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1.         She/he will be responsible for efficient running of Nursing Services of the Main hospital and various centres of AIIMS. 

2.         She will assist the Director in formulating broad policies concerning Nursing Services. 

3.         She will disseminate the AIM, objectives and policies regarding patient care to all cadres of nursing services.

4.         She will implement policies and procedures of Institute regarding nursing services. 

5.         She/he will plan future requirements of nurses and carry out recruitment of nurses from time to time. 

6.         She/he will plan and disseminate programmes for continuting education re-orientation programmes for nurses. 

7.         She/he will closely interact with other hospitals regarding improvement of patient care. 

8.         She/he will encourage research by nurses in their work areas. 

9.         She/he will guide and conunsel the sub-ordinate nursing staff. 

10.       She/he will keep herself abreast of latest happenings in nursing care by attending National / International conferences. 

11.       She will strive to implement standard nursing practices and maintain highest quality of care. 

12.       She will critically analyse the budgets for nursing services from Main hospital and various centers before being forwarded to Director. 

13.       Evaluate confidential reports of higher level nursing officers and recommend for promotion. 

14.       She will be assisted in her duties by nursing Supdt.ís, of Main Hospital and from the centres. 

15.       She will keep the Director informed about the happening concerning the hospital.