Dr Vinay Goyal
Additional Professor,
Room No. 706 Department of Neurology
Neurosciences Centre, AIIMS.
Phone No – 0091-11-26588700 Extn 3491.

Dr Viany Goyal’s  areas of interest are movement disorders and neuro-infectious diseases.  He is actively involved in injecting Botulinum toxin in spasticity and various dystonias with special interest in spasmodic dysphonia. He has been trained in Intrathecal baclofen pump program (European Continuing Medical Training) at Oslo, Norway, and is regularly monitoring the Function and installation of baclofen pumps in patients with spasticity. Dr Vinay has undergone training at Kings college London for Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in various movement disorders and has been actively involved in the installation of DBS in these patients. He has been trained in specialized neuro-muscular disorders at program organized by Institute of Myologie, AFM, Paris, France and has been doing Plasma-pharesis in various neurological disorders. He has special interest in Entrapment neuropathies (especially carpal tunnel syndrome) and its management and has been involved in Stem cell therapy trial in Acute ischemic stroke.

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