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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
कॉल सेंटर:  011-26589142




Professor, Neurosurgery

In Charge, Center for Excellence for Difficult to Treat Epilepsy (being commissioned as a National Facility) Dept of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, India


Additional Designation Held :

·Fellow, UCLA, Los Angeles

·Fellow Spine, Cleveland Clinic

·Faculty 1000, International League Against Epilepsy

·Alumini, San servolo summer school for epilepsy, Venice

·Penry fellow, Wakeforest University, North Carolina, USA

·Faculty, Subcommittee for consensus for pediatric epilepsy surgery, International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)

·Executive member, Neurological Society of India

·Executive member, Indian Epilepsy Society

·President Elect, Asian Epilepsy Sugery Society.



  1. Epilepsy surgery
  2. Craniovertebral junction and complex spine instrumentation.
  3. Minimally invasive spine surgery: endoscopic discectomy, percutaneous automated discectomy, percutaneous pedicle screw fixation.
  4. Neuroendoscopy
  5. Vascular surgery: Aneurysms and AVM’s, specialized in ‘keyhole’ aneurysm surgery
  6. Neuro-oncology; specialized in acoustic neurinomas
  7. Awake craniotomies and brain mapping
  8. Implantable devices: Vagal nerve stimulation, baclofen pump and artificial discs


Brief Summery:

Dr Chandra is currently holding the post of Professor of Neurosurgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He is the PI and team leader for the prestigious Center for excellence in epilepsy, which is funded by Dept of Biotechnology (Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt of India). He has done his post doc fellowship from the reputed University California, Los Angles(UCLA).He also underwent multiple short term trainings from WakeForest University (Penrymini fellow, epilepsy), Cleveland clinic (spine) and Greifswald university (neuro endoscopy). He has now an experience of over 18,000 cases and has chief interest in epilepsy surgery (over 1000 cases), complex spine andcranio vertebral junction anomalies (4000 cases), vascular especially minimally invasive key approach to aneurysms (400 cases). His additional qualifications include being part of world faculty 1000 in the International League against epilepsy (ILAE), being as EC member of Indian epilepsy society, EC member of Neurological Society of India (NSI), EC member of Asian Epilepsy Surgery Society (AESC) and as member of sub commission of pediatric epilepsy surgery in the ILAE and founding editor-in-chief of Indian Journal of Neurosurgery (IJNS). He has delivered over 100 lectures in various conferences and has over 127 publications and 10 research projects.He has published 2 books and has 3 patents (2 developed and 1 in process with Medtronic), and organized numerous National and International conferences. He is also a member of National program for epilepsy control being developed by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.


Educational Qualification :




Achievements during medical schooling:

  • Honours with distinction in Physiology, Surgery, Ophthalmology.
  • Gold medals in Physiology, Obstetrics &Gyaenacology, and Surgery.
  • Gold medallion for the Pfizer medical graduate award.
  • Best outgoing student of the batch

Specialist Qualification:


MCh [Magister Chirugiae]

(National Institute of Mental Health &Neurosciences{NIMHANS}, Bangalore, India, 1991-1996).

Training abroad:

  1. Post Doctoral Fellow: UCLA, Dept of Neurosurgery, Los Angeles, 2005-2006
  2. Trainee, Neuroendoscopy; University of Griefswald, Germany, Prof M Gaab, 2000
  3. Trainee, Advanced course in neuroendoscopy, UCLA, 2005
  4. Penry Mini Fellowship, Wake Forest University, USA, 2006.

Professional Experience As/Of :


Teaching : 15 years


Mch Final Examiner, AIIMS, NIZAMS, NIMHANS, and other colleges

DNB Examiner

In Charge of Center of Excellence for Difficult to treat Epilepsy.

  • Participating institutions being NBRC (National Brain Research Center) and AIIMS
  • National Facility to develop paradigms of epilepsy research and training in India
  • The center will consist of Magnetoencephalography (MEG) (first of its kind in India), advanced human electrophysiology, brain mapping techniques, cellular electrophysiology and molecular facility.

Organising Conferences.


· Organizing secretary of the Annual Microneurosurgery workshop 2008, 2009 and continuing.

· Organizing secretary of CTIE: Current trends in epilepsy 2006, AIIMS.

· Organizing secretary: ILAE & ASEPA workshop on epilepsy surgery, Nov 7-8th 2009

· Chairman, Scientific Committee, 1st Minimally Invasive Spine Workshop, AIIMS, July 2009.

· Chairman, SKELETAL: Advanced course for spinal trauma, AO spine, 21,22nd November, 2009, Gurgaon

· Executive member committee and National Faculty, AIIMS annual spine workshop, November, 2010

· Organizing secretary, Neurological society of India along with the 1st Indo-German neurosurgical friendship meeting, Annual congress (19th-22nd) 2012,

§ Largest congress of the south east Asia for neurosciences with over 1300 delegates attending this

§ Over 6 pre-conference workshops organized in areas of cadaveric endoscopic skull base, spine and ultrasound training for neurosurgeons

§ Public lecture arranged on the topic of “Epilepsy-Facts, myths and stigma”, over 1000 people attended this program

§ Faculty for Endoscopic skull base and endoscopic spine workshops

· Organizing Chairman, Workshop for pain and spasticity, AIIMS, March 2014

· Organzing Chairman, Asian Epilepsy Surgery Congress, 2015





Editors For Journals.

  1. Chief Editor, Neurosurgery scan, Publisher: WolterKluwers
  2. Founding Editor-in-Chief, Indian Journal of Neurosurgery (IJN), Publisher: WolterKluwers. ISSN-2277-954X
  3. Editorial board Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University (JKIMSU), ISSN-2331-4261

Reviewer for journals.


1. Child’s Nervous system-

2. Clinical AnatomyCopyright © 2005 Wiley-Liss, Inc., A Wiley Company.

3. EpilepsiaOfficial journal of the International league against epilepsy.

4. Neurology India [Official Journal of Neurological Society of India]

5. International Journal for Surgery.


Members of Societies and Association.


1. Executive member, Indian Epilepsy society

2. Executive Member Secretary General, Asian Epilepsy Surgery Society

3. Past Board of Director, International Brain mapping society,

4. Active Member: GEMIND: Guideline for epilepsy management, India

5. Professional Member and National Faculty, AO Spine

6. Core committee member, National Tuberculosis program

7. Associate Editor, Neurology India

8. Editor in Chief, Indian Journal of Neurosurgery (IJN)

9. Executive member and Life member, Neurological Society of India (NSI)

10. Executive member of Indian Epilepsy Society (IES)

11. Faculty 1000 of ILAE (International League Against Epilepsy)

12. Member IBRO [International Brain Research Organisation]

13. Member YNT [Young Neurosurgeons in Training]

14. Member of Penry epilepsy alumini (wake forest university, USA)

15. Member of Committee For Improvement of standards of research activities of medical education by Ministry of Health and Family welfare.

16. Member subcomission for pediatric epilepsy surgery, ILAE


Research Projects


Name of Project

Funding Agency, amount of funding

Year Of Completion




Medical Research Council, UK, Rs 5 lakhs


International (Co-PI)


Visuomotor control of eye movements



National (Co-PI)


ISS implantation for Vascular Dementia

BRAINSGATE, Israel, Rs 10 lakhs


International (PI)


Autonomic functions in patients undergoing surgery for intractable epilepsy”

Dept of Science and Technology, India, Rs 17 lakhs


National (Co-PI)


Differential expression of neurotransmitters from hippocampus during amygdalohippocampectomy for epilepsy surgery

Dept of Biotechnology,

ministry of Science and Technology, India (Rs 30 lakhs)


National (PI)


Evaluation of Autonomic function saccadic eye movement control and Fibrillin gene (Exon 24-28)

Dept of Biotechnology,

ministry of Science and Technology, India (Rs 17 lakhs)


National (PI)



Medical Research Council, UK, Rs 10 lakhs


International (PI)



Medical Research Council, UK, Rs 6 lakhs


International, Centre principal investigator (PI) and National coordinator


Assessment of mutations in GABRG2 gene from microelectrocorticographycally defined areas of hippocampus and amygdale in patients with MTLE with intractable epilepsy

Dept of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, India (39 lakhs)


National (PI)


Exon Defects in Osseous developmental CVJ anomalies

Dept of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, India (17 lakhs)


National (PI)


fMRI and simultaneous EEG for localizing the epileptogenic focus in patients with intractable epilepsy

Dept of Biotechnology, ministry of Science and Technology, India (17 lakhs)


National (Co-PI)


Centre of Excellence to be commissioned as a National facility for difficult to treat epilepsy

Dept of Biotechnology,

ministry of Science and Technology, India (40 crores). Collaborating centers AIIMS & NBRC


National Center of Excellence (PI and Team leader)





Research Staff working under Dr Chandra:

1. AvnishChauhan: PhD student, 2008 till date

2. Dr Nitika Dang: PhD student, 2011 till date

3. Aubzer Ansari: Senior Research fellow (non-medical), 2009 till date

4. Dr Amandeep Kumar: Senior Research Officer, 2011 till date

5. Dr Jyotirmoy Banerjee: Asst Prof for cell biology lab, COE, Center for epilepsy research


Work Experience:

6. Senior Resident (Post MCh), NIMHANS, Bangalore: 1996-1998

7. Asst Professor, AIIMS: 1998-2003

8. Associate Professor, AIIMS: 2003-2007

9. Additional Professor, AIIMS: 2007-2011

10. Professor, AIIMS: 2011-till date


Conferances and Guest Lectures:


Conference Title/Agenda




Complex Spine Trauma, JPNA Trauma Centre. Faculty, gave didactic lectures and demonstrated live surgeries


11th& 12th May 2014


AIIMS, New Delhi


NSI Conference Curriculum Course: Conducted this course with senior members of NSI at AIIMS and created an uniform guidelines for neurosurgical curriculum

15th March 2014

AIIMS, New Delhi


NSI Teaching Program

Feb, 2014



AIIMS Microneurosurgery Workshop

21st to 23rd Feb 2014

JPNA Trauma Centre, New Delhi.


Rammiah, Banglore: Faculty for cervical spine hands on cadaveric course at MSR advanced facility for cadaveric training

Feb 2014



-Invited faculty: Presented the following talk: “Epileptogenic networks and the Epilepsy Surgeon”

24-27th October

7th Asian Epilepsy Surgery Congress, Beijing



-Techniques of Epilepsy surgery- Invited lecture

-Chief faculty for 3D cadaveric workshop for epilepsy


Invited faculty for “1st National Functional congress and cadaveric workshop”

September, 2013

1st National Stereotactic and Functional cadaveric workshop, Surabaya, Indonesia


-“Distraction, compression extension and reduction” Deription of a new novel technique for reduction of BI and AAD

“Developing customized treatment paradigms for pharmacoresistant epilepsy in developing countries”


Presented the above papers as a invited faculty at WFNS, Seoul, Kore

September, 2013

WFNS, Seoul, Korea,


“Long term outcome in persons with drug refractory epilepsy after resection in unilateral mesial temporal sclerosis” Poster presented.

June 23-27th, 2013

Montreal International Epilepsy Congress, Canada


Presidential Symposium “Epilepsy Focus: Is It a Zone or a Network?

June 13-15th, 2013

Korean Epilespy Congress, Korea


Presented Paper “Distraction, compression, extension and reduction for basilar invagination and atlanto-axial dislocation- a new novel technique”

April 4-6th, 2013

Global Spine Congress, Hong Kong


Chairman of the operative workshop conducted at the Calicut govt college on cranio-vertebral junctions-“The juncture” delivered a lecture on newer techniques on management of craniovertebral junction anomalies.

Feb 28th, 2013

Calicut govt medical college


Recent advances in molecular mechanisms of neurological disorders, Faculty and invited speaker: “Epileptogenic networks and epileptogenic focus: Role of multimodal imaging”.

Feb 22nd, 2013

AIIMS, New Delhi


1st Indo-German meeting for NEUROBIONICS: Faculty, presented guest lecture on “Role of electrical stimulation for bladder and bowel disorders”. Moderated the session on “Role of VNS and other electrical stimulation modalities for epilepsy”

Feb 16th, 2013

JIPMER, Pondicherry


Joint Neurosurgical Convention, 6th International Mt Bandai symposium for Neurosciences, The 7th Pan Pacific Neurosurgery congress

Was an invited guest faculty and presented at the main penary session “Distraction, Compression, Extension and reduction of Basilar invagination and atlanto axial dislocation: Description of a new nove technique“.

Jan 29th-Feb 4th, 2013

Hawai, USA


Advanced workshop on epilepsy surgery

Faculty, gave a lecture on “Pediatric Temporal Epilepsy surgery” and participated as a faculty

5-6th, January, 2012

Kochi, Kerela


61st Annual National Congress of Neurological Society of India, Delhi NCR

v Organizing secretary

v Conducted the CV Junction symposium and gave a lecture on intra operative manupilations to reduce basilar invagination and AAD

v Gave a lecture on posterior circulation aneurysms

Moderated the “meet the expert” symposium and presented a case on “Status epilepticus in a neonate”

17th-22nd December, 2012

Delhi, NCR


6th Asian Epilepsy Surgery Congress, Busan Korea. Participated as a faculty, and Board member of AESC. Presented the paper “Pediatric epilepsy surgery from India- Investigations, Outcome and QOL”

8-10th, November, 2012

Busan, Korea


ISPN Annual congress: held at AIIMS; Vice Chairman for scientific committee; gave two lectures: 1) Role of spacers and jammers in CVJ anomalies 2)Hemispherotomy for epilepsy surgery

31-2nd Nov, 2012



First instructional course on CV Junctions anomalies: GB Pant Medical college, New Delhi, 12-13th, October, 2012. Participated as a faculty and spoke on “Spacer distraction and extension to reduce AAD and BI”

12-13th October, 2012

GB Pant Medical college, New Delhi


International Spine and Spinal injuries conferences (ISICON), 12-14THOctober, 2012. Participated as faculty; Panelist on workshops on “Metastatic spinal tumors” and “Cervical myelopathy”

12-14th October, 2012

Indian Spinal injuries center, New Delhi


Fundamentals of spine surgery: Hands on spine workshop on basics of spine surgery. Conducted this workshop and gave lectures on management of CVjunction, spondylolisthesis, and anterior cervical approach. Also provided hands on workshop training for spine instrumentation. Course conducted by Academia for spine education, Medtronic.

29-30th Sept, 2012

New Delhi, Hotel Claridges


ICVS: Annual congress of cerebraovascular society

Participated as faculty, Chaired and participated as a panelist in the CME on 21st and presented a paper on 23rd on “mini-orbito-fronatal craniotomy for anterior cirucaltion aneurysms”

September, 21-23rd, September, 2012



Spine 2012, Annual congress of Neurospinal surgeons society of India (NSSA)

Was faculty and National coordinator for this congress

Chaired and participated as a panelist on the session for bio-informatics for spine surgery, spoke on the following topics (1) Distractive compressive extensive reduction for basilar invagination and atlanto axial dislocation- a new novel technique (2) Cervical vertebral tumors

September, 13-15th, 2012



ICS-2012, Official congress of the ASSICON

Was National Faculty- presented 2 papers 1) Video on cervical spacer jamming 2) Panel discussion of a difficult case of cervical tumor

August 13-16th, 2012



Total cervical spine solution: Conducted this workshop on cervical spine with hands on models and gave 3 lecture: cervical arthroplasty, cervical trauma, cervical spine stabilization

July, 14-15th, 2012

New Delhi


Chief faculty, Video spine symposium, Ahmedabad orthopedic association, Ahemedabad

Delivered 2 video lectures: Cervical arthroplasty, and TLIF for lumbar spine fusion

July, 9th, 2012



Guest faculty: Cleveland Clinic Kokilaben Epilepsy symposium,

May 2012



Guest faculty: Presented a lecture on "Management of cervical spine tumors",

March 2012

ASSICON, New Delhi.


Guest faculty:, presented a lecture "Epilepsy surgery" in the Epilepsy surgery symposium

March 2012

NSSI conference, Pune.


Guest lecture: research paradigms for epilepsy surgery.

April; 2012

Bombay Neurological Association



Presented the following papers in the NSI annual congress held in Bangalore: (1) Key hole approach to aneurysms (2) Basilar top aneurysms: how I do it video session (3)Best paper for CeibaGiegi Epilepsy award paper

2011; December

NSI annual congress held in Bangalore


Pediatric epilepsy surgery with QOL: Experience with 130 cases;

2011; October



In hospital management of epilepsy: Lecture for nursing symposium

2011; October



Participated and presented cases as a faculty in the Epilepsy surgery symposium

2011; October



Challenges in pediatric epilepsy surgery




Faculty, Consensus for providing guidelines for pediatric epilepsy surgery


ILAE, Rome 2011


Challenges in pediatric epilepsy surgery, experience with 150 cases.


ILAE congress, Rome, 2012


Faculty and Secretary General, Asian Epilepsy Surgery Society.

2010 September

Annual International congress, Taipei


Guest faculty, King Fahad Hospital, Saudi Arabia; International Medical Symposium sponsored by the Ministry of Health and His Royal Highness King Mohammad Bin Saud: Gave 2 lectures: “Keyhole Cranio orbital approach to aneurysms” & “Surgery for Intractable Epilepsy”.


King Fahad Hospital, Saudi Arabia; International Medical Symposium


ISSICON; International Spine and Spine Injuries: Invited Faculty; delivered guest lecture; Management of Vertebral body haemangiomas.




Presented paper on “Intraoperative absolute alcohol embolization for vertebral body haemangiomas.

2009 September

WFNS, Boston


Faculty, National, AO Spine, AO Spine Principles Course.


New Delhi


Faculty and speaker at the San SevoloAlumini meeting (ILAE).


PECS, Budapest (ILAE world congress 2009)


Keynote speaker at the 3rd Asian Epilepsy Surgery Congress (AESC).


Osaka, Japan.


Attended and participated as a faculty and board of Director at the world congress of International brain mapping society.

November, 2008


“Trend of epilepsy surgery in India” Guest lecture presented at the World congress AESC, Beijing China,


World congress AESC, Beijing China.


“Epilepsy surgery in India” Guest lecture delivered at the Japanese Epilepsy society.


Tokyo, Japan.


Attending International faculty and presented paper: Epilepsy surgery for post infectious pathologies; experience from AIIMS.


Asiano-Oceanic congress, Xiamen, China, 2007


North America skull base meeting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA, attended the meeting.


Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Advanced Neuroendoscopy workshop at UCLA: under Prof Frazee.

Feb 2006.



“Role of MRI-SPECT coregistration and diffusion weighted images in localizing the epileptogienic tuber in tuberous sclerosis” Poster presented at the American Epilepsy association (AES).

December 2005.

Washington DC


2004; “Cognitive outcome comparison between right and left temporal surgeries for intractable epilepsy” Poster presented at “15th Cleveland-Bethel advanced symposium on epilepsy management with workshop in techniques in epilepsy surgery”.

July 15-18th, 2004

Cleveland Clinic, US.


2003; “Neuropsychological assessment of patients undergoing epilepsy surgery using a customised Hindi battery” Poster presented at International epilepsy congress held at Lisbon in October 2003 Chandra PS, Sanyal S, Gupta S, Singh VP, Bhatia M, Gaikwad S, Tripathi M, Mehta VS. Neuropsychological assessment and outcome following surgery for intractable epilepsy using specially developed battery for Indian patients. Epilepsia, 25 th IEC proceedings. Epilepsia, vol 44, supp 8, 103, 2003.




2002; Attended the Annual STICH investigators meeting as one of the STICH investigators.

June 29th, 2002

Newcastleupontyne, U.K.


“Traumatic CV junction anomalies: Experience of 125 cases over 10 years”.

26th to 29th, June, 2002.

EMN congress held at Newcastle.


“Management of CV junction anomalies with special reference to posterior circulation strokes: Experience of 456 cases over 10 years”: CME guest lecture given.

14th Feb, 2002.

National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore.


2002; “Management of bony CV junction anomalies: Experience of 456 cases over 10 years” Paper presented.

16th-19th Feb, 2002

13th Annual Meeting of North American Skull Base Society


“Management of bony CV junction anomalies: Experience of 456 cases over 10 years from a tertiary centre in a developing country”: Guest lecture delivered.

7th March, 2002.

Neurosurgical grand rounds at UCSF, San Francisco.


"Endoscopic management of colloid cyst of third ventricle- series of 23 cases" paper presented.

November, 2002.

Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Hong Kong,


“Role of mild hypothermia in aneurysmal surgery” Paper presented. at the International update of Clinical Neuropharmacology.




“Craniovertebral Junction Anomalies with posterior circulation territory infarcts:A short series” :RamDas GV, Chandra PS, Kale SS- Paper presented.


12th World Congress of Neurosurgery, Sydney.


“A decade of Trans-oral surgery- Analysis of 385 patients of CV Junction anomalies: Kale SS, Chhabra RS, Chandra PS, Patir R. Paper read at


12th World Congress of Neurosurgery, Sydney.


“Cerebral meningiomatosis presenting with intractable seizures” Poster presented.

November 11-13th, 2000.

3rd Congress of Asian Epilepsy Organisation (AOEO), New Delhi,


“Foramen magnum tumours: AIIMS experience”- Paper presented at the 5th Asian-oceanian International congress on skull base surgery.

Nov 12-15th 1999



Faculty and guest lecture: Symposium on Paediatric epilepsy surgery organized in Hyderabad by the local epilepsy society. Gave talks on [1] Invasive monitoring for epilepsy [2] Hypothalamic hamartoma

2011; November 5-6th



NEUROVASCON, 2011: [1] Key hole approach to aeurysems [2] Basilar top aneurysm

2011; October.


Faculty and Guest lecture: Circumferential fusion for dorsal instability

2011; September.

Neurospinal Surgeons association annual congress, Bangalore


Guest Invited lecture: Keyhole approach to aneurysms: presented.

2010; September

NEUROVASCON 2010, Bhubneswar


Guest lecture at the Indian Institute of Science: Developing lab models to create better surgical paradigms for epilepsy surgery

2010; July.



Symposium on Epilepsy; Patna. Organized by Bihar Chapter of Indian Epilepsy Society; Guest faculty, gave lecture on “ Surgery for Intractable Epilepsy”.


Bihar, India


Faculty UPNEUROCON; lecture on “Hemispherotomy for intractable epilepsy”

2010; April

Fortis Noida.


Attended as an expert in the committee to develop “Guidelines to develop Epilepsy Education In India”; by the Indian Epilepsy Association”

2010; April



Attended as an expert in the committee to develop MEG in India.

2010; March

Atomic Research Commission, Kalpakam, Tamil Nadu


Faculty; Neurotropicon; JIPMER, Pondicherry; Gave a lecture: “Craniovertebral junction anomalies in India”

2010; March



Faculty and Co Chairman for Symposium on Minimally invasive spine surgery and total disc replacement.

2010; January 18th

New Delhi


Chairman of the course, SKELETAL, AO spine, on advanced managed for spinal trauma with hands of workshop.

21-22nd November, 2009

Gurgaon, New Delhi


Guest lecture, Trauma 2009: 360 degrees fusion for dorsal column instability.

12-15th November, 2009

JPN Apex trauma center, AIIMS.


Guest lecture as faculty: ILAE/ASEPA International workshop on Epilepsy surgery, Hemispherotomy for epilepsy surgery.

7-8th November, 2009:



Guest lecture as faculty: ILAE/ASEPA International workshop on Epilepsy surgery, AIIMS: Future directions for epilepsy surgery in India.

7-8th November, 2009



Guest lecture as faculty: ILAE/ASEPA International workshop on Epilepsy surgery,: Conducted the round table discussion with IES on development of guidelines for epilepsy surgery in India.

7-8th November, 2009



2009; Guest lecturer; AO Spine Principles Course, New Delhi, [1] Approach to Anterior cervical Spine [2] Outcome of Surgery for degenerative lumbar spine disease [3] Spinal Implant complications [4] Intraspinal tumors


New Delhi.


“Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery”. CME guest lecture given on the occasion of “Pediatric neurosurgery CME”.

30thMay, 2009.

CMC Ludhiana.


2009; “Epilepsy Surgery”. CME guest lecture given on the “Epilepsy Update”.

10th May 2009.

IES, Patna.


“Role of Electrocorticography in epilepsy surgery” CME guest lecture given.


Annual conference of Neurological society of India, Pune.


Facutly, Instructional Course in Spine, August 7, Shila, delivered 4 lectures on CV junction, circumferential fusion.

2008, August 7



Faculty and speaker and panel participant; Indo-US, DBT-NIH workshop.


Dept of Biotechnology; Ministry of Science and Technology, India, Hyderabad.


Faculty and panel discussant, Trauma 2008; International Conference cum Live Workshop, Indian Society of Trauma.

November 2008.

JPN Apex Trauma Center, AIIMS, New Delhi.


GEMIND: Guidelines for epilepsy management laid down by Indian Epilepsy Society; Committee meetings; attended as expert core committed for laying down National guidelines,




Chairman, Workshop on Minimally invasive Spine Surgery.

March 2008.

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.


“Neurosurgical perspectives of traumatic brain injury” Guest lecture given at the annual Indraprasthaphysiotherapatist’s conference.


Indraprasthaphysiotherapatist’s conference


“Role of neurosurgeon in ICU infection” guest lecture given at the 2007 annual armed forces [R & R hospital] neurosciences update.


R&R hospital


2006; Post operative ICU infections: Invited Talk given in May 2006 at the R&R hospital annual conference


R&R hospital


2006; Invited guest lecture: “Epilepsy surgery in adults” at Current Trends in Epilepsy: an international symposium.

Nov 3-5th, 2006.



“Endoscopic excision of colloid cysts” guest lecture given at Brain and spine endoscopic workshop held at Jaipur on 21-22nd February, 2004 and participated as a National faculty [workshop conducted by Prof M Gaab, Neurosurgery clinic, Hanover, Germany]




“CV junction anomalies: lessons learnt from 632 cases: guest lecture given at the National skull base conference.

December 2004.



Attended and participated in the live AO SPINE SYMPOSIUM.

4-6TH July, 2003.



“Surgery for pediatric intractable epilepsy” Invited guest lecture given at PEDINEUROCON 2003 [National convention on Pediatric Neurology: Indian academy of Pediatrics]

November 22nd, 2003



“Neuroendoscopy” Invited guest lecture given at the CME section of the Neurological Society of India, PGI Chandigarh in “How I do it?”

12thDecemebr, 2003.

Neurological Society of India, PGI Chandigarh.


“Neuroendoscopy” guest lecture given on the CME: How I do It? Of the Neurological Society of India annual conference held in PGI, Chadigarh,

Decemebr 2003.

PGI, Chadigarh.


“Epilepsy surgery for pediatric patients: AIIMS experience” guest lecture given at Pedineurocon 2203.

22ndNovemeber 2003.



“Trans oral surgery for CV junction anomalies & Odontoid screw fixation for type II dens fracture: How I do it?” Video sessions of personally operated cases shown as an invited guest speaker at SPINE 2002.

18th-21st July, 2002.



“CV junction anomalies: Experience of single stage surgery from 516 cases”. Talk given as an invited guest speaker at SPINE 2002.

18th-21st July 2002.



2002; "Management of head injuries" Invited lecture given for CME on 'Management of a trauma patient'.

December 22, 2002.

Association of surgeons of India- ASICON CME education foundation, New Delhi.


“Head injuries- Recent trends in Management”- Talk given on the inaugural function of the 2nd Nursing update held in the Nursing College All India Institute of Medical sciences.




2001; Participitated as a panellist on one-day symposium on “Modern day concepts in disinfection &sterilisation practices”.

17th February 2001.



2001; Gave a talk on “Aseptic practices in clinical practice” as an invited speaker on the occasion of National conference on infection control in India hospitals, was the chairperson of one of the groups in the workshop for setting the “National policy for guidelines on aseptic practices, disinfection and sterilization procedures”.

OCT 17-19, 2001.



Endoscopic management of colloid cysts: Series of 18 cases:Ramdas GV, Suri A, Chandra PS; Paper read at NEUROCON 2001.


Neurological Society of India, Mumbai.


; “Posterior circulation strokes associated with cranio-vertebral junction anomalies: Series of 9 cases”: Paper presented at NEUROCON 2001.


Neurological Society of India, Mumbai.


; “Endoscopic management of the cystic lesions of brain” Talk given as one of the guest speakers at the Minimal access neurological surgery workshop,chaired by Prof Pernezky 2001.

Feb 23-24th, 2001.

Sir Ganga Ram hospital.


“Endoscopic evacuation of spontaneous intracerebral hematomas”: Guest lecture presented on the occasion of 3rd Annual meeting of Delhi Neurological Association, 2001.


Annual meeting of Delhi Neurological Association, 2001.


2001; “Craniovertebral junction anomalies: A retrospective study of 385 cases- lessons learnt”- Paper presented at the National conference of Spine.

July 2001.



“Craniovertebral junction anomalies : Lessons learnt in 10 years”: Paper read at 3rd National skull base conference, Madras, 2001.


National skull base conference, Madras.


“Trigeminal neurinomas: A series of 25 cases” paper presented at SGPGI, skull base conference.


Post graduate Institute, Lucknow.


“Trigeminal neurinomas: A series of 25 cases” paper presented at SGPGI, skull base conference.


Post graduate Institute, Lucknow.


Attended and actively participated the Midas Rex hands on workshop.




“Post traumatic epilepsy” Talk given on the occasion of the inaugural function of Delhi Neurological Association held at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in April’ 99 and participated as one of the members in the panel discussion.


Sir Ganga Ram Hospital


1999; “Hands on workshop on Neuroendoscopy” Participated this workshop.(conducted by A Pernezky, T Kanno, Y,. Kato, AK Banerjii).

Nov 10-12th, 1999.



1999; “Hands on workshop on neuroendoscopy and Neuronavigation” Participated this workshop (conducted by M. Gaab, A Grotenhuis, Hechl P)

Sept 9th, 1999.

CMC Vellore


“Paediatric nosocomial infections in neurosurgery” Paper presented at the International Paediatric CME held at Calcutta,

Dec 1998.

International Paediatric CME held at Calcutta,


“Cavernous sinus neurofibromas arising from ocular cranial nerves” Paper presented at the First National skull base conference.

Nov, 1998.

New Delhi.


“Hands on workshop on spinal surgery” Participated this workshop.

June 21-22nd, 1997.

MS Ramaiah Medical college.


“Neuroendoscopic management of unilateral hydrocephalus” Poster presented at NSI Calcutta-96.


NSI Calcutta-96.


1994;“CME on Pediatric Neurosurgery” attended this CME held at Mumbai (conducted by Marion L Walker and SN Bhagawati).

March 12-16th, 1994.



“Morbidity and Mortality in surgery for pituitary adenomas” Paper presented at Neurological society of India, Madras 1993.





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Textbooks authored:

1. Brain haemorrhage: Chandra PS, Mahapatra AK. Jaypee publication

2. AIIMS operative atlas of operative neurosurgery: publication house: Wolters Kluwer



Patent and Instrument Designing.


· Designed a “disposable endoscopic carpal tunnel release set”.

- We have already used it successfully in 200 patients [patent filed]. Patent application no. 306/Del/2009 dt. 17.02.2009

- In commercial production

- Paper accepted for publication in world neurosurgery

· Designed a “special monopolar cautery”

- for use in trans oral surgery for CV Junction anomalies. Used it successfully in more than 100 cases. [patent accepted and filed].

- Published in Indian Journal of Neurosurgery

· Complex spinal instrumentation set with Medtronic for use in cranio-vertebral junction anomalies

- NDA form signed with Medtronic after taking due permission from research section



Other publications:

1. “Taking Care Of Your Back: The ‘HEAL’ program” Patient information handbook published in collaboration with CMET AIIMS

2. “Guidelines for patients with neck pain: The ‘HEAL’ program”: Patient information handbook published in collaboration with CMET AIIMS

3. “Patient/Caregiver Information Booklet” Patient information handbook of epilepsy



Media publications:

1. Surgery can heal epilepsy: article in Times of India, 2008

2. Epilepsy: Treatment with surgery: India Express Health care 2008

3. Treating Epilepsy with surgery: DainikJagaran, Newspaper 2008

4. Wide awake on operation table; Article on awake craniotomy in Hindustan Times,

5. Sleepless and accident prone: Article on the value of sleep for preventing head injuries In Times of India, 2009,

6. Man gets relief from constipation with neurostimulator implant: Article in Times of India on a unique treatment surgical modality performed by Dr Chandra, 2009,

7. Multiple educational lectures on epilepsy, head injuries and spinal problems on All India Radio and Television,

8. Wooden Stick removed from the brain of the boy 2 years after the injury. An unusual story which appeared in Times of India and Ripley's Believe it or not where the surgery was performed by Dr Chandra.,,,,

9. Alcohol to treat spinal tumors: published in various National media channels:,,,,

10. “AIIMS doctors cure a seven year old girl’s rare laughing epileptic disorder” Article published in Hindustan times in June, 2012.

11. “Alcohol se tumortheekhuaaur napkin se jakmbhargaya” article in Hindustan times, Hindi edition, in June, 2012.

12. “15 minute surgery for carpal tunnel using endoscopy” article in Hindustan times, 3rd Sept, 2012

13. Docs from AIIMS use new method to study epilepsy at a cellular level

14. “Neurological disorders: a hidden epidemic”- a feature in CNN-IBN-

15. AIIMS prof describes a new technique in spine surgery






Award and Achievments:

· Awarded DST fellowship at UCLA for 1 year, 2005-2006

· Awarded and attended the Penry Fellow 2006 (WakeForest University, Winston Salem, NC).

· Awarded the National Epifellowat the American epilepsy society 2005.

· Awarded and alumni San Servlo school of Epilepsy by EUROPA -2003.

· CeibaGiegi award for best epilepsy paper, NSI 2011. “Multi modal imaging for Epilepsy surgery”

· Tadokoro award from the commission of Asian and Oceanian affairs of the International League against epilepsy, 2006.

· Faculty 1000 of ILAE (International League against epilepsy)

· Secretary General of Asian Epilepsy Surgery Society

· EC, Neurological Society of India (NSI)

· EC, Indian Epilepsy Society (IES)







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