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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Dr D.N. Rao

Dr. D.N. Rao
Professor & Head, Department of Biochemistry

AIIMS, New Delhi-110029

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Tel: 91-11-26593545(O), 91-11-26588060 (R) 91-9868592706 (M)

Dr. D.N. Rao, born in the year 1951. Obtained his M.Sc. (1972) and Ph.D (1978) degrees.  After his doctoral degree, he joined as a Research Officer at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and subsequently became a lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry AIIMS,.  Presently, he is a Professor & Head in the Department of Biochemistry, AIIMS.  He was the elected General Secretary of Indian Immunology Society and Vice President of FIMSA during the year 2010-14.  Currently, he is the elected president of Indian Immunology Society. He is recipient of AIIMS Excellence award Ist Prize 2012 awarded by Dr. Robert Huber (Noble Laureat). He is Chairman of the Intramural Research project of AIIMS. He is the reviewer for many National and International journals.  He is recipent of Dr. Pran Nath Chhuttani Oration award 2013 by National Academy of Medical Sciences. He is the recipient of Dr. Sohail Ahmed Oration Award by National Academy of Biomedical Sciences 2014

He is an Editor in Chief of “Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry” (IJCB) for about five years. He has received a large number of Awards/oration for his contribution in Biochemistry and Immunology. He is recipient of Prof. B.K. Aikat Oration Award of ICMR for Contribution in Tropical Diseases, 1993; Prof. V.M. Thakor Award for contribution in the field of Biochemistry by Institute of Medical Technology, Udhna (Surat) under the aegis of Span Research Center, 1998; Dr. K.C. Kandhari memorial Oration for contribution in leprosy by AIIMS 1998; Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital Oration by ACBI, 1998; Chaturvedin Ghanshyam Das Jaigopal Award for Immunology 1997 by ICMR; Hari Om Ashram Alembic Research Award-2000 Basic Research in Medical Science by MCI; Professor C.R. Krishna Murthi Lecture Award by SBC during 2002; Dr. & Mrs. G.P. Talwar Oration Award 2003 by ACBI; ICMR award for contribution in Biomedical Research 2006 for developing subunit vaccine in Nano Particles, Man of year by American Biographical Institute of USA-2002, Outstanding Scientist Worldwide-2007 by IBC.

He is a member of various scientific organization like Indian Immunology Society, Society of Biological Chemists of India, Association of Clinical Biochemists of India, The Indian Society of Parasitology, Molecular Immunology forum and New York Academy of Sciences, Society of Free Radical Research India. He is a Treasurer of Indian Immunology Society (IIS) for five years. He has organized 9th APCCB International Conference at Ashok Hotel, New Delhi 2002. He has organized 33rd Indian Immunology Society Conference at AIIMS during 28-31 January, 2007 and he also organized SFRR Satellite Meeting 11 & 12 Feb., 2008 at AIIMS. He is Organizing Secretary of 5th FIMSA conference held at New Delhi in March 2012.

He is actively involved the evaluation of projects and fellowships from various funding agencies and peer review member of various national and international journals. He is an examiner, thesis evaluator and selection committee member of various universities and medical colleges. He has delivered a large number of guest and invited lectures in various national and international conferences. He is a Scientific Advisory Committee member of various national funding agencies.

Dr. D.N. Rao is currently involved in teaching Biochemistry and Immunology to various professional courses. His research interest includes Biochemistry and Immunology of infectious diseases. His citation spans developing peptide based immunogens for vaccine design and immuno-diagnostics for diseases like Malaria, HIV, and Plague. His interest also lies in immunology of leprosy. He has guided a large number of students for Ph.D, M.D. and M.Sc degrees. He has generated extramural research grants from DST, DBT, ICMR, DAE, DRDO, CSIR and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. He reviewed large number of manuscripts of Immunology and Biochemistry published in various international/national journals. He is Officer-in-Charge of both Small Animal and Primate Research Facility. He has attended all the three FIMSA conferences with bursary.

He has published more than 130 research articles in International and National Journals. He has guided 20 Ph.D., M.D. 8, M.Sc. and M. Biotech 20. Currently there are 4 Ph.D. students and four Post Doctoral fellows working with me in various research projects concerned to health problems.


  1. PhD:
    1. Mr. Dablu Lal Gupta - Role of Immuno-Clinical and cytokine gene polymorphism correlation with recovery in patients with posttraumatic shock
    2. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nagar - Identification and immunological characterization of epitopes of envelope and capsid proteins of Chikungunya virus
    3. Mr. Tarique Hussain- γ δ T cells and its modulatory role in leprosy
    4. Mr. Ayantika Tulkdar - Coenzyme Q and its immunomodulatory role in idiopathic recurrent abortion cases.


  1. Dr. Pramod Pal
  2. Dr. Santwana Bhatnagar
  3. Dr. Reeta Roy
  4. Dr. Chaman
  5. Ms. Priyanka Verma

Project Students

  1. Mr. Sameer
  2. Mr. Santosh


  1. Researchinterests–
    1. Developing peptide based diagnosis for malaria, HIV,Yersinia pestis, chikungunia and dengue.
    2. Chemical synthesis of peptides and study their immunomodulatory, immunochemical and immunoregulatory mechanism associate with malaria, HIV, Y.pestis,Chikungunia and dengue.
    3. T Reg Cells, HAT, HDAC and epigenetic mechanism of Fox P3 in leprosy and autoimmune disease.
    4. Identifying immuno and biochemical markers of miscarriage and premature ovarian failure


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