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2.0 Coitus Interruptus

2.1 Method

Coitus interruptus or withdrawal method is the oldest family planning method being practised widely. The male withdraws his penis before ejaculation, thereby preventing deposition of semen into the vagina. It is suitable for women who have infrequent intercourse or are waiting to start another method.

2.2 Advantages

easy to practise with no additional cost

can be used during an unexpected sexual encounter with no other method available at hand

couples who do not practice contraception for religious reasons can use this method.

not directly associated with health risks such as allergy or hormonal side-effects

can be used soon after childbirth, abortion and by lactating mothers.

2.3 Disadvantages

high failure rate if withdrawal occurs even slightly late and therefore, requires correct use with each act of intercourse.

pre-coital secretions of the male may contain sperms in sufficient number to cause pregnancy.

requires highly motivated couples with active male participation.

back-up emergency contraception is needed in case of failure of withdrawal.

does not protect against HIV/AIDS and STIs


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