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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, नई दिल्ली
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Prof. Alok Thakar


 Professor  Dr. Alok Thakar MS, FRCSED

Professor of Otolaryngology & Head Neck Surgery

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. 110029  


Education and Training-  M.B.B.S (AIIMS);     M.S.(Otolaryngology- AIIMS);    D.N.B.(Otolaryngology)

                                          D.L.O. (London)          F.R.C.S.(Edinburgh)

  • Fellow, Neuro-otology and Skull Base Surgery, Aintree University Hospital, UK. (2003)

  • Specialist Registrar, Liverpool/ Merseyside rotation, U.K.                                     (1995-1997)

 Special Interests- Neuro-otology and Skull Base Surgery, Vertigo; Head and Neck Oncology  


Significant Honours and Awards-  

INTERNATIONAL COMMONWEALTH FELLOWSHIPUK 2003, training in Neuro-Otology and Skull Base Surgery.  

UICC INTERNATIONAL CANCER TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER FELLOWSHIP(2007) awarded by the UICC (International Union Against Cancer for training at Kiel, Germany on “Trans-oral CO2 Laser Surgery for Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancers”  

INDO-US   SCIENCE  AND  TECHNOLOGY  FOUNDATION  TRAVEL   GRANT  (IUSSTF)     (2010) to visit the University of Pennsylvania and to observe and train in TRANS-ORAL ROBOTIC SURGERY.  

NATIONAL SHAKUNTALA AMIR CHAND PRIZE(2002) by the Indian Council of Medical Research (National Award) for Excellence in biomedical research. Awarded for “Treatment Strategies in Head-Neck Cancer : Optimizing Cure and disability limitation”.

NES GOLD MEDAL AWARD by the Neuro-otological and Equilibriometric Society of India for Original Research contribution to Neuro-otology (2000-2001).

KAMANI CHARITY TRUST PRIZE by All India Institute of Medical Sciences for the Best Postgraduate Student in ENT, 1990.  


Significant Nominations / Elected Positions

  • President, Neuro-Otological & Equilibriometric Society of India (NES), 2011-2012.
  • Treasurer, Skull Base Surgery Society of India 2012-2015
  • Honorary Secretary, Foundation for Head Neck Oncology, 2013-2015
  • Honorary Secretary, Neuro-Otological & Equilibriometric Society of India(NES),1999-2001, & 2001- 2003
  • Honorary Vice President, Otorhinolaryngologic Research Society of AIIMS (ORSA), 2011
  • President-elect, Neuro-Otological & Equilibriometric Society of India (NES), 2009-2011.

. .

  • Editorial Board member, JOURNAL OF ENT MASTERCLASS, UK. 2010-2013.
  • Editorial Board Member, THE OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGIST, UK.      2010- .
  • Editorial Board Member , OTOLOGY INDIA (Journal of the Indian Society of Otology ), 2002-2004
  • Section Editor, Image of the week, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAD & NECK SURGERY.


  • Member- National workshop on Curriculum planning for Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.
  • Expert member, Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India for development of

                    - National Guidelines on Treatment of Cancer Tongue
                    - National Guidelines on Treatment of Cancer Larynx and Hypopharynx
                    - National Guidelines on Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
                     - ICMR- DHR Initiative on Disability



1.     Publications

Manuscripts- Original Articles- Books-









2.     Research Projects


6 Funded projects as Principal Investigator.

3.     Presentations

At research meetings/courses/ symposia- Significant Guest lecture-

Public lecture-







International- 73


Research Impact

One publication included in the YEAR-BOOK OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY & HEAD- NECK SURGERY (2001).

Authored a chapter in Scott-Brown’s Textbook of Otolaryngology -7th edition ( The most widely read textbook of ENT in the world)

Publications in the highest impact Otolaryngology, Skull Base , and Head-Neck Journals, including the Laryngoscope, Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Skull Base, Head-Neck, Annals of Otolaryngology, European Archives of Otolaryngology, Plos One, Journal of Laryngology and Otology, Clinical Otolaryngology , Acta Ophthalmologica

Four publications included by ENT NEWS in their selection of significant abstracts selected from the world-wide literature.

Cited by international publications on 326 occasions ( ISI Citation Index database search- December 2012. Also referenced in Textbooks. 


Recent Significant Invitations / Presentations

Invited International Faculty,

  • American Academy of Otolaryngology & Head-Neck Surgery (AAOHNS), Vancouver, 2013
  • -Instructional Course –Minimizing surgical recurrences in Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
  • British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology( BACO), Glasgow, 2012 .
  • -Instructional Course - TransOral Laser Microsurgery for Advanced Cancers of the Larynx and Hypopharynx 

  • 1st Congress of Confederation of European Otolaryngology & Head-Neck Surgery (CEORLHNS), Barcelona, 2011. ---

    -  Guest Lecture (Cricothyroid Approximation) &

    -  Instructional Course ( Optic Nerve Decompression)

  • British Academic Conference of Otolaryngology (BACO), Liverpool, 2009 .

    -  Instructional Course ( Optic Nerve Decompression)


  • Head-Neck Festschrift, Royal college of Surgeons of England, London, 2009 .

    -  Surgical Treatment of Intracranial Angiofibroma.

  • Numerous South Asian Meetings- 2004 Colombo, 2006 Delhi, 2006 Khatmandu, 2008 Dacca, 2011 Khatmandu


National Guest Orations

  • Prof. SuryaNarayan Guest Oration (2010), South Zone Branch of Asscn of Otolaryngologists of India.
  • ML Bhatia Guest Lecture ( 2012) Uttar Pradesh Branch of Asscn of Otolaryngologists of India.
  • Dr. Ashok Arora Oration (2011), Haryana Branch of Asscn of Otolaryngologists of India.
  • Prof. C DAS ORATION (2008) North-Eastern Branch of Asscn of Otolaryngologists of India.
  • Dr. N K Agarwala Oration (2006), Guwahati,
  • AOI GUEST ORATION (2006) Rajasthan Branch of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India.
  • Dr. G S GREWAL ORATION (2004) Indore State Branch. Asscn. of Otolaryngologists of India.


Significant publications –  


  1. SKULL BASE 1. Adjuvant therapy with Flutamide for pre-surgical volume reduction in Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
  2.  Thakar A ,Gupta G, Seith BA, Jain V, Sharma SC, Sharma R, Bahadur S, Deka RC.
  3. Head and Neck (2011) Dec 33 (12):1747-1753) PMID:21240970

      2.  Surgery for Optic Nerve Injury- Should nerve sheath incision supplement osseous decompression?

           Skull Base, 2009; 19(4) :263-271.PMID: 20046594

           A. Thaker , D. A. Tandon, A. K. Mahapatra


    3.   Delayed Optic Nerve Decompression for Indirect Optic Nerve Injury

          Laryngoscope 2003; 113(1):112-119. PMID: 12514393

          A. Thakar , A. K. Mahapatra, D. A. Tandon                                                                                   Citations- 17, ISI, Dec 2008



    4.   Analysis of Oncologic and Functional Failures in Near Total Laryngectomy

          The Journal of Laryngology and Otology (2009) 123(3): 327-332. PMID: 18559132

          A Thakar, S Bahadur, KC Toran, BK Mohanti, PK Julka


    5.   Significance of promoter hypermethylation of p16 gene for margin assessment in carcinoma tongue

         Sinha P, Bahadur S, Thakar A, Matta A, Macha M, Ralhan R, Datta Gupta SD

         Head and Neck (2009) Nov;31(11):1423-30          PMID: 19431196


     6.  Clinically staged T3N0M0 Cancer larynx : How is it best treated? Definitive Radiotherapy with Salvage v/s Combined Surgery& Radiotherapy

          The Journal of Laryngology & Otology (2000) 114(2): 108-112. PMID: 10748825

          A Thakar, S. Bahadur, B. K. Mohanti, S. Nivsarkar




     7.   Histological and Immuno-Histochemical Study of Pars Tensa Retraction Pocket

           Shunyu NB, Gupta SD, Thakar A (corresponding author), Sharma SC

           Otolaryngology Head-Neck Surgery 2011 May 18. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 21593461

     8.    Vertigo Syndromes and Mechanisms in Migraine

           The Journal of Laryngology and Otology (2001) 115(10) 782-787. PMID: 11667987

           A. Thakar, C. Anjaneyulu, R. C. Deka                                                                                             Citations- 11, ISI, Dec 2008



     9.   Allergic fungal sinusitis: Expanding the clinico-pathological spectrum

           Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (2004);130(2):209-16. PMID: 14990918

           A. Thakar, M. Dhiwakar, C. Sarkar, S. Bahadur , S. Dahiya                                                           Citations- 9, ISI, Dec 2008

    10.  Pre-operative Diagnosis of Allergic Fungal Sinusitis

           Laryngoscope  2003; 113(4):688-694 PMID: 12671430                                                                  Citations- 8, ISI, Dec 2008

          M. Dhiwakar, A. Thakar ( corresponding Author ), S. Bahadur , C. Sarkar, U.Banerji, K K Handa, S. K. Chhabra


    11. Improving outcomes in rhinocerebral mucormycosis – early diagnostic pointers and prognostic factors

          The Journal of Laryngology and Otology ( 2003) 117(11):861-865. PMID: 14670145

          M. Dhiwakar, A. Thakar (corresponding author), S. Bahadur                                                         Citations- 15, ISI, Dec 2008



   12. Cricothyroid approximation for voice and swallowing rehabilitation of high Vagal paralysis secondary to skull base neoplasms

         European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Head & Neck 2011 Nov;268(11):1611-6. Epub 2011 Jul 8

         Thakar A, Sikka K,  Verma R, Preetam C.           PMID 21739100

   13.  The distended ventricle as a sign of bilateral abductor paralysis

        Otolaryngolgy Head-Neck Surgery 2007;136(4):663-5. PMID: 17418271

        Thakar A



14.     Specific Chronic Infections,            S. Bahadur, A. Thakar

in SCOTT-BROWN’S Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, 7th edition, 2008, eds. M. Gleeson, G Browning, MJ Burton, R Clarke, J Hibbert, NS Jones, VJ Lund, LM Luxon, JC Watkinson. Published by Hodder Arnold, p. 1458-68.

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