World Conference
        Expanding Paradigms: Science, Consciousness & Spirituality
The Science and Health Benefits of Sudarshan Kriya (SK) Yoga and Related Practices

24-25 February 2006
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, (AIIMS) New Delhi 110 029
Venue for Conference: Sirifort Auditorium, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi

       Prof. V. Kochupillai
     Chief, IRCH, AIIMS

Organizing Secretary
        Dr. Narendra Bhardwaj
      Dept of Medical Oncology

 Joint  Secretary    
         Dr Rakesh Thakur
       IRCH, AIIMS

         Advisory Committee
        Richard P Brown,MD N. York
      Patricia L Gerbarg,MD N.York
      Dr Lata More, Houston
      Ms Neeta, Chicago
      Ms Ruby Suresh, N Jersey
      Werner Leudamann, Europe
      Pramilla Vassan, South Africa
      Ms Neela, Japan
      Fahri Saaticoglu, Europe

         Dr Neeta Singh
       Dr K K Deepak
       Dr. Chitra Sarkar
       Mr Murthi, CCRYN
       Dr J P Gupta
       Mr Mahesh Gupta
       Ms. Falguni, Gujarat
       Ms. Tripta Dhawan
       Ms. Raj Lakshmi

         Mr C L Raina
       Mr Rakesh Kumar
Mr Brijesh Bhardwaj

Dear Colleague,

It gives us great pleasure, on behalf of organizing committee, to invite you to World Conference on Expanding Paradigms: Science, Consciousness and Spirituality, New Delhi, 24 & 25 February 2006.   The conference aims to present latest scientific advances in the field related to our ancient knowledge such as Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayam & Sudarshan Kriya (rhythmic breathing process).

Several departments at AIIMS including Neurology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Physiology, Endocrinology, Biostatistics and Medical Oncology have been working in collaboration and have demonstrated the effects of these processes on brain, antioxidant defense system of body, immune system, hormonal parameters and heart rate variability in normal individuals as well as in cancer patients. We had organized first international Symposium on Sudarshan Kriya, Pranayam and Consciousness in March 2002 at AIIMS, where several key speakers from across the world presented their experiences and views and provided a framework for future research in this area.

Enthused by the response to our previous endeavor we are now planning to organize another International conference on the subject to fine tune the efforts and conceptualize future activities. The conference would include plenary and exchange sessions and is structured to facilitate sharing of opinions between renowned speakers and conference participants.  A faculty of National and International experts is expected to present their perspectives on the current status of research in this area. The conference aims to provide a friendly and thought-provoking milieu for the presentation of new developments with the clear objective of stimulating vigorous discussion on what should be done tomorrow.

Once again welcome! We assure you a pleasant and inspiring conference.


(Vinod Kochupillai)                                                             (Narendra Bhardwaj)        Chairperson                                                                       Organizing Secretary

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