A Act of Parliament in 1956 established the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) as an autonomous institution of national importance and defined its objectives and functions. By virtue of this Act, the Institute grants its own medical degrees and other academic distinctions.  The degree granted
by the Institute under the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Act are recognised medical qualifications for the purpose of the Indian Medical Council Act, and not - withstanding anything contained in the Indian Medical  Council Act are deemed to be included in the first schedule of that Act, entitling the holders to the same privileges as those attached to the equivalent awards from the recongnised Universities of India.


In the field of postgraduate education the most important function of the Institute is to provide opportunities for training teachers for medical colleges in the country in an atmosphere of research and enquiry. The postgraduate students are exposed to the  newer methods of  teaching and given opportunities to actively participate in teaching exercises.  The other important objectives of the Institute are to bring together in one place educational facilities of the highest order for the training of personnel in all important branches of health activity and to attain self-sufficiency in postgraduate medical education.  The educational principles and practices being adopted are those which are best suited to the needs of the nation.


Selection for the Junior Residency/Demonstrators ship is made twice a year, i.e. in January and July.

  M.D./M.S. & MDS
(3 year course)

The candidates joining M.D/M.S./M.D.S. degree courses shall be called Junior Residents in the clinical disciplines and Junior Demonstrators in Basic clinical disciplines. The number of seats available in each specialty for the July, 2000 session is shown below:


A candidate  must possess MBBS degree for MD/MS and BDS courses of a University recognised by the Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India and must have completed the required period of pre- registration internship (12months) in a recognised  hospital. Those who are likely to complete their internship after 30th July, 2000 are not eligible.


2. The candidate must have obtained a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate in all the MBBS/BDS professional examinations. The AIIMS graduates for being eligible to avail of 33% reservation must have also obtained 55% marks in aggregate in all the MBBS professional examination.The
candidates belonging to SC.ST or those who have served in  Rural Area for more that 2 years or
doing practice in a rural areas with less than 5 thousand population for more than 2 years or native of Backward Areas or those working under the Family Welfare Programmers must have obtained 50% marks in  aggregate in all the MBBS/BDS professional examinations. Candidates with more than two failures in MBBS/BDS Professional examinations will not be eligible for admission to MD/MS/BDS courses.  A deduction of 1% and 3% marks respectively shall be made for having failed once or twice in any of the MBBS/BDS professional examinations for calculating the percentage of marks for eligibility determination.



"Please note that the candidates who have already done/doing MD/ MS/MDS   in any subject at the tine of applying and thereafter shall not be considered for admission to MD/MS/MDS courses. If it is found at a later stage, during active verification, that the candidate has given wrong undertaking his/her registration will be cancelled without  any notice."


Eligible candidates satisfying above criteria will be called for an entrance test.  The  selection will be made entirely on the basis of merit in the entrance test and the choice of discipline allocated on the basis of personal counseling.  The entrance test for MD/MS will  consist of one paper  of 3  hours duration
containing 200 multiple choice questions covering all the subjects taught at the MBBS level. The duration of the paper will be 90 minutes containing 90 multiple choice questions covering all the subjects taught at BDS level.

There is 1/3 negative marking for wrong answers in the test.



As per the Interim Orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, there shall be an overall reservation of 33% with a  25% discipline-wise reservation for AIIMS students to MD/MS courses.

(ii)  22.5% of the total of postgraduate seats, excluding those for sponsored/foreign nationals, are reserved for the candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste/Tribe as per the 7 year roster  prepared by the Institute.              
(iii) 5% of the total MD/MS seats are reserved for (a) those who have served in a rural areas for  more than 2 years, (b) doing practice in Rural area with less than 5 thousand population for  more than 2 years, (c) Medical Graduates of Background areas, and (d) those who are working under the  Family Welfare Programme, subject to submission of a certificate from the District Magistrate for (a),(b)&(c) and Director of State Health Services for (d).  There  will be no discipline- wise quota for these candidates. Such candidates will be considered under  the open general category at the time of counseling.


In each category the number of category the number of candidates called for counseling will be  4 times the number of seats. The   order of counseling will be General, SC, ST, and AIIMS categories. The candidate in order of merit will exercise their choice of subject according to availability of seats in their respective category. Counseling, will be held as peer schedule as given at the last page of the prospectus  in 'AT A GLANCE' on the inner side of the front cover of the Prospectus.


The Junior Residents/Demonstrators shall be paid as under:

First year                              :    

Rs.     9400/-
Second Year                        : Rs.     9725/-
Third year                             : Rs.    10,050/-
They will be entitled to other allowances as admissible under the rules.


State sponsored/foreign candidates are required to fill in the application form stating the subject of choice (only one subject) for admission to postgraduate courses leading to the award of M.D/M.S. degree.

The foreign nationals are required to send their applications routed through the Diplomatic Channel.  They are also required to appear in the Entrance Examination as all other regular candidates. A combined merit list of the State sponsored/foreign national candidates will be made.  The seats will be allotted purely on merit on the basis of their performance in the Entrance Test.


Duties and responsibilities of Junior Residents/Demonstrators shall be fixed by the Institute from time to time. They will be required to perform such work as may be needed in the legitimate interest of patient care in the hospital.


During the term of  employment the Junior Residents/ Demonstrators will be entitled to 30 days leave in the first year and 36 days each in the second and third year. These leaves can not be carried forward. The Junior Residents/Demonstrators are not entitled to any other leave except that mentioned above. Residency as well as exam of residents who avail of the leave over & above their entitlement, will be extended.


Selected candidates must join the course on the date stipulated in the letter of selection, failing which the selection/admission shall automatically stand cancelled/withdraw.


The selection of each Junior Resident/Demonstrator will be subject to medical fitness. No selected Junior Resident/Demonstrator will be permitted to pay the fee and join the course unless declared medically fit by the Medical Board appointed by the Institute. The decision of the Medical Board shall be final.


ASSESSMENT: At the end of first six months of the admission each Junior Resident/Demonstrator will be assessed and in case his/her performance is not   satisfactory, his/her registration my be cancelled.


The Junior Resident/Demonstrator registered for MD/MS/MDS course shall be required to get his/her plan of thesis approved by his/her departmental faculty within 4 months of enrollment and submit it to the Academic Section.   If a candidate fails to submit the thesis protocol within the prescribed period, his/her registration will stand cancelled.  The last date for submission of thesis for the students registered for M.D./M.S./M.D.S. degree will be 30th June for those appearing at the December examination and 30th November for those appearing in May Examination.



Each Junior Resident/Demonstrator will be on contract service for a period of these years and will be on contract service for a period of three years and will be required to execute a contract bond on a non-judicial stamped paper of Rs.10/-. Copy of language of the bond to be executed can be collected from the Academic Section.  The bond duly completed in all respects shall be required to be submitted at the time of   joining.

Any candidate who joins the  MD/MS/MDS course, leaves the said course before the expiry of one year of joining, shall be liable to pay a sum of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) and any candidate who joins the PG  course and who leaves after one year of joining shall be liable to pay a sum of Rs.1 lakh (Rupees One Lakh only) by  the AIIMS due to such midstream departure.

In the 2nd counseling all seats are confirmed seat. Any candidate who opts for confirmed seat in the 2nd Counseling his/her original certificates will be retained and the same will be returned to the candidate after he/she deposits a sum of Rs. 50,000/- irrespective of the fact whether he/she joins the course or not.


The last date for receipt of application on the prescribed form is 24th April, 2000 (05.00 P.M.).

Applications for selection for the postgraduate courses shall be made on prescribed form to the Assistant Controller of Examination, Examination Section, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi - 110029.


The candidates in employment must forward their applications through proper channel.  Application not routed through their employee will not be considered.


Completed application may be delivered by hand or sent in the enclosed cover superscribed "Institute PG[MD/MD/MDS]Entrance Examination,july 2000" to the Assistant Controller of Examination, Examination Section,  All India Institute of Medical sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi- 110029 by Speed Post/Registered Post so as to reach on or before 24th April, 2000 (1700 hours). Incomplete applications will be rejected and no communication in this regard shall be entertained.  The application fee is not refundable. The Institute takes no responsibility for any delay in the receipt or loss of application in postal transit and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.



Candidates who are permanent employees of any Central/State Government or the Armed        Forces can be sponsored by the respective Government or the Defense Authorities.

(b)     All eligible "sponsored" candidates will be called by the Institute for and entrance test.
(c)  Seats as shown in the prospectus are available for "sponsored" candidates. Sponsored            candidates will be designated as designated as "Trainees".

The subject for which the candidate is being sponsored should be clearly specified in the            sponsorship form by the  sponsoring authority. The candidate can be sponsored for only one
  The applications of those candidates  who are sponsored for more than one subject
will not be consider.

(e) No "sponsored" candidate will be paid any emoluments by the Institute during the training           period.  Such payments will  be the responsibility of the sponsoring authority (i.e. Central/State     Government of Defense Authorities.
Note  1:   While sponsoring the candidates  the Central/State Government/Defense Authorities  should certify that:

The candidate is a permanent employee of the sponsoring authority (the post held and the date of joining of the candidate should also be indicated in the appropriate column in the application Form)

ii) The candidate after getting the training at the Institute will be suitably employed by the sponsoring authority.
iii) The candidate will be paid all emoluments by the  sponsoring authority during the entire training period.  Such payments will not be the responsibility of the Institute.
iv) The candidate is being sponsored for the entire duration of the course as specified in the prospectus for MD/MS.
v) The candidate is being sponsored for MD/MS in _________________ (specify the subject)
Note 2: The 'Sponsorship Certificate' should be completed in the application form showing the discipline  specialty for which the  candidate  is being sponsored, failing which the application will not be considered under the Sponsored Category.
Note 3: The sponsored candidates who have served in the Armed Forces will be given 5% additional marks and those  in the service of the Central State Government for 3 years or more will be given 3% additional marks for determining their eligibility for  being invited for the entrance test.
Note 4:  Candidates with more than 2 failures will not be eligible for admission. A deduction of 1% and 3% marks respectively shall be made for having failed once or twice in the qualifying examinations for calculating the percentage of marks for eligibility determination. This will  apply to all categories of candidates, including Sponsored candidates.



Foreign Nationals who wish to apply are required to fill in the prescribed application form indicating the choice of  subject (only one subject)   for admission to postgraduate courses  leading to award of MD/MS degree.

(b) The foreign nationals are required to send their applications routed through Diplomatic Channels. They are  also  required to appear in the Competitive Entrance Examination along with other regular candidates.
(c) The foreign nationals will be considered against the seats advertised under the `Sponsored'           category


1.   Registration fee         :    Rs.25/-
2. Tuition fees MD/MS:    Rs.250/- per annum (payable in two half yearly equal Installments)
3. Laboratory fee         :    Rs.40/-   per annum (payable in two half yearly equal Installments)

Pot money               :

Rs.60/-   per annum (payable in two half yearly equal Installments)
5 Gymkhana fees : Rs.40/-   per annum
6. Caution money        :    Rs.100/- to be deposited by every student for the recovery of breakages or loss of  Institute's equipment.
Note:    1. Fees and other charges including hostel rent once paid shall not be refunded in any case and no correspondence will be entertained in this connection.
Note:    2 However, the caution money will be refunded to those candidates who do not join the course.  The caution  money must be claimed within one year after completion of the course failing which it will be forfeited.
Note:    3 The first installment of fees is payable at the time of admission and the second installment latest by 4th August  and 4th February of the year. The Director/Dean at his/her discretion may allow upto 15 days after the aforesaid dates to any student for making payment of fees etc.  If the fees and other dues are not paid by the  stipulated date, a fine of Rs.10/- per day shall be charged.  Besides, on default the Director/Dean may impose  such  penalty as he/she considers necessary on merits of each case.


The unmarried Junior Residents/Demonstrators will be provided partially furnished accommodation free of rent, subject to availability. Those married and living with family will be provided, subject to availability, partially furnished married hostel accommodation on recovery of rent as per rules of A.I.I.M.S. However, the sponsored Junior Residents/ Demonstrators will be charged a sum of Rs. 450/- per month for single room hostel accommodation and a sum of Rs.650/- per month for married hostel accommodation.


The Institute library is well stocked with all important medical books and journals.  Other facilities include photocopying, medline, video-monitor facilities and modern learning resource materials (LRM).  Books and periodicals are loaned to bonafide members for a specified period  of time.

The National Medical Library is situated in the vicinity of the Institute campus.




If candidate is at any stage found to have provided false information/certificate or is found to have with held or concealed some information in his/her application form, he,she will be debarred from admission/his/her   residency will be terminated with immediate effect.

2 In respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Cast/Scheduled Tribe, a certified true copy/ photocopy of a certificate from any one of the flowing authorities stating that the candidate belongs to a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe community,should be submitted in the prescribed form.

District Magistrate, Additional District Magistrate, Collector,  Deputy Commissioner,  Additional Deputy Commissioner,   Deputy Collector,  1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate, City  Magistrate, Sub-Divisional magistrate, Taluka Magistrate, Executive magistrate, Extra Assistant Commissioner. 


Chief Presidency Magistrate/Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate/Presidency Magistrate.

C.  Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar.
D. Sub-Divisional Officer of the area where the candidate and his or her family normally resides.
E.    Administrator/Secretary to Administrator/Development Officer (Lakshadweep Islands) or as authorized in the Constitution.

Candidates must note that a certificate from any other person/authority will not be accepted and no further correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.  The name, designation and the seal of the Officer should be legible in all copies.

Form of certificate to be provided by a candidate belonging to a Scheduled Cast or Scheduled Tribe in support of his/her claim.



"Form of certificate as prescribed in M.H.A., O.M., No 42/21/2149-N.G.S. dated the 28.1.1952, as revised in Dept. of Per. & A.R., Letter No. 36012/6/76-Est. (S.C.T.), dated the 29.10.1977, to be produced by candidate belonging to a Scheduled Caste of Scheduled Tribe in support of his/ her claim."

                                                      CASTE CERTIFICATE

This is to certify that Shri/Smt.*/Kum.*..........................................son/daughter* of.................................. of   village/town* district/division*..............................................of  the State/Union Territory* ..............................................................belongs to the .........................Caste/ Tribe which is recognised as a Scheduled Tribe*under :

@    The Constitution (scheduled Caste) Order, 1950
@    The Constitution (Scheduled Tribe) Order, 1950
@    The Constitution (Scheduled Caste)  (Union Territories)  Order.1951.
@    The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes (Union Territories)  Order,1951.

% 1. [as amended by the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Lists (Modification0 Order, 1956,  the Bomber Re-organization Act, 1960, the Punjab Re-organization Ac, 1966 the State of Himachal Pradesh Act, 1970, the North  Eastern Areas (Re-organization)Act, 1971 and the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Orders Amendment) Act, 1976.

@    The Constitution (Andaman and Kashmir) Scheduled Castes Order, 1956.
@    The Constitution (Andaman and Nicobar Islands) Scheduled Tribes Order, 1962.
@    The Constitution (Dadra and Nagar Haveli) Scheduled Castes Order, 1962.
@    The  Constitution (Dadra and Nagar Haveli)Scheduled Tribes Order, 1962.
@    The Constitution (Pondicherry) Scheduled Castes Order, 1964.
@    The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) (Utter Pradesh) Order. 1967.
@    The Constitution (Goa, Daman & Diu) Scheduled Castes, Order, 1968.
@    The Constitution (Goa, Daman & Diu) Scheduled Tribe, Order, 1968.
@    The Constitution (Nagaland) Scheduled Tribes Order, 1970.
@    The Constitution ( Sikkim) Scheduled Castes Order, 1978.
@    The Constitution ( Sikkim) Scheduled  Tribes Order, 1978.

% 2. Application in the case of Scheduled Castes. Scheduled Tribes persons who have migrated from one State/Union Territory Administration:

This certificate is issued on the basis of the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe certificate issued to Shri/ Smt.*....................................father/mother of Shri/Smt./Kum*...................................of Village/town * ....................... in District/Division*.............................................of the State/Union Territory* ............. ...........................................who belongs to the ...................................caste/tribe which is recognised as a Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe* in the State/Union Territory*..............................................issued by the.....................................(name of prescribed authority) vide their
%    3. Shri*/Smt*/Smt.*/Kum*.................................................and/or his/her* Family ordinarily reside (s) in village/town*..........................of the State/Union   Territory of ...........................



                                                                                                        (With seal of Office)


Place...........................                                                                                                State
                                                                                                                            Union Territory

*    Please delete the words which are not applicable

@    Please quote specific Presidential Order

%    Delete the paragraph which is not applicable

** Should be signed by the Authorities empowered to issue Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe  certificates
     as specified   above.


Candidates are directed to check that the application form number mentioned on the prospectus, application form,  computer record sheet, attendance sheet, admit card and acknowledgment card, is the same,  In case any discrepancy in  these and the date and time of the entrance examination mentioned in the prospectus, admit card etc, is noted, these   should be immediately brought to the notice of the Assistant Controller of Examinations of the Institute. Complaints   received after the examination is over, will not be entertained.  However, registration number on the computer  sheet will be considered as final number for all correspondence/purposes.   In case any discrepancy is found in the information provided in the various documents, the data provided on the computer record sheet will be considered as final for all purposes.

4.      It will be the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the correct address in the acknowledgment card and on the admit card is filled. The Institute shall not be held responsible for any loss in transit or for incorrect address given by  the applicant on the admit card or nonreceipt for any reason.
5.    Duplicate Admit Cards will be issued to the candidates  48 hours prior to the scheduled date of the Entrance  Examination on the production of supporting proof and attested photograph.
6.    Change, if any, in the address should be immediately intimated to this office.  While care will be taken to send admit  cards/ communications to the new address, candidate should ensure that any communication sent at he previous address is redirected to him/her at the new address.
7.     No individual intimation to unsuccessful candidates in the entrance test will be sent and no correspondence on this  subject will be entertained.

The decision of the Director of the Institute shall be final in the matter of selection of candidates for admission to various  courses and no appeal will be entertained on this subject in this regard.

9.    Any attempt on the part of  a candidate to influence directly or indirectly will be treated as a disqualification.
10.    The selected candidates shall  have to submit the Permanent Registration Certificate at the time of joining.
11 Each candidate selected for admission shall have to pay the fee/ dues within the prescribed period failing which his/her admission shall be cancelled.
12.   Private practice in any form during the course is prohibited. The period of training is strictly full time and continuous.
13.    The rules are subject to change in accordance with the decision of the Institute taken from time to time.
14.    Any dispute in regard to any matter referred to herein shall be subject  to the Jurisdiction of Delhi Courts alone.




Four (4) recent passport size photographs are required.

2. Photograph MUST be snapped after  publication of Admission Notice in leading newspapers.

Photograph must be taken with Name of the candidate (as in application) and date of taking photograph.


                                                             photo.JPG (26727 bytes)              



The photograph must be snapped with a placard clearly indicating name of candidate and date of taking  photograph. If the name and date are written on the photograph after taking it, the application will be rejected.

b. The date and name must be readable.

Photograph must be attested by a Gazetted Officer/ Principal of a recognised Collage/Institute/School with a clear stamp.

5.    Photograph should not have cap, goggles etc.
6.    One photograph each should be pasted (not stappled) on (a) Computer Record Sheet (b) Application Form, (c) Admit Card, (d) Attendance Sheet.  No loose photograph will be accepted.
7. Applications not complying with these instructions will be rejected.
8. Application is required to keep a few identical photographs in reserve as they may be required at the time of Entrance Exam/Admission.