.  Prefrontal myo-inositol concentration and visuospatial functioning among diabetic depressed patients, Haroon E, Watari K, Thomas A, Ajilore O, Mintz J, Elderkin-Thompson V, Darwin C, Kumaran S, Kumar A., Psychiatry Res.,171:10-9, 2009.

7.  Functional mapping of language networks in the normal brain using a word-association task, Shantanu Ghosh, Amrita Basu, Senthil S Kumaran, Subash Khushu, Indian J Radiol Imaging 2010; 20, 181-186.

8.  Stem cells as regenerative therapy in Stroke, Bhasin A, Kumaran SS, Mohanty S, Bhatia R, Padma Srivasatava MV, Acta Neurologica Scandinavica

9.  Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Chronic Stroke, Ashu Bhasin, M.V. Padma Srivastava, S. Senthil Kumaran, Sujata Mohanty, Rohit Bhatia, Sushmita Bose, Shailesh Gaikwad, Ajay Garg, Balram Airan, Cerebrovasc Dis Extra 2011;1:93–104

Chapters in Books

1. Application of MR spectroscopy – 31P cardiac MRS, Recent Advances in MR Imaging and Spectroscopy, Ed. N.R. Jagannathan, JAYPEE publishers, 2005.

2. MR Imaging: Basic Concepts , Basic Physics and Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine, Ed. G.S. Pant, Himalaya    Publishing House, Mumbai, India, 2008, pp 400-418

3. Digital Filtering Techniques to Reduce Image Noise and Improve Dose Resolution in X-Ray CT Based Normoxic Gel Dosimetry, Modern Practices in Radiation Therapy, InTech, 2012.

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