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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

About Dr. R. P Centre


Our Emblem and Our Motto

Our Emblem

(The Sun, The Veena, The Lotus and The Eye)

The Sun:

According to ancient Indians and Iranians, the Sun illuminates the best image of Divine and it is not only the source of all physical light but it also signifies the principles of awakening and intellectual animation. The Sun is the prevading spirit of sight which enables the eye to see light and the forms of objects.

The Veena :

It is the symbolic representation of the spirit of learning. A blessing to all students who are actively engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and the search for truth is invoked by such symbolic representation.

The Lotus and The Eye:

The lotus eyed individual is considered to be one endowed with physical and mental clarity of vision besides the purity of sight and thought. By this symbolic representation it is sought to exhort those working in the 'Centre' to have purity of vision and thought; and help allay the suffering of human beings from eye diseases and to bring about clarity of vision, splendour and beauty of eyes.

Our Motto

Tamso Ma Jotir Gamaya (From Darkness to Light)

Our Motto is the manifestation of all ophthalmic and spiritual knowledge. It indicates that we stand for leading individuals "From Darkness to Light" - physically, mentally, ethically and spiritually without distinction of caste or creed.

To a teacher and research worker it implies to uncover more knowledge which is still under cover by a real effort in the search for truth.

To a student it urges to remove his inner darkness of thought and action by imbibing knowledge and also to step forward in the common efforts of search for truth in keeping with the Motto of the Republic of India "Truth alone prevails".

To the ophthalmic surgeons and physicians it exhorts to restore vision whenever it is lost and to prevent the loss of vision i.e., it exhorts them to lead those under their care "From Darkness to Light".

To rehabilitation workers it shows that they should not despair at the physical loss of sight because one can still be led from the Darkness in life so created by specially executed programmes to a more fruitful and bright life. All that is required is fortitude, courage and skill.

To the patient it is a hope that the dedicated workers in the centre will lead them "From Darkness to Light" .- Physically, ethically, and spiritually.

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