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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi


“ Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life”


Transfusion medicine (or transfusiology) is the branch of medicine that is concerned with transfusion of blood and its components. Ever since the discovery of blood types early in the last century, the branch has evolved at a breakneck pace. Simple blood transfusion is a medical therapy which can be life saving hence this branch is a vital part of the health care system. Transfusion is more than a single discrete event- it is a process. The transfusion chain begins with donor considerations (whether the donation is safe for the donor to make and safe for the recipient to receive). Once blood is collected, the safety of the blood product is a focus of activity (infectious disease testing, compatibility testing, necessary modifications such as irradiation or leucocyte reduction). The end point of transfusion process involves recipient considerations (proper identification of the unit and the patient, appropriateness of blood as the best treatment modality, administration of the unit and post transfusion evaluation of the patient).


Donor recruitment




Blood collection and processing


Testing (blood group and infectious disease markers)


Blood component storage


Compatibility testing on demand


Blood administration 


Monitor and follow up of recipient


Transfusion follow up and outcome


The department of Transfusion Medicine (Blood bank), AIIMS, was established in the year 1996 under the able guidance of Dr Ambika Nanu, Dr. Usha Gupta, Dr Kabita Chatterjee. Dr Poonam Coshic is the CMO In Charge currently.


There are 3 blood banks operational in AIIMS, New Delhi


Main blood bank


All the patients other than that in cardio, neuro science centre and trauma centre.

2147 beds


Cardio and neuroscience centre blood bank


Cardio and neuro science centre.  CLICK HERE


222 beds


Trauma centre blood bank

Trauma centre. CLICK HERE


215 beds


Our motto is to provide adequate and timely supply of safe and quality blood and blood components, duly tested and free from transfusion-transmitted infections, in a timely manner to the right patient (RIGHT BLOOD, RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PATIENT).

We are gradually phasing out replacement donors and moving towards voluntary non-remunerated blood donation. We have striven hard to bring world class technologies to our institute for the operation of our blood transfusion services and ensured its functioning in an updated manner. Universal precautions are strictly adhered to, and the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices are followed in all the sections of blood banking

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