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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
कॉल सेंटर:  011-26589142



The department is a training center for pediatric surgery towards the degree of M.Ch.(Pediatric Surgery) which is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Surgical training is conducted in the fields of pediatric gastro-intestinal surgery, urology, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, endocrine surgery, neonatal surgery, neurosurgery, minimal access surgery, oncology, therapeutic and diagnostic endoscopic procedures of the oesophagus, tracheo-bronchial tree and genito-urinary tract. 

There are two kinds of training programmes being conducted in the department. A 3-year course and a 6-year course. During both these courses the candidate has to work on and submit two dissertations (one clinical and one experimental) towards partial fulfillment for the degree of M.Ch.

For the 3-year course a candidate has to have a MS in General Surgery (MCI recognized) and the enrollment is vacancy based through a competitive examination conducted by AIIMS for DM/MCh courses. Selected candidates for the 3-year course are treated as academic senior residents during their tenure and they are eligible to take the M.Ch. examination at the end of three years.

For the 6-year comprehensive course the candidate has to have an M.B.B.S degree (MCI recognized) and two candidates are enrolled every year in January and July through the AIIMS PG entrance examination. In the 6-year course, for the first three years the candidate is a junior resident while in the remaining 3 years he/she is an academic senior resident. In this course the candidate is eligible to take the M.Ch. examination at the end of five years but the sixth year is compulsory and is treated as senior residency. During the three years of junior residency of the 6-year course the candidate has to successfully complete 6 months in pediatric surgery and 1-year rotation in allied specialties (9 months general surgery, 2 months orthopedic surgery and 1 month neurosurgery) before he/she is allowed to continue with the course. In addition in both the courses the candidates have to successfully complete 2 months of rotation posting in pediatrics. 

In addition to the above seats, the department has provision to admit three sponsored candidates - those sponsored by state health services, armed forces etc. At any given time the department has a maximum strength of 9 senior residents and three junior residents. Further, the department also trains junior residents on rotation from M.S. general surgery and M.Ch. neurosurgery courses and senior residents from the D.M. neonatology course. Observers and trainees from other pediatric surgical departments from India and abroad also visit the department for varying periods after obtaining the due permission from the academic section, AIIMS.

The faculty of the department takes regular instructional lectures for M.B.B.S. and B.Sc. (Nursing) students and participates in guest lectures, CME’s and symposia conducted by other scientific organizations and institutions in India and abroad. From time to time the department organizes guest lectures, symposia, seminars and live operative workshops, as a part of ongoing CME programmes.

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