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Asstt. Nursing Supdt, is responsible to Deputy Nursing Supdt. for the total nursing care of patients, management and development of the unit assigned to her: - 

A.                NURSING CARE:- 

1.          Assist the total needs of patients in the unit and prepare planned nursing care. 

2.          Demonstrate and Supervise the nursing care of patients in the unit. 

3.          Attend regular round in the unit with the medical and nursing personnel. 

4.          Reviewing reports from Sr. Gr. I regarding the nursing care of patients in each shifts. 

5.          Give counseling and health education to the patients and their attendants. 


1.         Plan and arrange duty for nursing personnel posted under her. 

2.         To ensure availability of adequate nursing staff in all shifts. 

3.         Maintain cleanliness of unit its annexes and environment.  

4.         Interact with the engineering service department for proper up keep of the unit. 

5.         Keeping Deputy Nursing Supdt., Nursing Supdt. informed of the needs of the patient care areas and bring it to their notice any special problems. 

6.         Guide the Sister Grade-I to ensure supplies and equipments of different stores, and re-checking their use and care. 

7.         Daily check of emergency and dangerous drugs, life saving equipments i.e. monitors, ventilators, defibrillators, suction machines and O2 points etc., to ensure their proper functioning. 

8.         Periodical check of all stocks and supplies.  

9.         Maintain good inter-personnel relationship with all categories of staff, patients and their relatives. 

10.       Maintain good public relation with patients relatives and the public, and project positive image of the hospital. 

11.       Maintain disciple of nursing and domestic staff. 

12.       Interpretation of Hospital policies, rules and regulations. 

13.       Daily check of attendance and reporting the lapses. 

14.       Investigate complaints if any. 

15.       Work evaluation and confidential reports. 

16.       Guidance and counseling of nursing staff in the unit. 

17.       Project the annual requirements of drugs supplies and equipments for the units. 

18.       Take care of legal aspects and report about the medico legal cases in the ward. 


1.         Plan and implement a proper orientation programme for new nursing staff, student nurse and domestic staff. 

2.         Participate in In-service education of nursing personnel and attend the meetings. 

3.         Give incidental and planned teaching to nursing personnel in the unit, as well as domestic staff. 

4.         Participate in clinical teaching for student nurses in Co-operation with the nursing tutor.  

5.         Perform any other duties assigned to her for time to time.