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Name              : Dr. Sonali Jhanjee (nee Arora)

Designation   : Additional Professor

E-mail ID        :

Qualification  :  MD, DNB (Psychiatry), MNAMS


Additional qualifications


  1. Certificate in Global tobacco Control from Institute of Global tobacco control, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), Baltimore, USA.
  2. Diploma course in Human Resources development from National Institute of Labour Education and Management, Chennai.
  3. P.G Diploma course in stress management from Institute of Health Care Administration, Chennai.
  4. HIV-AIDS & STD Counselor from IMA-AKN Sinha Institute, New Delhi.

Fields of Interest: Interventional (both pharmacological and psychosocial) research in tobacco cessation, Teaching/Training/Capacity building for treatment of nicotine dependence and substance abuse treatment. Opioid substitution treatment, community based treatment of drug use, mobile treatment for drug use, Yoga and meditation in stress reduction and treatment of drug abuse.    

Clinical Activities:

  1. General Outpatient clinic for all substance users
  2. Ward rounds
  3. Consultation liaison psychiatry

Faculty –In charge of two specialty clinics:

1.      Tobacco cessation clinic in NDDTC.

2.      Mobile clinic for opioid dependent patients in Sundernagari, East Delhi.

Research experience

Funded Projects(Ongoing)

1.      Principal Investigator: Community based brief Intervention vs simple advice for women tobacco users. Funded by ICMR.


2.       Co-Investigator in Interdepartmental Collaborative project: Impact of a package of intensive smoking-cessation interventions versus recommended, basic smoking-cessation advice on outcomes in smear-positive patients with pulmonary tuberculosis; a randomised controlled trial.  Funded by the EU FP7 Programme, European Commission and ICMR.


Funded Projects(Completed)    

  1. Principal Investigator in   project titled “Rolling out of Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) in Tihar prisons, INDIA - A collaborative project of UNODC- ROSA, AIIMS & Tihar Prisons”. Funded by UNODC- ROSA (2008-2012).
  2. Co- Investigator in Indo-US collaborative Research Project entitled:“Efficacy of Varenicline for Smokeless Tobacco Use in India”   Indo-US collaborative Research Project AIIMS and UPENN (University of Pennsylvania) (2011- Ongoing). Funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institute of Health (NIH), USA R21 DA026404, NIH, USA. Completed.
  1. Co-Investigator in project titled “Developing a network of De-addiction services from the government, NGO and private sector”. Funded by World health organization (WHO). (2011) Completed.
  2. Co-Investigator in project titled Oral substitution with buprenorphine .Funded by UNODC- ROSA (2006-2008) Completed.

Departmental  Projects

1.      Principal  Investigator

a.      Jhanjee S, Sethi H Studying severity and treatment outcome of tobacco use among drug dependent patients in treatment setting.

2.      Co-Investigator

a.      Comparison of Self-Report of Tobacco Use And Urinary Cotinine Levels Among Drug Dependents: A Pilot Study.

b.      A study of experience related to crime and imprisonment among service recipients in community drug treatment clinic.

Chief guide/Co-guide in thesis - 9  

Total number of Publications - 51

Papers presented in National and International conferences - 31


  1. Awarded scholarship to complete the Global Tobacco control Certificate program from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health(JHSPH), Baltimore, USA.
  2. Received the NIDA-ISAM travel fellowship award to attend the ISAM 2007 Annual meeting in Cairo, Egypt, Oct 22-25, 2007.
  3. Received the WHO-ISAM travel fellowship award to attend the ISAM 2009 Annual meeting in Calgary, Canada Sept 23-26 2009.
  4. Awarded scholarship to attend the World conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH), Singapore from March 20-24, 2012.
  5. Received the WHO-ISAM travel fellowship award to attend the ISAM 2012 Annual meeting in Geneva, Switzerland Oct 15-18 2012.

Membership of professional bodies

  1. Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS), India
  2. Member of  Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS), India
  3. Member of  Delhi Psychiatric Society (DPS), India
  4. Member of  Delhi Medical Association (DMA), India
  5. Member of  Indian association for social psychiatry(IASP), India
  6. Member of Toxicological History Society, U.S.A
  7. Member of International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM)

Significant events

  1. Part of an expert team convened by UNODC (United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, Regional Office for South Asia, New Delhi)  to evaluate oral substitution (with buprenorphine) sites in India in 2007.
  2. As desired by Standing Parliamentary committee on demand for grants, was part of AIIMS team to carry out site visits to Ministry Of Health funded drug de-addiction centres for evaluation of number of cases in treatment and outcome following treatment in 2008.
  3. Part of ICMR task force on proposal for ICMR-funded task force project on epidemiology of substance abuse in the state of Punjab (esasp) (2013-14).