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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
कॉल सेंटर:  011-26589142


(Guidelines for Research) 

  1. The CIMR will ONLY support investigator initiated proposals.
  2. The CIMR shall support studies with a core research on Yoga or Ayurveda. The focus areas will be Cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, Pulmonary, Neurology and Rehabilitation including post Surgery and Cancer therapy.
  3. The CIMR is NOT a funding agency but only a facility to help carry out the research work. Funding responsibility is with the principle investigator of the study who may apply to various agencies. It is expected that for a trial to be conducted at the CIMR, funding may be sought after the CIMR research committee has accepted the project.
  4. The CIMR is a restricted area only for members of the CIMR committee, project investigators, research staff, yoga experts on the panel, other staff employed at CIMR and the subjects under study proposals. The facility is NOT meant for cultural or leisure activities.
  5. All proposals will need to be cleared by the institutional ethics committee AIIMS New Delhi.
  6. All proposals need to be submitted to the CIMR will be placed, after screening  by the Professor in Charge, CIMR, before the research committee for looking into its quality, methodology feasibility, safety and implication to health practice. The research committee members are Professor Randeep Guleria, Professor Nikhil Tandon, Professor Shiv Kumar Chaudhary, Professor Rohit Bhatia, Dr. Maneesh Singhal and Professor Gautam Sharma, who will coordinate the research activity. The research Committee may invite another specialist depending upon the study focus if so required.
  7. The CIMR committee reserves its decision on whether the proposal can be carried out in CIMR and the decision shall be final. The CIMR however does not stop the investigator to carry out his research work elsewhere as deemed feasible.
  8. The CIMR will not allow any research on sick patients, non ambulatory patients or patients who require close monitoring for any untoward side effects at the centre. All such studies should be carried out in place with appropriate facility in the Institute. The safety of the patients will be the responsibility of the principle investigator of the project.
  9. Any study which risks damage to the CIMR infrastructure or its equipment shall be strictly prohibited.
  10. The CIMR will look into the feasibility of the number of studies that can be carried out at one time at CIMR, depending upon important factors like the number of subjects, staff availability and duration of the study period for which the subjects need to be visiting CIMR etc. The committee will thus decide on the number of studies that can be practically carried out at one time at CIMR. The permission to start a study will thus be given accordingly.
  11. The trial manpower can also used for help in functioning of the CIMR as and when required.
  12. Authorship of publications will be mutually decided by the Principal Investigator and the Professor in charge CIMR before the commencement of the trial. All trials conducted in the CIMR will acknowledge CIMR in the publications. Research Nurses and Alternate Medicine Faculty will be considered for authorship depending on their role.
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