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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Cardiac Anaesthesiology

Detailed Background & Achievements

  • Started with one Professor, one Associate Professor & three Assistant Professors.
  • Present strength of faculty – Eight
  • Started with Four operation Theatres, presently seven operation theatres.
  • Working Five Cath. Laboratories.
  • Working Total No. of Operation theatres – Seven
  • First time in India, DM in Cardiac Anaesthesia started in 2002.
  • At present 9 candidates are doing DM Cardiac Anaesthesia out of which 03 are sponsored candidates.
  • Total No. of Senior Residents are 15

Focus areas of clinical care and research of the Department.

Focus Areas

  • Perioperative intensive care and anaesthesia for patients undergoing all kinds of Heart Surgery.
  • Advanced monitoring in cardiac care.
  • Blood conservation during cardiac surgery by autologous blood transfusion.
  • Reducing blood requirement in children during cardiac surgery by utilizing modified ultra filtration technique.
  • Extra corporeal membrane oxygenator for infants with heart failure (ECMO)
  • Relaxation and meditation before and after cardiac bypass surgery.
  • Cost effectiveness by regular auditing in cardiac anaesthesia.
  • Anaesthesia for Robotic Cardiac Surgery.
  • Anaesthesia for stem cell therapy in cerebral palsy patients.
  • Major aortic and vascular Surgery.
  • Cath lab therapeutic and investigative procedure.
  • Heart transplant and assist device.
  • Post operative care after Heart Surgery.
  1. Record Keeping

    The department of Cardiac Anaesthesia maintains its records, duly catalogued indexed and computerized (Since Oct 2006) using SPSS software. The headings under which the records are categorized are as under:

    • Routine Cases (daily/monthly/annually)
    • Emergency Cases
    • Catheterization Laboratory Cases.
    • Cases in which anaesthesia given as monitored- Anaesthesia cases/tube readjustments/ventilatory calls from wards.

    These records are registered daily in operation theatre on a medical record sheet and register and also computerized. Annual report of department records is submitted annually.

  2. Department Functioning

    The normal functioning of the department is according to the rules and regulations laid  down by CN Centre, AIIMS. Seven Theatres function everyday with 2 or 3 cases in each theatre daily. One Emergency heart surgery may be taken up anytime in the day/night. One consultant and one or two seniors residents round the clock emergency duty for postoperative care of cardiac patients as well as intensive and ventilatory/resuscitative management in coronary care unit. One consultant on round the clock call for emergency operations. Anaesthesia is given for a total of 14-20 heart operations everyday with postop and coronary ventrilatory care. General anesthesia or monitored anaesthesia care is given in cath. Lab and computerized angiography and MRI in Cardiac patients.Two senior residents are on emergency call-attending calls from CCU, ICU, CTVS wards, Cath. Lab. and Operation Theatres. Bedside pre anaesthetic check up is done daily.

  3. Academic Activity

    2 academic sessions held per week as part of department’s academic activity – where seminars/Tutorials/Journal Clubs/Examinations are held by faculty & residents. The department has access to the AIIMS Dr. B.B.Dixit Library and National Medical Library at all times. Internet access is available via computer facility in all consultant’s rooms.

International Collaboration

Positions Held

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