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Nursing sister grade-II is directly responsible to Nursing Sister Grade-I (Ward In-Charge) for total nursing care of the patient assigned to him/her.



1.         Admission and discharge of the patients. 

2.         To maintain the personal hygiene of the patients, including bathing, care of mouth, back, nails, hair etc. 

3.         Care of pressures points as needed. 

4.         To assist the patient in elimination, offering and removing the bed pans and Urinals. 

5.         Bed making. 

6.         Assist in feeding the weak and debilitated patients. 

7.         Writing of diet sheet, Supervision and distribution of diets. 

8.         Assist in physiotherapy, ambulation and rehabilitation.  

9.         Carry-out patientís teaching and demonstration according to the need. 

10.       Counseling the patients, and relatives. 

11.       Care of the dying and dead. 

12.       Administration of Medicines and Injections to the patients. 

13.       Assist in administration of intravenous injections, infusion and Transfusion. 

14.       Observing, recording and reporting of vital signs e.g. T.P.R. and Blood pressure. 

15.       Carry out technical procedures, such as Naso-gastric intubation, Gastric Gavage and Lavage, Oxygen Therapy, Dressing and Irrigation, Enema, Catheterization hot and cold applications, suction etc.

16.       Collecting, labeling and dispatch of specimens.

17.       Preparation for and assistance in clinical tests and medical/surgical procedures. 

18.       Urine testing for sugar, and albumin. 

19.       Observation, recording and reporting of all procedures and  tests. 

20.       Escorting serious patients to and from the department/wards for investigations. 


1.         Handing over and taking over charge of patients, and ward inventory in each shift. 

2.         Maintenance of therapeutic environment in the ward. 

3.         Keeping the ward clean and tidy. 

4.         Routine care and cleaning of dressing trolleys, cupboards apparatus, mackintosh etc. 

5.         Care of clean and soiled linen. 

6.         Disinfection of linen, beds, floor and bed pans, and fumigation of rooms etc. 

7.         Preparation of room, trolleys, and sets for procedures. 

8.         Preparation of surgical supplies. 

9.         Maintaining interpersonal relationship with patients, relatives and health team members. 

10.       Orientation of new staff/students. 

11.       Demonstration and guidance to student nurses. 

12.       Participation in staff education and staff meetings. 

13.       Participation in professional activities. 

14.       Demonstration and supervision of domestic staff. 

15.       Report about the medico-legal cases if any admitted in the ward.  To keep the senior nursing officials informed of the happenings / in the ward like fire, absconding patients, theft etc. 

16.       Any other duty that may be assigned by sister grade-I from time to time.