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Since its inception in 2005, The Cytometry Society-India (TCS) has been actively involved in dissemination of knowledge and updation of state-of-the-art flow cytometry technology by interactive sessions with international and national experts and organized hands-on-training. Laboratory Oncology Unit, Dr BRA IRCH, AIIMS, New Delhi takes pride for hosting the 11th TCS annual conference and workshop, 2018. In this upcoming 4 days multidimensional and multifaceted flow cytometry conference, both the basic and clinical faculty will share valuable insights from application-oriented translational and applied research as well as the use of this technology at diagnostic front. The flow cytometry workshop will include hands-on-training in MRD analysis, transplant Immunology, multi-parametric flow cytometry and cell sorting for young researchers and faculty. 

Past events

  • CME series on Hemato-Oncopathology , July 23-24, 2016

The Laboratory Oncology Unit organized the CME on recent advances in Hemato-Oncopathology. This program provided a unique platform for medical practitioners to meet and exchange ideas and information on the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns with the experienced faculty of internationally recognized authorities in the fields of hematology and oncopathology. This meeting provided an opportunity for better understanding and management of leukemia, lymphoma, and plasma cell myeloma. The guidelines, recommendations, and expert opinions presented here were an amalgamation of the current information with the pre-existing knowledge.

  • 7th Annual TCS meeting and 15th Indo-US Clincal Cytometry Workshop, 2014

The focus of this workshop was to update the participants on their knowledge in flowcytometry. The topics varied from basic sciences and multi-color clinical flow cytometry with emphasis on detection of minimal residual disease in acute leukemia.

  • 2nd National CME cum Workshop in Hemato-oncopathology 2002

The Laboratory Oncology Unit organized the second CME cum Workshop in Hemato-oncopathology from October 3-5, 2002 with an aim to improve the diagnostic skill and awareness of pathologists and hematologists in the field of hematological malignancies. One hundred and forty delegates from almost every state of the country registered for the program. On the first two days the emphasis was on practical approach to diagnosis of leukemias and lymphomas. Gray areas in hemato-oncopathology were illustrated with suitable case studies. On the third day basic principles of flow cytometry were discussed in detail and case studies incorporating morphology, cytochemistry and flow cytometry were discussed with all participants.

  • 1st National CME cum Workshop in Hemato-oncopathology 1998

The workshop was aimed at hematopathologists working in peripheral medical colleges, the objective being to introduce them to the setting up of a myeloma laboratory and also to discuss a few common hematological conditions that are commonly misdiagnosed. For the former, some 60 electrophoresis and immunofixation plates (each with 8 serum/urine samples) were shown and individually discussed with all the participants. For the latter several peripheral blood or bone marrow slides exemplifying each of the three conditions were first seen by all participants. They were then discussed threadbare with all participants by means of projection slides.



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