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Feedback received from Patients


S.No.Feedback from UserDate
1 Feedback from Mr. Nazir Ahmad Dar 25/05/17
2 Feedback from Mr. Peer Nazir Ahmad 10/04/17
3 Feedback From Mr. Virender Pal Jain 05/09/16
4 Feedback From Ms. Meenu Khanna 29/08/16
5 Feedback from Mr. Ajit Nirwan 10/08/16
6 Feedback from Ms.Madhu S Jagota 21/07/16
7 Comments by a sitting Member of Parliament of Bangladesh 11/06/16
8 Feedback from Sh. Ram Prasad Sarmah, (M.P - Lok Sabha) 30/05/16
9 Feedback from Sh Rajesh Kumar Singh, D.H.J.S 30/05/16
10 Feedback from Sh Vivek 22/03/16
11 Feedback from Sh Deepak Singh 29/02/16
12 Feedback from Ms. Arundhati Katju 22/02/16
13 Feedback from Dr D.C. Prajapati, RTI Human Right Activist, Nat. President, RTI Activist Social Welfare Society 30/11/15
14 Feedback from Justice H.C.Mishra, High Court of Jharkhand, Ranchi 13/11/15
15 Feedback from Sh R S Sharma, Government of India, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology Department of Electronics & Information Technology(DeitY) 19/08/15
16 Feedback from Ms. Ruchi Agrawal 10/07/15
17 Feedback from Ms. Pooja Ruhal 05/05/15
18 Feedback from Sh. Rajeev Doval 11/04/15
19 Feedback from Sh. Ratan Lal Agarwal 30/03/15
20 Feedback from Lt. Col Usman Aamir 20/03/15
21 Feedback from Mr. M.R. Shivashankari 12/02/15
22 Feedback from Mr. O.S. Dewal, Former Professor of NCERT 29/01/15
23 Feedback from Ms. Aruna Bahuguna 15/01/15

Dear Director Sir,

I wish to express my gratitude and regards for the committed team of qualified doctors serving the patients at your distinguished Institution. I have recently had the experience of treatment at your Institution and have been highly impressed and inspired to see the quality and personal approach and closeness met out to all patients being treated at your institute, irrespective of their financial or social standing or background, this is very heartening as this selfless and humanitarian attitude is almost extinct in commercial society today.

I had undergone 2 surgery at leading pvt. hospital in new delhi, as a small case of cellulitus was aggravated to necrotizing facsitus and debridement was done in left leg twice in 2 days initially below left knee and later above the knee, however the micro organism causing the damage remained undetected and uncontrolled despite several tests and heavy doses of Antibiotics infused and infection prevailed.

However after coming to AIIMS and under the expert treatment of Dr.Anurag Srivastava, Dr. Maneesh Singhal and their dedicated team of doctors at the Surgery Department was treated and the infection was terminated and subsequently underwent skin grafting surgery and the uptake of graft was 100% due to great efforts and care of Dr.Maneesh Singhal and inspite of his tight and busy schedule he continues to monitor and followup the curing and recovery process.

Dear Sir I am now a fulltime practicing devotee with International Society of Krishna Consciousness(ISKCON) feel very satisfied to see the timeless Vedic approach of " sarve bhavantu sukhinah ~ sarve santu niramayah " is actually being carried out by doctors at AIIMS and such selfless service of exalted doctors be appreciated and accredited at all levels in our country today.

With Regards

Pandava Prema Das


24 Feedback from Mr. Pathak 21/08/2014

Respected Doctor I visited AIIMS for my child after almost a decade and was really moved to see the same dedication, devotion and sincerity in the doctors which I have seen since my childhood . I visited, for the same problem, hospitals like Apollo, fortis and Max . Doctors in these private hospitals lack dedication, devotion and sincerity which is there in AIIMS doctors.I salute you, on behalf of lakhs of patients; you treat every year with so much care, love and affection Doctors like you make us so proud and make AIIMS one of the best hospitals in the world. Sir, I cannot repay for what you are doing for citizens of India but offer, as a chartered accountant, my services for filing income tax return( last date being 31stJuly) or any other consultation without any consideration or favour from you. It is a gesture just to do my bit for those who are like God to millions of people of our nation

Warm Regards

Harbir Singh

Chartered Accountant



Dear doctor

How very astounding and affectionate !!!

Who can imagine a person of your engagements & stature to respond immediately,

precisely and comfortingly . Your concern and memory in my case, which must be so

for all others also, are convincing enough that the tenure I have and continue to enjoy since Dec 05 has entirely been your supreme gift of life to me. Now that I have explored availability and quality of medical services across the globe, you dispense not only the best expertise at most affordable cost but most uniquely personal love and affection which go long way in cheering & assuring patients. The purpose of my reaching you was more to state experience of chawla's medicine and and not seek elongation albeit hope has sustained all advancement in medicine.

I have no words nor will words ever suffice to express my gratitude to you and appreciation for your concern, love and care --par excellence with world-class standards -- and humane touch on top, for the patient.

Most sincerely,

Ram Gupta

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