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All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi


Welcome to Department of Laboratory Medicine……….    

Dr.M. Irshad

(Professor& Head)

            Department of Laboratory Medicine was created as a new department in 1988 with an aim to centralize patients’ investigations conducted at various places in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Simultaneous with creation of single-spot laboratory facilities, it was also aimed to improve the area of investigative medicine with advancement of technologies used and expansion of test profiles to meet patients’ requirement. Recruitment of faculty to develop different specialties in Department of laboratory medicine in early 90s was a step in the direction for its all round development. Like in other departments, the faculty started to conduct all essential activities including service, teaching and research in this department, though with a slow pace due to several limitations and hurdles faced at every step. Since the beginning, this department had scarcity of space that limited its expansion program in many ways. In spite of all this,there was a progressive change in quality of service provided from here. With passage of time,this department started postgraduate teaching to run three-year residency course for award of MD degree in Laboratory Medicine. The faculty also made efforts to create facilities for research and brought intra and extra mural research-grants to conduct studies related to investigative and molecular medicine. This helped the research scholars engaged in research projects in the award of PhD degree to them. Today, both MD as well as PhD in Laboratory Medicine courses have been running successfully in this department.

            At present Department of Laboratory Medicine has tree major specialties including Clinical Biochemistry, Hematology and Clinical Microbiology with facility of patients’ investigations, teaching and research in the respective areas. In addition, there is a centralized OPD blood collection facility working under the control of Laboratory Medicine department. This department has a staff of more than 130 members that include faculty, senior residents, junior residents (academic), junior residents (non-academic), scientist and PhD scholars. In addition there is a sizable technical staff working at various places in Department of Laboratory Medicine. The staff is posted for various activities depending on their job definition. With a footfall of 700-800 patients in OPD collection center every morning, the department performsphlebotomy in about 600 patients attending OPD and various clinics every day. Besides, this department also provides a 24-hour laboratory service for most sick patients attending or admitted in emergency medicine, ICUs and wards. On average,Laboratory Medicine conducts 22000-25000 tests on daily basis. Both preanalytical and analytical procedures are conducted mostly by automated machines with an all time check on quality of results by internal and external quality control program run at international level. Under routine patients’ service, the department has made a provision of online reporting by 7 PM in the evening every day.

            Faculty/Scientists and resident doctors remainengaged in UG/PG teaching, tutorials, case discussions, Journal clubs, inter disciplinary discussion and research in various areas related to investigative medicine. This department also arranges laboratory training to postgraduate students from Department of Pathology and Department of Biochemistry of AIIMS. It is also involved in teaching of B.Sc. nursing students and training to PG/PhD scholars coming from various other institutions/universities. The faculty and researchers also conduct periodically international and national workshops, CME and conferences on various topics of current importance. Department of Laboratory Medicine appearsto be a new discipline in India. However, it is quite common in institutions outside this country. Now it is attracting the attention of many others for its high utility and bright prospects in the area of laboratory diagnosis.

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