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            A need was felt by the nursing administrators that a planned nursing in-service education needs to be started so as to increase the knowledge base of practicing nurses in order to improve & maintain high standard of nursing care at the AIIMS Hospital.


Aims / Objectives:

1.    To increase the existing knowledge base of nurses practicing clinical nursing.

2.    To improve and maintain high standard of nursing care to patients at the AIIMS Hospital., which would increase the satisfaction level of patients / relatives.

3.    To improve communication skills among nursing personnel at AIIMS.

4.    To update knowledge regarding handling / upkeep of latest & sophisticated instruments and gadgets.

5.    To enable nurses to secure credit points for renewing their nursing license by the DNC. 

The Program:-

Nursing in-service education is one of the cornerstones in professional development of nursing personnel working in AIIMS. A need based nursing in-service program has been started w.e.f. January 2011.  This is started with the aim of updating clinical nursing knowledge on the premise of continuing nursing education.  The program is well structured with thrice a week classes.( Two classes for bedside nurses and one class for Sister in-charges and above)

This is done for practicing nurses to increase their knowledge base in order to improve the standard of nursing care at the AIIMS. Once a week classes are conducted for middle level managers focusing on Nursing Administration and Management. In the month of January 2011, a well organized induction & orientation program was conducted for 133 newly recruited nurses at the main hospital by the In-service nursing educator.

In 2012, a total of 297 newly recruited nurses got oriented by designated nursing personnel in two sessions, regarding various aspects viz. hospital layout, various departments, OPD schedules and their professional duties and responsibilities.

The Personnel Involved:-

Facilitator  :  Mrs. B.D Prema H Kumar, Chief Nursing Officer (acting) [RN, RM & B.Sc (PC)]
Officer In-charge & Mentor : Mrs. Ansamma Neelakantan, Deputy Nursing Superintendent               [RN, RM & B.Sc (PC)]
Educator/ Co-ordinator  :

Mrs. Rebecca J. Herald, Sister Grade I(HR) [RN, RM, B.Sc.(N), Masters in Nursing (Gold Medalist)]

Mrs.Merin Lisa Kuriakose, Sister Grade II [RN, RM, B.Sc.(N), M.Sc (N)]

C.N.E. Schedule:-

            The following C.N.E.classes were conducted for the year 2012 in the Main Hospital

 1.      Classes for Sister Incharges/ANS/DNS/NS/CNO

        Human Relations in Nursing

        Materiel Management

        Ethical and Legal issues in clinical nursing

        Conflict Management

        Stress Management

        Nursing Administration

2.      Classes for bedside nurses

        Patient safety

        Nursing Process

        Human Relations in Nursing

        Ethical and Legal issues in clinical nursing

        Pre and post operative Nursing Management

        Stress Management

       Medication Administration Safety