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The Nursing Sister Grade-I is responsible to the Assistant Nursing Superintendent or the total care of patients in the wards and supervision of the Nursing Sister Grade-II, student nurses and Domestic staff.  She would also be assisted by Nursing Sister Grade-II, Clinical and Domestic staff. The main aim of the sister Grade-I should be to foster team spirit in her area of works as a team leader.  


A.                NURSING CARE OF PATIENTS: 

1.         Assess the total needs of patients and prepare plan of nursing care. 

2.         Admission and discharge of patients. 

3.         Demonstrate and carry out efficient nursing care, taking care of personal comfort and toilet of patients, administration of drugs and treatment, observation and recording of vital parameters.  

4.         Supervise patients diet. 

5.         Attending rounds with Medical/Nursing personnel. 

6.         Assist Medical staff in examination of patients and treatment. 

7.         Participate and help with clinical investigations/procedures. 

8.         Demonstrate and carry out preoperative and post-operative care of patients. 

9.         Maintenance of patientís records. 

10.       Care of patientís personal effects in accordance with hospital rules. 

11.       Giving and receiving reports. 

12.       Follow prescribed rules in case of accident or death of a patient. 

13.       Give information and health education to patients and their attendants. 

14.       Intimation to nursing supervisors of any emergency or unusual occurrence in the ward. 



1.         Handing over and takeover charge of patients at the end of the shift. 

2.         Assignment of work to nursing sister grade-II and domestic staff. 

3.         Co-ordinate and facilitate work of other staff, e.g. physical therapist, social worker, dietitian, voluntary worker etc. 

4.         Maintaining good inter personal relationship among all categories of staff and with patients and their relatives. 

5.         Maintain cleanliness of ward, its annexes and environments.  Proper upkeep and repairs of linen and ward equipment. 

6.         Make indents for drugs, surgical supplies, stores and issue. 

7.         Keep custody of dangerous drugs and record of their administration. 

8.         Daily check of emergency drugs and life savings equipments. 

9.         Maintenance of stock registers, inventories. 

10.       Investigate complaints if any. 


1.        Orientation of new staff and student nurses. 

2.        Participate in service education of nursing personnel and attend staff meetings. 

3.        Impart planned and incidental teaching. 

4.        Supervise sister grade-II and student nurses.

5.        Supervise domestic staff.

6.        Consult and co-operate with nursing tutor in arranging clinical teaching. 

7.        Perform any other duty as may be specified from time to time.