Specifications for chemistry analyzer


  1. Fully automatic random access
  2. Should be an open system
  3. Should have at least 100 open channels
  4. Should have a through put of 350-450 tests per hour without ISE and 700 tests/hr with ISE
  5. Should have refrigerated compartment for reagent storage
  6. Should have at least 30 onboard chemistries (3 reagents/chemistry)
  7. Minimum sample volume-3-5 Ál
  8. Minimum reagent volume-250-350 Ál
  9. Should have real time clot detection
  10. Diffraction grating wavelength from 300-800 nm
  11. Quality control package with Levy Jennings charts
  12. Fluids, which can be analyzed-Serum, plasma, urine and CSF
  13. System operation mode: Stat / routine
  14. The system must perform minimum 7 emergency parameters (urea, creatinine, glucose, Na, K, Ca and total protein) with in a minute.
  15. Sample capacity: unlimited thru continuous loading without interrupting the run
  16. Sample loading thru conveyor belt or sectors
  17. Should be capable of running primary tubes
  18. Should be able to perform monochromatic, end point assays, rate assays, fixed point assays, turbidimetric assays
  19. Should have permanent cuvettes with 5 yrs warranty
  20. Should have onboard washing
  21. Auto dilution and auto repetition
  22. Millipore water system required to run the instrument should be supplied along with instrument
  23. UPS compatible with instrument should be given along with the instrument
  24. Start up kits/maintenance kits/wash solution/prime solution etc required to run the instrument for three months/till installation should be provided free of cost 
  25. Small random access analyzer from the same manufacturer with a through put of at least 200 tests/hr without ISE should be supplied along with instrument as a backup system
  26. Should have service engineers based in Delhi
  27. List of consumables with their rates which would need to be purchased during warranty period should be given.