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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
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The Year 1994-95



Deputy Director >R.S.Tyagi
> Systems Analyst >S. Kailash
> Application Programmers >S.N.Ragu Kumar



Computer programming covering both theory and practical were conducted for the postgraduate students of Bio-technology department; MHA students of the hospital were given basic computer training. Training for doctors, residents, nurses and other allied staff is given in short courses throughout the year. All faculty and residents of NS centre were given training on the use of the computers. Electronic Mail with access to Internet facilities is installed with over 120 users at present accessing the system.

Continuing Medical Education

The members of the department participated in and delivered 5 lectures in continuing medical education programmes, symposia and annual conferences during the year.


Collaborative Research Completed

A. National Neonatal Perinatal data-base programme

This package creates its own data-base for respective hospitals and stores information of Intramural deliveries. It stores all 250 information per case. This data-base is distributed throughout India and data collected and analysed at AIIMS.

B. Dental patients with malocclusion and their pre/inter/post treatment information (Dental Surgery).

This stores information of Malocclusion & therapy. All records are stored with pre/inter/post/rev treatment information. The report gives on-line information upto what stage a patient has reached in the treatment, any treatment missing and which to be followed next.

C. Software Package for main ICU(Anaesthesiology).

This is for AB-8 ICU with coad/poisoning & post-operative patients where critical & sensitive patients are admitted and their progress monitored. There are 400 parameters.This provides facility for entering discharge summary of patients and statistical information are generated.

Collaborative Research Continuing

A. Software package for evaluation, item analysis of the students marks in MBBS examination and question bank creation (physiology).

B. PCR/MTB virology analysis (Microbiology).

C. Data bank of factors for lower respiratory tract infection (Microbiology).


Publications in Journals

1. Pande I, Malaviya AN, Sekharan NG, Kailash S, Uppal SS, Kumar A . SLE in Indian Men : Analysis of the clinical and laboratory features with review of literature. Lupus, 1994, 3:181-86

2. Chaturvedi S, Kapil U, Bhanthi T, Ghanasekharan N, Pandey RM. Nutritional status of married adolescent girls in rural rajasthan. Applied Nutrit, 1994,19(1&2): 14-18.

3. Saxena A, Pandey M, Gnanasekharan N. Comparison of piroxicam and acetylsalicyclic acid for pain in head and neck cancer: a double-blind study. Pallative Med 1994, 8:223-229.

Patient Care

As a part of implementation of various modules in the hospital, the stores module has also been implemented. Computerised Billing module is being used by CTVS for their surgery billing.

Awards and Honours

The award of Associate Membership to Dr. R.S. Tyagi from International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy , a UNESCO & IAEA sponsored organisation , was extended for one more year.

Visiting Scientists

>A Russian delegation under the chairmanship of Mr. Igor S. Gorchohov.

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