Phone Number of Casualty :-
 26594404, 26861698 ( round the clock)
  Location:- Ground floor, AB wing, easily accessible from AIIMS entrance on Aurobindo Marg.
  These services are available 24 hour a day, throughout the year.
  Anyone with urgent medical problem can seek consultation/treatment in the Casualty.
  If Doctors decide that you need urgent medical intervention, you will be registered at the casualty
     registration counter, free of charge and proper medical care will be provided promptly.
  Casualty has dedicated team of Doctors (Casualty Medical Officers from major specialties i.e.
     Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics & Pediatrics and Junior Residents), Nurses, Paramedics and
     Orderlies etc. to provide urgent medical services.
  We  endeavor to provide medical care (incl. Investigation & treatment) at the earliest possible time.
     However, in view of extreme workload in casualty (more than 500 patients seek consultation per day)
     those cases that are not so urgent may have to wait for some time.
  The treating doctors will call any specialist/super-specialist, who is available on call for urgent
     consultation as and when required.
  In serious cases treatment/management gets priority over paper work like Registration/Medico-
     Legal requirements.
  Casualty has fully equipped Emergency Operation Theatre for any urgent surgery etc.
  The casualty is fully equipped with all modern gadgets like monitors, ventilators, nebulisers,
     defibrillators, central O2 and suction supply etc.
  All urgent investigations like Blood Biochemistry, Urine, Blood Gas Analysis, ECG, USG, X-ray,
     C.T. Scan, MRI etc. are available for casualty patients round the clock.
  All medicines and surgical items like available in casualty are provided free of cost.
  For any guidance/ assistance including financial help for poor and indigent patients, Social Guides
     and M.S.S.O are available at the entrance of casualty should be approached.
  Facilities like Wheel Chairs & patient trolleys are available ate the entrance of casualty.
  Free telephone, public utilities like toilets, waiting area with Tea/Coffee/Snacks, fans, chairs etc.
     are available.