October 14-15, 2006, AIIMS, New Delhi
(An academic venture by teaching faculty from USA and AIIMS)

Course Directors

Dr Deepak Shrivastava,
Professor of Medicine, UC Davis  School of
Medicine, Davis
Director, San Joaquin
General Sleep Center Stockton, California

                       Dr. H. N Mallick
                       Professor, Dept of Physiology,   
                       All India Institute of Medical Sciences,
                       New Delhi

Teaching Faculty


vDr Deepak Shrivastava, UC Davis school of Medicine, Davis,California
vDr Nisha Aurora, Mount Sinai school of Medicine, New York.        
vDr. Anuj Chandra University of Tennessee, USA

vDr V Mohan Kumar, AIIMS, New Delhi
vDr Y. K. Gupta, AIIMS, New Delhi
vDr M.Bhatia, Sir Gangaram Hospital,
New Delhi
Dr Bindu M Kutty,NIMHANS, Bangalore
vDr H N Mallick, AIIMS, New Delhi

Target Audience

Practitioners, healthcare professionals, residents and students. The course is limited to  50 participants and a registration fee (Rs 2000) is applicable. The participants will receive a  certificate of merit upon successful completion of the course


The 2-Day course is designed to cover major topics in Sleep medicine over two days of didactic sessions and workshops. 
Course  Contents
Sleep Hygiene
Nuts and bolts of a sleep laboratory
Sleep basics: Physiology and pharmacology
Polysomnography: Technical aspects, interpretation and sleep stage scorings
Clinical sleep medicine: Obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy restless leg syndrome and periodic limb
movement disorder, insomnia, parasomnias pediatric sleep disorders,  circadian rhythm disorders, psychiatric disorders and sleep
For details and registration contact
Dr H N Mallick
Professor, Dept of Physiology,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, 110029
FAX: 011-26588663, 26588641