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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Research innovations


Squatting Above Knee Prosthesis
Invented by Dr SK Varma and Mr SH Mulla.
A majority of the activities of daily living in India are performed in squatting or Cross – legged sitting positions, e.g. eating, preparing food, home making, working in the farms, sitting in meetings of religious gatherings, attending school etc. It is so much merged in the routine life style that when someone loses the leg above the knee (amputation), wearing above knee prosthesis (artificial leg) of presently available designs means a total change in life style from floor level to chair level living. That means, the activities the person used to perform sitting on the ground, would have to be done sitting on a chair or stool. This change applies more to rural amputees. The conventional above knee prosthesis does not permit the user to squat or sit cross-legged on the ground which is an essential part of the activities of daily living for the people living in India and most of Afro-Asian Countries. This inability to squat or to sit Cross-legged occurs in a conventional above knee prosthesis because the knee flexion in such a prosthesis is not allowed beyond 100 degrees.

At AIIMS a new above knee prosthesis has been designed which permits squatting as well as cross-legged sitting.  This is world's first design.  For more details, please click here.


Multi-axial Orthotic Hip Joint
Invented by Dr U Singh and Mr SS Wason.
Patients using this type of joint fitted in a HKAFO (above knee caliper with hip joint and pelvic belt) can also sit cross-legged and squat, which was not possible with conventional orthoses (calipers).  This was also world’s first design of the kind. For more details, please click here.


Toe Pick Up Sprint
Invented by the team under of Dr SK Varma.
This replaces the heavy and metallic orthoses with light weight orthosis that can be fitted with any type of shoe or even canvas or sports shoe.

Cervical Goniometery
Invented by Mr JB Joshi and Mr SS Wason
This was an innovative design of a goniometer based on pendulum to detect even minor motions of the neck and head in any direction.  This was applauded during the international scientific meets.

Ileostomy bag
Invented by the Team under Dr SK Varma.
Collection of soil from ileostomy was a costly affair for Indians. This indigenous bag was a boon for the Indian colostomy patients.

Contra-lateral Limb Controlled Prosthetic Knee Joint
Invented by a team from IIT Delhi (Dr Sneh Anand and others) and AIIMS: Dr U Singh.
It was a collaborative work with IIT Delhi. Prototype developed under the PhD thesis project of Dr Deepak Joshi. Patent filed and accepted.  For more details please click here.

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