INDOOR SERVICES                            

   Patients admitted in General Ward of AIIMS have to deposit bed charges in advance of 10 days at
      the rates approved by Government time to time (currently Rs. 375). This entitles them for doctors
      consultations, certain basic investigations, life saving medicines and surgical items, diet, linen, I.V.
      fluids etc.
   For allotment in Private Wards, after recommendation by the treating doctor, patient should contact
      the Medical Superintendent Office. A waiting list is maintained and the private room is allotted as per
      the witting list. The hospitalization charges of private room are as under:-
      Deluxe                   (A Class) -                 Rs. 1700/- per day         (Inclusive of doctors visit fee
      Semi Deluxe        (B Class) -                 Rs. 1100/- per day         and routine investigation, diet etc.)

Private ward patients are charged additionally for specific investigations, procedures, operations etc.

   All in-patients receive treatment by team of Resident Doctors and Nurses, available round the
     clock, under the supervision and guidance of Faculty Members of AIIMS.
   Hospital Attendants are available in different wards to help in patient care and related activities.
   All the wards are fully equipped with modern gadgets & equipments e.g. ventilators, monitors,
      defibrillators, nebulisers; central O2 & suction supply etc. to provide top quality medical care.
   Indoor services have central air conditioning, hot and cold water, toilets, portable X-ray machines,
      ECG  services - (2nd floor, C2 ward), Generator back up, emergency lights, internal telephone, chairs
      for attendants etc.
   Waste disposal is done as per the established rules (Biomedical waste management and handling
      rules, 1998) and utmost care is taken to keep the premises neat and clean.
   Every inpatient is provided with two attendant passes.
   Visitors are allowed only during notified visiting hours i.e. 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
   Special Investigations like USG, CT, MRI etc. are changed as per the rates approved by Government
      and revised from time to time.
   For very poor patients, on recommendation of treating Doctor, the hospital charges may be waived off
      by Med. Supdt./ his nominee and costly drugs/surgical items may be provided by the hospital.
      Financial assistance is also available through Prime Minister's Relief Fund, NIAF and other such
      funds. You may contact Medical Social Service Dept. & Welfare Officer in this regard.
   Bed linen is changed at the time of admission, thereafter on every alternate day and also whenever
   Food is served three times a day. Also, Tea is provided in the morning.
   Facilities provided in private ward - Each room has - attached toilets & bath room, T.V. with cable
      connection, Refrigerator, A.C., sofas, bed for attendant, chairs and table, geyser, emergency light,
      phone with incoming facility etc.
   Destitute unattended patients are provided with attendants from hospital, drugs & surgical items
      are provided from hospital and all hospital charges are waived. Medical Social Service Officers help
      in location and calling the relatives/family members of unattended/unknown patients Destitute patients
      are relocated to some destitute home after discharge from hospital.
   Short Admissions requiring stay for less than 24 hours are done for minor illness/some
      investigations/Interventions. At present the admission charges for this are Rs. 60/-
   Day care facility is available for certain types of operations. e.g. laproscopic surgery; day care
      chemotherapy; blood transfusion, dialysis, endoscopies and similar interventions.
   Operation Theratres
        The institute has fully equipped modern Operation Theatres, where all kinds of major and minor
           surgeries are performed using the latest techniques and technology.
        For routine surgeries, the respective departments maintain waiting list. Patients are called and
           operated upon as per the waiting list. But, in case of emergencies/urgencies, the out of turn
           surgeries are also performed, at the discretion at the treating doctors.
       The patient should get his Pre-Anaesthetic check up done in PAC Room on 5th floor OPD Block
           during afternoon before getting admitted for operation and follow the instructions given by the
           treating Doctors.
    ICUs The hospital has fully equipped Main ICU at 8th Floor, AB wing to provide expert ICU care.
      There are ICUs/HDUs in few wards of main hospital and CTVS ICU & NS ICU in CN Centre. Patients
       requiring urgent ICU care are admitted to ICUs at the discretion of treating Doctors.
    Laboratory Services
         Emergency Lab - 24 hours, throughout the year, for all emergency investigations.
         Routine Lab - Sample Collection Timings:-     Weeks Days  - 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
                                                                                           Saturday        -  8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
        All type of routine and special investigations incl. Biochemical, microbiological, pathology,
            immunology and genetic studies are done at AIIMS.
   Blood Bank:-  AIIMS has a licensed modern, state of the art Blood Bank that functions 24 hours a
      day and provides facilities for blood donation, storage, issue of blood and its components. Strict
      precautions are taken and testing is done to prevent any borne infection. If your patient requires blood
      transfusions, then you are requested to arrange healthy blood donors for donating blood in order to
      reduce shortage of blood.
   Miscellaneous Facilities
        Ambulance facility is available to transfer patients to other hospitals or meet any exigency/disaster
        If required, patients' attendants may stay in Raj Gharia Dharamshala / Sureka Vishram Sadan
            after paying the prevailing charges situated near the East Campus of AIIMS.
        Free battery operated vans (Parikrama Sewa) are available for transporting patients and
            attendants with in the campus.