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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Dr Rohit Bhatia

Dr Rohit Bhatia 
Department of Neurology
Room No. 3, VI Floor, Neurosciences Centre, AIIMS.
Phone no. 011 26546625, 26584856 

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    OPD days: Tuesday, Friday forenoon

Special clinics Wednesdays: Stroke Clinic, Neuroimmunology (Multiple Sclerosis) clinic, Neuromuscular disorders clinic, Headache clinic


Indian stroke Association North Zone page:


Brief Profile
Dr Rohit graduated from Govt Medical College Patiala in the year 1992. He completed his  MD in medicine from Govt Medical College Amritsar in 1998. He completed his DM in Neurology at PGIMER Chandigarh in Dec 2001. He worked as a research associate in the dept of neurology at PGIMER, between January 2002 to June 2002 and later joined as Assistant Professor in neurology at PGIMER in July 2002. He joined AIIMS as an Assistant Professor in Neurology in June 2003 at and is currently working as an Additional Professor in Neurology at AIIMS.
Areas of Interest
·         Stroke and Neurocritical care with special reference to acute stroke therapy with Intravenous and Intra-arterial Therapy , Intracerebral Hemorrhage, cerebral venous thrombosis and Decompressive Hemicraniectomy for arterial and  venous strokes
·         Neuroimmunology: Multiple sclerosis and allied Demyelinating disorders.
·         Neuromuscular disease.
·         Stem Cell Therapy.
·         Headache and Neuroophthalmology.
Fellowships/ Special Training.
·         Fellowship in Cerebrovascular Disorders ( Stroke) from Calgary Stroke Program, University of Calgary, Canada, March 2009-Feb 2010.
·         Summer School Myology Paris. 2006
·         Observer:  Barrow’s Institute of Neurology, Phoenix, USA, 2007.
Awards & Honours
·         International Travel Scholarship American Academy Neurology 2007
·         Bursary award World Federation of Neurology 2005
·         Travel bursary awards DST , CSIR.
Contribution to professional bodies
·         Regional Coordinator of the Indian Stroke Association  North zone.
·         Ex member National Task force on Stem cell therapy, department of Biotechnology, Govt of India
·         Member core committee of the tuberculosis DOTS programme of AIIMS.
·         Patient awareness programs on Multiple sclerosis with MSSI ( Multiple Sclerosis Society of India) Delhi chapter.
·         Patient education programs for Stroke.
Service to Professional Publications:
·         Neurology India
·         Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery
·         Southern Medical Journal
·         National Medical Journal of India.
Professional Memberships
·         Indian Academy of Neurology,
·         Neurological society of India
·         American Heart Association
·         American Academy of Neurology
·         World Stroke Organisation
·         Indian Stroke Association
·         MSSI
·         Delhi Neurological Association
·         Stroke and  Tropical Neurology Chapter of IAN
Recent Publications
Text Books:

Emergencies in Neurology. Edited by Rohit Bhatia and Mamta Bhushan Singh. Byword Publishers. Releasing March 2011.
Chapters for Books.
1.    S.Prabhakar, R.Bhatia.  Non compressive myelopathies : IN : Reviews in Tropical Neurology. 2002.
2.    S.Prabhakar, R.Bhatia. Rabies : A continuing problem in developing countries: In : Progress in   Neurosciences. Vol 21. 2002
3.    R.Bhatia . Cell transplantation in Ischemic Stroke. In :  Padma MV, Mehnidiratta M M . ( Eds ). Frontiers in Stroke Management. Released in Indian Academy of Neurology Annual Conference. Vishakapatnam October 2003.
4.    K. Prasad , R. Bhatia.  Obstructive sleep apnoea and stroke, review : In Proceedings of International Sleep Symposium, A.I.I.M.S, February 2005
5.      R.Bhatia, S.Singh: Neuromonitoring in ICU : required or not. Reviews in Neurology 2010.
6.    R.Bhatia, M.B.Singh. Approach to a neurological emergency: In Emergencies in Neurology. R.Bhatia, M.B.Singh Eds. Byword Publishers. 2011. In press.
7.      R.Bhatia, Nandavar Shoba, Pablo Garcia Bermejo, Dar Dowlatshahi. Intracerebral Hemorrhage. In Emergencies in Neurology. R.Bhatia, M.B.Singh Eds. Byword Publishers. 2011. In press.
8.    R.Bhatia, Bhavana Kaul, Deepa Dash. Cerebral venous Thrombosis. In Emergencies in Neurology. R.Bhatia, M.B.Singh Eds. Byword Publishers. 2011. In press.
9.    R.Bhatia, M.B.Singh, Deepti Vibha, Ajay Garg. Neuroimaging, CSF, EEG in neurology emergency. In Emergencies in Neurology. R.Bhatia, M.B.Singh Eds. Byword Publishers. 2011. In press.
Research Papers in last 3 years:
1.    Bhatia R, Bal SP, Shobha N, Menon BK,Tymchuk S, Puetz V, Dzialowski I, Coutts SB, Goyal M, Barber P, Watson T,Smith EE,Demchuk AM: for the Calgary CTA group. CT Angiographic Source Images Predict Outcome and Final Infarct Volume Better than Non-Contrast CT in Proximal Vascular Occlusions. Stroke. [In press]
2.    Bhatia R, Hill MD, Shobha N, Bal SP, Kochar P, Goyal M, Watson T, Demchuk AM. Low rates of acute recanalisation with IV TPA. Real world experience and a call for action.   Stroke. 2010;41:2254. [Sep 9, Epub ahead of print]
3.    R.Bhatia. ACE inhibitors will not help in improving stroke outcomes if given immediately after stroke. Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology. July-September 2010.
4.    Vibha D, Bhatia R, Prasad K, Srivastava MV, Tripathi M, Singh MB. Clinical Features and Independent Prognostic Factors for Acute Bacterial Meningitis in Adults. Neurocrit Care. 2010 Jun 25. [Epub ahead of print]
5.    Shobha N, Bhatia R, Boyko M, Tymchuk S, Gopukumar K,Smith EE, Demchuk AM.  Outcomes in acute ischemic strokes presenting with disabling neurologic deficits without intracranial vascular occlusion. International Journal of stroke. 2010. [In press].
6.    Menon BK, Hill MD, Eesa M, Modi J, Bhatia R, Wong J, Hudon ME, Morrish W, Demchuk AM, Goyal M. Initial experience with the Penumbra Stroke System for recanalization of large vessel occlusions in acute ischemic stroke. Neuroradiology. 2010 Jun 8. [Epub ahead of print]
7.    Menon BK, Smith EE,  Modi J, Patel S, Bhatia R, Watson TWJ, Hill MD, Demchuk AM, Goyal M. “Regional leptomeningeal collateral score on CT Angiography predicts clinical and imaging outcomes in patients with acute anterior circulation occlusions .” American Journal of Neuroradiology.  [In Press]
8.    Nandavar Shobha , Pablo Garcia Bermejo , Rohit Bhatia , Youngbin Choi,  Eric E      Smith, Andrew M Demchuk. Multimodal Imaging Tools for Diagnosis of Fa  Embolism- A Case Report. Journal of trauma, emergencies and shock. In Press.
9.    Pathak P, Sharma MC, Sarkar C, Jha P, Suri V, Mohd H, Singh S, Bhatia R, Gulati S. Limb girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A in India: A study based on semi-quantitative protein analysis, with clinical and histopathological correlation. Neurol India. 2010; 58:549-54.
10. Shobha NM, Bhatia R, Barber PA. Dental procedure and stroke: a case of vertebral artery dissection. Accepted for publication in Canadian Dental Association Journal.
11. Jain A, Sharma MC, Sarkar C, Bhatia R, Singh S, Gulati S, Handa R. Detection of the membrane attack complex as a diagnostic tool in dermatomyositis. Acta Neurol Scand. 2010 May 17. [Epub ahead of print]
12. Bhatia, R,  M.Tripathi,M, Srivastava,A, Garg A, Singh M.B, Nanda A, Padma MV, K.Prasad.  Idiopathic Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis and dural sinus occlusion. Report of   two cases with longterm follow up. J. Clin Neuroscience.2009;16: 937-42.
13. Gaikwad SB, PadmaMV, Moses EJ, Sethi K, Tripathi M, Bhatia R, Prasad K, Mishra NK. Intraarterial thrombolysis in basilar artery occlusions combination of intraarterial thrombolytic and GpIIb/IIIa inhibitors in basilar artery thrombosis. Neurology India 2009;57:313-9.
14. Tripathi M, Singh PK, Vibha D, Choudhary N, Garg A, Bal CS, Sarkar C, Bhatia R, Padma MV, Gaikwad S, Singh MB, Prasad K, Chandra PS. Electrophysiological characteristics of seizure clusters. Clin EEG Neurosci. 2010;41:143-6.
15. Tripathi M, Vibha D, Choudhary N, Prasad K, Srivastava MV, Bhatia R, Chandra SP. Management of refractory status epilepticus at a tertiary care centre in a developing country. Seizure. 2010 Mar;19(2):109-11. Epub 2010 Jan 19
16. Expert Group of the Association of Physicians of India on Adult Immunization in India. Collaborators (44) : Sharma SK, Munjal YP, Agarwal AK, Singal RK, Agrawal A, Agarwal R, Agrawal S, Barwad P, Bharati K, Bhatia R et al. The Association of Physicians of India evidence-based clinical practice guidelines on adult immunization. J.A. P.I  2009;57: 345-56
17. Venkatraman Radhakrishnan,  Rohit Bhatia, Gita Satpathy Panda, Sameer Bakhshi.
Acanthamebic Meningoencephalitis Presenting as Personality Change. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 2009;28:555.
18. Jain A, Sharma MC, Sarkar C, Bhatia R, Singh S, Handa R. Increased  expression of cell adhesion molecules in inflammatory myopathies: diagnostic utility and pathogenetic insights. Folia Neuropathol. 2009;47:33-42
19. Tanveer N, Sharma MC, Sarkar C, Gulati S, Kalra V, Singh S, Bhatia R. Diagnostic utility of skin biopsies in dystrophinopathies. Clin Neurol Neurosurgery.2009;111:496-502.
20. Bhatia R, Desai S, Tripathi M, Garg A, Padma MV, Prasad K, Singh M.B. Sporadic hemiplegic migraine: Clinical and radiological features. J Headache Pain. 2008 Dec;9(6):385-8.
21. Bhatia R, Desai S, Garg A, Padma MV, Prasad K, Tripathi M. Isolated facial myokymia as a presenting feature of pontine neurocysticercosis Movement  Disorders. 2008;1:135-7.
22. Rohit Bhatia, Deepti Vibha, M.V.Padma, Kameshwar Prasad, Manjari Tripathi, M.B.Singh. Use of propofol anaesthesia and adjunctive treatment with levetiracetam and gabapentin in managing status epilepticus in a patient of acute intermittent porphyria.  Epilepsia  2008;49:934-6.
23. Rohit Bhatia, Ravi Yadav. Everyday Practice . Diabetic Neuropathy. National Medical Journal of India.2008.21:236-42
24. Rohit Bhatia, Soaham Desai, M V Padma, Manjari Tripathi, Kameshwar Prasad. Adrenoleucodytrophy: uncommon MRI Finding. Annals of Indian Academy Neurology.2008;11: 56
25. Sachin S, Padma MV, Bhatia R, Prasad K, Gureshkumar C, Tripathi M. Psychosocial impact of epilepsy in women of childbearing age in India. Epileptic Disorders.2008:10:282-9
26. K.Prasad, R.Bhatia, MV.P.Srivastava, V.Pardasani, A.Garg, A.Rishi. Fatal subacute necrotising brainstem encephalitis in a young man due to a rare parasitic (balamuthia ) infection. Practical Neurology 2008;8:112-117
27. Jain D, Sharma MC, Sarkar C, Gulati S, Kalra V, Singh S, Bhatia R. Congenital myopathies: a clinicopathological study of 25 cases. Indian J Pathol Microbiol. 2008 Oct-Dec;51(4):474-8.
28. Padma MV, Singh MB, Bhatia R, Srivastava A, Tripathi M, Shukla G, Goyal V, Singh S, Prasad K, Behari M. Hyperacute thrombolysis with IV rtPA of acute ischemic stroke: Efficacy and safety profile of 54 patients at a tertiary referral center in a developing country. Neurology India 2007;55:46-49
29. Bhatia R, Chacko F, Lal V, Mittal BR. Reversible delayed neuropsychiatric syndrome following acute carbon monoxide exposure. Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2007, 11( 2):80-82
30. R.Bhatia, A.Garg. Diffusion abnormality detects a acute demyelinating lesion in probable multiple sclerosis. Indian J of Radiology and Imaging. 2007;17:20-21
31. K.Prasad, R.Bhatia. Rheumatoid Neuropathy. Indian Rhematology.2007;2:45-46

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