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Deputy Nursing Superintendent is responsible to  the Nursing Supdt. and assist her in the administration of nursing services in the hospital.  



1.         Supervise the nursing care given to the patients in various departments by taking regular round of her area. 

2.         Act as a liasion officer between Nursing Supdt. and the nursing staff of the hospital. 

3.         Interpret the policies and procedures of the Nursing service department to sub-oradinate staff and others. 

4.         Attend the emergency calls concerning nursing services or hostel problems. 

5.         Receive evening and night reports from the Assistant Nursing Supdt./Supervisors. 

6.         Keep records and reports of Nursing Services. 

7.         Maintain the records of attendance of nursing staff and leave of any kind. 

8.         Conduct regular physical verification of hospital stocks, i.e. drugs, equipments etc. 

9.         Initiate procedure for condemnation and procurement of hospital equipment/linen etc. 

10.       Maintain the confidential report and records of nursing personnel. 

11.       Assist the nursing supdt. in making master duty roster of nursing personnel. 

12.       Assist the nursing superintendent in Recruitment of nursing staff. 

13.       Assist the nursing supdt. on planning and organising nursing services in the hospital. 

14.       Officiate in the absence of nursing supdt. 

15.       Attend the official meetings. 

16.       Keep the senior nursing Officials (CNO & NS) informed of the happenings in the wards. 


1.         Assist in planning/organising and implementing staff development programmes. 

2.         Ensure clinical experience facilities for student nurses in various clinical areas of the hospital. 

3.         Provide guidance and counseling to nursing staff. 

4.         Arrange orientation programmes for new nursing staff. 

5.         Maintain discipline among nursing personnel. 

6.         Organise educational programmes for graduate/post graduate students from different hospitals with the co-ordiantion of clinical instructor/lecturer college of nursing. 

C.         GENERAL DUTIES:- 

1.         Escorts special visitors, Nursing Superintendent, Medical Superintendent for hospital rounds. 

2.         Arranges and participates in professional and social functions of the staff and students. 

3.         Maintains good public relations. 

4.         Any other duties assigned to her from time to time.