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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi



The department of Neurosurgery has remained a centre point of research in the country.  There has been research on evidence based clinical practice and laboratory based work.  The department has been involved with several multi-centric national and international studies.


Clinical Research        

  Head Injury

  Optic Nerve Injury

  Glioma

  Spinal Dysraphism

  Nosocomial infection

  CNS Tuberculosis

  CV junction anomaly

  Brachial plexus and Peripheral nerve injury

  Anterior encephaloceles

  Evoked Potential studies


Laboratory based research

  Neural transplant was developed as a national facility by DST (1984-1990),

  Evoked potentials as diagnostic and prognostic tool,

  Study of genetic and molecular aspect of glioma,

  Study of cerebral blood flow using SPECT scan in brain tumor, minor head injury and craniostenosis

  Near infrared spectroscopy

  MR spectroscopy etc. 


      Collaborative multi-centric research at National and International levels:

(a) National studies

  Multicentric study on epilepsy,

  Multicentric national study on SAH,

  South Delhi head injury study,

  Multicentric national study on Ceredrain Shunt System, develop by Hindustan Latex

 (b) Multicentric multinational studies

  International optic nerve injury study: we provided the largest number of cases from a single centre,

  STICH study for spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage,

  Intratumoural targeted therapy using oligonucleotide Antisense compound by micro-infusion system,

  Factor VII in intracerebral hematoma,

  CRASH 2 study on significant blood loss in head injured patients

  International Infant Hydrocephalus Study (IIHS).

  BRAIN Trial ( Bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist (Anatibant) in Neurotrauma.

§  Intra-tumoral radio iodine (COTARA) therapy in recurrent high grade gliomas.

§  Radiosurgery versus Open Surgery for Epilepsy( ROSE)trial.

§  EUROTHERM trial

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