In Charge               Dr.D.R.Shende -  Professor
Faculty Member
Dr. Renu Sinha - Associate Professor


This department is keenly involved in the newer techniques of providing safe and complication free anesthesia to children. The faculty has been involved in research activity to decrease the pain intra and post operatively and ease the recovery in all types of surgeries especially in squint surgery. The operation theatre at the R P Centre can run up to 4 tables simultaneously for general anesthesia patients. The department also provides emergency anesthesia facilities for trauma cases after routine OT. Anesthesia facilities are provided once a week in the OPD where minor OPD procedures and pediatric examination can be carried out.



In-charge                    Dr.Sanjay Sharma  - Additional  Professor

Dr. R.P.Centre has its own radiology section which is equipped to carry out ocular radiological investigations using X-ray and ophthalmic ultrasound. Procedures performed include macrodacryocystography, orbital phlebography, evaluation of orbital fractures and foreign body localization on X-ray. There are 5 ultrasound machines available at different parts of the hospital including the OPD, casualty, wards and operation theatre and USG facility is available round the clock. For special investigations including CT scan with and without contrast, spiral CT, MRI, MR angiography, Colour Doppler and many other investigations the Department of Radiology, AIIMS provides support. All these investigations are available at a very subsidized rate to the patient and free services can also be provided to the needy.