HPLC coupled Tandem Mass Spectroscopy

Q-Trap in Metabolite Identification

  Handling Bio-matrix and Sample Preparation

Non-Invasive Biodisposition

Pharmacokinetic Estimates, Software & Manual


Text Box: Department of Ocular Pharmacology & Pharmacy
( DST-FIST Sponsored  High Precision Bioanalytical Laboratory )
Dr. R. P. Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
2nd National Hands-on-Workshop & Symposium
(3-5th Feb 2010)
Symposium on "Contemporary Technologies and Concepts Revolutionizing Drug Discovery Strategies"
Followed by the Hands on Workshop on
"Advanced Bio-analytical Techniques in PK Studies from Method Development to Data Interpretation"  
Symposium Highlights 
Proteomics using Mass Spectroscopy, Highthroughput Screening approaches like Cassette dosing , PAMPA, Non-Invasive Biodisposition Studies, Barrier Penetration Studies , Application of Molecular Dynamics in Drug Discovery and much more... 
Workshop Highlights
Bioanalysis -Where to start & How to Lead?
Development & Validation of HPLC, Lc-MS/MS methods
Bio-sample preparations and Optimization of Lc-MS/MS methods
Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacokinetics
Analysis and Interpretation of Data 
Compartmental Analysis using State-of-the-art-software
Isolation of pure Compounds from Natural Products
Emerging Trends in PK Studies - Demonstration
Microdialysis Technique & Calibration 
LC-MS/MS and metabolite identification
Highthroughput absorption studies using PAMPA
Highthroughput Pharmacokinetic Screening (Cassette Dosing)
Scientific Advisory Panel : Prof. R C Deka, AIIMS; Prof. K K Sharma, UCMS;  Prof. S S Agrawal, DIPSAR; Prof. S K Gupta, ICRI; Prof. Y K Gupta,     Prof. N R Biswas, AIIMS; Prof. R V Azad & Prof. S Ghose, RPC, AIIMS. 
Venue : All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi  110 029 
 Registration fee : Rs. 500/-   for Symposium ( free for workshop participants ) for 120 participants only 
                                Rs. 3500/- for Workshop ( limited seats only )   
How to Apply : Please fill the application form (enclosed) & E.mail / Fax.
(Click here to download the application form)