Prof. A K Mahapatra

(Curriculum Vitae)

Dr.A.K.Mahapatra as a Professor of Neurosurgery at All India Institute of Medical Sciences.  He has been working as a faculty from March 1983 and as a resident from 1976.  He completed his MBBS in 1975, MS (AIIMS 1979) and M.Ch. (AIIMS 1982). He has been actively involved in teaching and research and edited 4 books. Dr. A.K. Mahapatra has received M. N. Sen Oration Award by ICMR for study in Optic nerve injury and got many medals/Best Paper awards in National and International Conferences.  His research involved Neural Transplant, Evoked Potential, Head injury and Optic Nerve Injury and Clinical and Lab Based research in glioma.  He has participated in many National and International Multicentric study. He is a member of 15 different societies including CNS, International Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Asian Congress of Neurological Surgery and Asian Ocean Skull Base Society.  Currently he has been an Hony.Secretary of Neurotrauma Society of India and Skull Base Surgery Society of India.  2003 was the President of Neuro-Otological & Equilibriometric (NES) Society of India.  Dr. A.K. Mahapatra was the Vice President of DNA in 1998-99.  He has published over 270 papers and 40 chapters.

Name and Address            Prof. A.K.Mahapatra                          
                                                        Director, SGPGIMS,
                                                        Department of Neurosurgery,
                                                        Lucknow- 226014 (India)
                                                        CI/18, Ansari Nagar (Residence)
                                                       AIIMS Campus, New Delhi-29, India


Date of Birth                        29th Dec. 1952


              M.B.B.S.                                                                         1975    Berhampur University, Orissa
              M.S. (Surgery)                                                           1979    AIIMS, New Delhi
              M.Ch. (Neurosurgery)                                           1982    AIIMS, New Delhi
              DNB (Neurosurgery)                                             1983    National Board of Examination
              Fellow  National Academy of Sciences          2004    Allahabad 

Projects : Carried out over one dozen of Projects in  last 20 years.

Multicentric Study :

              (i)         International Study      7
              (ii)        National Study            3


                -           Neural Transplant
                -           Evoked Potential
                -           Head injury
                -           Traumatic blindness
                -           Nosocomial infection
                -           Cerebral glioma
                -           SPECT Scan
                -           Intratumoural  Targeted Therapy

Clinical interest :

             (a) Pediatric Neurosurgery

             (b) Head injury

             (c) Skull base Surgery 

             (d) Craniofacial surgery
             (e) glioma clinical research


              -      Books                           5
              -      Chapters                      50
              -      Papers in Journals        320


                (1) Gold Medal for best paper in various Conferences
                (2) ICMR Awards 1992
                (3) Boys CAST Fellowship Govt. of India 1987
                (4) Travelling Fellowship by ISPN (International Society for Ped. Neurosurgery 1995, 2001.
                (5) Excellent paper awards at Asian Oceanian Skull base Surgery at Tokyo,  Japan 2002.
                (6) Pan Arab Journal Neurosurgery 2005          


                (1) Regional Editors  - South East Asia, Child’s Nervous System
                (2)  Editorial Board  

                                                - Neurology India
                                                - Clinical Neurosciences
                                                - Asian Archives of Anaesthesia and Critical Care
                                                - Neurosciences Today
                                                - Pan Arab J. of Neurosurgery

Executive appointments:

                (1) Treasurer NES India 1994-1996
                (2) Secretary NES India 1996-1998
                (3) Secretary Neurotrauma Society of India 2002-2003
                (4) Executive Council Member of Asian Oceanian Skull Base Society 2001-2002.
                (5) President NES India 2002-2003
                (6) Secretary Skull base Surgery Society of India 2003-2006
                (7) President Neurotrauma Society of India 2006-2007    
                (8)  Vice-President Skull Base Surgery Society of India 2006-2007.
                (9)  Dean Committee Member of AIIMS.
                (10) Steering Committee Member of Trauma Centre of AIIMS.
                (11) President, Neurotrauma  Society of India. 2006-2007
                (12) Vice-President, Indian Society for Pediatric  Neurosurgery.2006-2008.
                (13) Director, SGPGIMS, Lucknow. 2006-