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Providers’ concept of Emergency Contraception
– Dr A K Mondal, Dr A K Chakraborty, Dr P K Kalsar et al, RGK Medical College, Kolkata


Emergency Contraception, though a method known for many decades, has been reintroduced in the new millennium in an effort to provide post-coital contraception and reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

To introduce the method effectively, awareness and training of providers is as important as the client awareness. The study was conducted to assess the level of existing knowledge of the health personnel regarding EC.

Study Design

A survey was conducted among 140 providers, 50 of these were from RGKMC (Medical : 31, Paramedical : 19) and 90 from the 24 PGS(N) district (Medical : 33, Paramedical : 57). The subjects were interviewed with the help of a standard questionnaire.


Male preponderence (75%) in Medicals and female preponderence (75%) in Paramedicals was seen. Most (39.1%) medical providers had experience of 11-20 years, whereas 48.7% of paramedicals had experience of more than 20 years.


It is evident from the data that most health providers, medical and paramedical personnel, with the exception of gynaecologists, lack awareness and accurate knowledge regarding emergency contraception (Table 1). It is, therefore, imperative that training programmes are organised for the providers to update their knowledge about the methods available for EC and their correct usage.

The views on availability of EC to the general public were divided. About 51% of doctors suggested that EC should be available only on prescription, although almost the same number of medical staff thought that EC should be freely accessible without a prescription. Overall 51.7% of healthcare providers were uncertain about mode of availability of EC (Table 2).

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