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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi






The Forensic Histopathology Laboratory primarily deal in processing the samples of medico legal cases which comes under the jurisdiction of AIIMS i.e. south and southeast district of Delhi. Besides these, Academic samples of thesis of M.D. Doctors and Ph D students are also processed in the laboratory.




  1. The Medicolegal samples of the Jurisdictional area of AIIMS will be accepted in cases of postmortem conducted outside AIIMS hospital.
  2. The application duly forwarded by the Station House Officer (SHO) has to be submitted by the IO in HOD, forensic Medicine office for approval.
  3. After Approval, the IO will be contacted by the Technical Officer of Histopathology Lab for depositing of the samples.
  4. The samples will be deposited in the Laboratory after inspection of the sealed parcels and the sample seal.
  5. The samples will be processed and after finalization of the report the IO will be informed of the same.
  6. The Original report along with remaining samples, if any, will be handed over to IO in a sealed condition with sample Seal of the Department.
  7. The slides and blocks will be retained in Department record.   




  1. The residents after preserving the tissues/organ during postmortem will duly label the jars.
  2. The Medicolegal samples will be accepted by Lab Technician after proper forwarding either by Faculty Incharge/HOD.
  3. A register will be maintained in lab where the residents can enter their samples that need to be processed. The Lab Technician will prepare a monthly report of pending samples in the laboratory, if any and submit to the Faculty Incharge.
  4. While submitting a sample it should be clearly written on the form that whether sample is for Medicolegal use/ Thesis/ Academic purpose/ Research Project.
  5. Medicolegal specimens will be processed on priority basis followed by Thesis samples.
  6. In Medicolegal samples, after the slides are made, they will be handed over to concerned residents only when the Faculty on Duty has written a letter for report formation in consultation with the pathology.
  7. Thesis slides/Blocks can be collected by the concerned resident after proper receiving.
  8. Project slides/Blocks will be handed over to Chief/co investigator after proper receiving.
  9. Academic slides with block will be handed over to the Faculty on duty of the case after proper receiving.





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