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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi







AIIMS caters to the jurisdiction of all police stations under south and south-east districts of Delhi which include magistrate inquest cases, board cases and exhumation cases. There are two mortuaries – one at main hospital and other at Trauma centre.


The Department provides medico-legal postmortem services on all days of the week during normal working hours i.e. Monday to Friday: 9AM to 5PM and on Saturdays: 9AM to 1PM. The services are also provided on Sunday from 9AM to 1PM.




  1. Post-mortem inquest papers will be received from 9 to 3:30 pm on normal working days and 9 to 12: 00 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
  2. The mortuary closes at 5:30 pm on normal working days and at 1 pm on Saturday, Sundays and holidays.
  3. Postmortem after normal duty hours will be conducted only after the information to and the approval of HOD.
  4. The presence of Investigating officer (IO) of the case or the who is filling the PM request form (Not Below the rank of ASI) is compulsory, as the PM Examination involves many procedure like identification of the body before PM by the IO, giving detailed history to the autopsy surgeon, receiving of important samples etc.
  5. In cases where inquest is done by the Judicial or Executive Magistrates, it is advisable to be present and have an interaction with the autopsy surgeon regarding the case. If they are unable to do so because of work exigency, the police officer (Not Below the rank of ASI) concerned with the case may be authorized in writing to conduct the PM proceedings.
  6. The IO will report to the doctor on duty with the complete inquest papers.
  7. The doctor on duty will go through the papers for any discrepancy and will then receive the case.
  8. The IO will then have to go to Central Admission Registry near police post AIIMS for getting the case registered in the central database.
  9. The IO will then submit the inquest papers in the mortuary office after which the Postmortem is started. 
  10. If the IO needs to constitute a Medical board for the Postmortem examination, he has to proceed according to the procedure and guidelines detailed by Delhi Government.
  11. If the Videography/Still Photography of the case is needed the IO has to take due permission from the HOD/ Mortuary Incharge. The procedure and the guidelines regarding the Videography and photography should be conducted as per NHRC guidelines.
  12. The identity of the dead body must be confirmed by the relatives and the police before the start of the PM.
  13. There should be signature of at least two relatives and police regarding identification of the body.
  14. In case of Unknown bodies, responsibility of the identification of the correct body lies with the IO.




  1. The police officer who has given request for the postmortem will receive the report from the Mortuary Technician in Mortuary office.
  2. The reports can be received on normal working days in general duty hours i.e. Mon to Fri: 9 to 5 pm and Saturday: 9 to 1 pm.
  3. Due to the confidentiality of PM reports, if the I.O. is not available then the police person coming for report collection should bring an authority letter duly forwarded by the concerned S.H.O.
  4. The copy of the reports will not be given to any other person. If the relatives want the copy of PM report they should obtain the same from IO or contact the office of HOD.

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