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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
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The Year 1996-97


Deputy Director R.S. Tyagi
System Analyst S. Kailash
Application Programmers S.N. Ragu Kumar
  S. Prasad
S.K. Meher



Computer programming covering both theory and practical was conducted for the postgraduate students of Bio-technology department, MHA students of the hospital were given basic computer training. Short training courses for doctors, residents , nurses and other allied staff were organized throughout the year. Faculty, residents and nurses of CNC were trained on the use of computers.

E-mail for academic communication is being used by faculty, resident doctors and other staff of AIIMS, CN-centre and IRCH. The total number of e-mail users has risen to 450 in the institute. On-line internet shell account access using a leased line is provided from the computer facility. Around 100 faculty, residents and scientists(in batches of eight) were given training in electronic mail and its usage.

E-mail access through UTP based LAN is provided to various teaching departments of AIIMS.

Continuing Medical Education

The members of the departments participated in and delivered 2 lectures in continuing medical education prgrammes, Symposia and annual conferences during the year.

The members of the department also guided various software project works for the students of computer applications.They also organized two national training program on "Modern technologies for information handling". Delivered lectures in "WHO-SEARO workshop on General Principles of Health Professional Education" and "Learning Resource Materials".

Organized a training programme for Indian Dental Association, Ludhiana on "Computer in Dentistry".


Chapter in Books

1. Association of HLA antigens with Leprosy Ghei SK, Sengupta U, Agrewala JN, Kailash S, Gnanasekharan N, Sudhakar KS, Desikan KV, Shepard CC, Shinnick T.

Current Concepts in Human Genetics, Edited by Prof. Singh JR, Centre for Genetics Disorders, Amritsar : Guru
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